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The Conquered Are Burned Full Album Lyrics

Cemetery Urn - The Conquered Are Burned cover art

The Conquered Are Burned

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2013-12-27)
1. Deaths Turbulent Fire (4:25)
As the fire storms the bloodied heavens
The grieving weep in the dying of light
The congregation of fear feel their tumultuous plight
As lustrious turbulent winds roar across the land

As blood in the seas, are poisoned by the spell
Of the deadliest call, to relish impurest of blood
As heralding masters of our faith
We shall rise above the highest of thrones
To observe and conquer
The whitest of lights fucking faith

With slashing razors, we aim to strike vengeance
Across the plagued wasteland of weakened spirits

On mounted steeds we march forth – hail!
With fearsome blood craving hunger
For pure and cherished blood enslave finest glory
To see them fall and burn pleading fuckn mercy

Skulls are branded by the wielding of irons
And the flesh is slayed by the thunderous sword
Bounded in chains are the remains of a thousand rabid whores

We reap with carnage and lust
Through their villages and destroy their false hope
Blood is smeared in their faces
As a symbol that we are the gods from hell
Cast them to the grave and let them burn in deaths turbulent fire!
2. The Plague of Annihilation (5:16)
Mass bloodfiends gather in form
Awaiting the charge from deaths call
Fire rages within their soulless bodies
A fulfillment of lusting pleasures

Craving filth and blood, all raise the banner of hate
Their darkened visions, are paths for the depraved
Bearing their irons, to commence their reign
Of stealth and pride, the plague of annihilation

To reap with fire, to reap with death
A bloodied spray beyond
Discarded limbs, destined for decay
A blackened spell of rot
Burning remains, smoldering flesh
Weeping cries of rapid pain
Intense slashing, vigorous thrust
Live the pride of hell

Mass bloodfiends have dominated in form
Charging has erceeded beyond deaths call
The morbid curse shall be embedded
Into the skulls of worthless sufferers forever

Repeat 2nd

They are bleeding for the desire to create
A dominant land of superior lords

The blood, the victory
Over those who bow to the lesser gods of the white light
3. Bloodied Death Curse (3:53)
Within darkened legions its time to wage war
And inflict the curse upon the weakest of men
They are cast down under the spell of the knife
They are inferior to our beliefs a sign for them to die

Bloodied wretched hands, torture the weak in vein
The bleeding of their faith, enlightens the taste for blood

Now consumed, into the fires
Of the desolate blackened graves
Where your ashes remain within your feeble messiah

The torment has been unleashed
From the curse of hell
The symbol of Christ overthrown
Is the bloodied death curse

Repeat 2
Repeat 3
Repeat 4
4. Wrath from the Grave (4:22)
Unearthing from the depths we come from the grave
Craving for the blood carnivorous amongst the slaves
Flames en lighting the fury the bloodshed has begun
To enslave the worthless the pestilent plague

Wrath from the grave – storms of eternal wrath
Wrath from the grave – unleashing the forces of sin
From the fire – deaths terminal flames
From the fire – the torment eternally blasts

Hatred burning relish the visions for thrust
Relentless power is the creation for lust
Hatred burning relish the vision for thrust
Relentless power is the creation not lost

Repeat 1st

Blistering flesh we calve them up for blood
Nefarious deeds the bringers of death

We have summoned the weak
The The cleansed them of holy spiritual blood
The domination reigns
To reap them of holy pride
Chaos and blood
The infliction shall remain
Victory for the elite
For our wrath is from the grave
From the grave!
5. Possessed Terror (4:44)
Streams of blood spray from the skies
Convulsing as you feel the need for wrath
Doom awaits gasping for your last breath
The darkened crypts open moaning shrieks of death

Cursed by a possession of terror
We enter the depraved domain
Gaining the power for obsession
The anxious rage controls our minds

A strickening sound blow to the skulls of victims bleed tremendously
Howling screams of anguish heard amongst the tortured breed
Bludgeoned bodies are ravaged by the filthy hounds of hades
Ripping their skin exposing the flesh laid bounded for decay

Wrath is fire that brings the spell of death
The grotesque beings are devouring the living
Hellish fiends are relinquishing the corpses of their lood
And the tormented soulless bodies are left for rot!

Repeat 1st
Repeat 3rd
Repeat 2nd
Repeat 4th
6. .....Of Spectral Dominance (4:19)
Rising from spectral mist our lord makes his call
Of dominance and retribution mourners of christ shall fall
Storm clouds are burning red the vultures are swarming to feast
To prey upon the worthless flock like a carnivorous fucking hard beast!

Into the crypts they burn in defeat
The remnants dissolve, as ashes turn to dust

The slaves are in fear of what becomes of their fate
Nothing for them will evolve us heathens shall burn their fuckin gates
Attacking we bear the flag as a mark for our liberty
A merciless act of debauchery the leaders in de vine supremacy

Rise above we claim the throne
Uphold the spectral dominance

Destined to the grave

Into the fire they burn in defeat
The remnants dissolve as ashes turn to dust

Of spectral dominance from the fuckn grave

Doomed in their wake, bludgeoned as parasites
Beggars of salvation, are only left to rot
7. A Cemeterial Reaping (Part I & II) (5:40)
Drenched in blood the horde descend from the grave
Hammers raised high a blackened curse to the holy lands
The sacrifice is of will pride and the reign of eternal might
Deceivers to the throne will die by our bloodied hands

A thunderous rage blasts the sky the spell of wrath is feared
Lightning crashes across the plains smell the burning dead
Mortals flee the blazing storms but soon they will be engulfed in flames
The mass destruction is endless all hail the warriors greed

The blades are stained in red after calving the pure flesh
The remnants of bodies remain on the wasted grounds
Scattered limbs are thrown into the bottomless pits for decay
The rest of the feeble mess shall melt and rot away

Raise, your strength above lesser gods
Destroy, weakness in our paths
In blood, we never retreat
Death, their final disease

Raise, your strength above lesser gods
Destroy, weakness in our path

Death, we shall not be defied
Enslaved, you are sentenced to die

Repeat 2nd

An eternal creation
The pride never lost
A procession of death
A cemeterial reaping
We shall not be defied
Enslaved you are sentenced to die – death!
8. The Conquered Are Burned (4:25)
Avenge we command for the kill
Hell enforced we are to draw their blood
Ripping carnage the execution o the flesh
Bodies of rot are prey for superior gods

A bloodied list, a creation of ones greed
To violate their inferior worthless deeds
They serve as flesh is severed
Victims of decay are those who invoke the light

Carnage forces the legions of sin have risen
Gathering souls command willing pride
Blood asphyxiation from the molten flesh
For those that have been enslaved

The conquered are burned – smell the boiling blood
The conquered are burned – see their feeble demise
The conquered are burned – limbs of degradation
The conquered are burned – ashes of the heavenly race

Repeat verse 3

Then fuckin burn!
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