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Id Katharsis Full Album Lyrics

Cauterization - Id Katharsis cover art

Id Katharsis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-07)
1. Interiority (0:57)
2. Ophiolosophy (5:04)
Winds from east sow the cure in the infertile conscience lands.
In her poison lurks the healing dose of the minds governed by gregarious herd instinct.
Great nude breasts mother handles the snake in one of her delicate hands.
She can see through the powerful creeping the regeneration leading to immortality.
The religious dogma becomes neglected.
Philosophy through the paths of the serpent.
Devour and spit itself. The cult of the Serpent!!
Bites its own tail continuously operating the circular life motion.
Induces the forbidden knowledge. Here lies the principle of individualization.
Licking the holy images with the distance from the border.
Rise which orders new traditions. Guardian serpent which transcends fool wisdom,
protect your golden fruit, embodies their aspirations, rise above the orthodox rot.
3. Deflagration (4:57)
Collect your tears in your old wineskin.
Prepare for the coveted existential awakening.
Can you feel this leather dried by the sun?
The splendid song of the flesh's freedom.
I wet my hands in the blood of this oponente and seal its damn lips with it.
Lips that plot fraud, poison the vital existence, determine a fake archaic model of order.

I bring a golden chalice full of abomination.
I'm fed by this powerful black flame.
Close your eyes, experience this fellowship with essence.
Try, taste your true self.

Allow the flame to light the rebirth.
See yourself as your New Messiah.
The walls of ignorance shall have their vacum invaded by the true power of wisdom.
Loud water roars and mighty thundering.
Now perform your macabre dance aroung the golden calf.
From the depths of interiority emerge the sacred fire and external vibrations no longer corrupt you.
4. Psyche (1:54)
5. G.O.D. (5:07)
The glow of afore once so bright has been taken.
An avid longing blossoming from the uncounscious.
A distinct morning star arises with crowned mists.
The doctrine of chaos mercilessly ordered.
The Abomination of Desolation!
Abomination will fall on your holy temple
weakening down those deunk with the wine of this prostitution.
Tormented and shot down they fear the ephemeral swirl of winds.
Its languishing nature raising the effluvium of dead flesh.
Angels play the seventh trumpet awakening the Morning Star.
The shadows of the New Kingdom will smite idolatrous hearts.
There arises in the sky, covered with fire, the consciousness that will make it rise.
This lightning that shines in the East and reveals itself in the West,
with morbid song uniting the chosen ones from the four winds.
Washing and purifying their garments in the blood of the lambs.
The veil that covered the omission now reveals the sacred face.
G.O.D., G.O.D.
Consciousness - The fundamental attribute of reality
G.O.D., G.O.D.
Gory sacrifice!
Here is the Gates Of Desolation.
6. Id Katharsis (4:22)
The traveling seer from the ancient land survives inert to time,
unchained from his pleasures and subconscious desires.
On his face a smile of cold command reveals itself.
The empirical dissolves, his flag planted in truth.
The cycle of evolution closed looped back on itself - ID KATHARSIS!
Two immense stone pillars arise in the desert.
Near them in the sand half buried, lies a shattered face.
The blackened rays on sun incite the passing transcending the whitened marble walls of the christian pinnacle.
Nothing remained but the decadence of this colossal ruin by the hands of those who mocked her, feeding their own heart.
Man, set free the repressed in this attractive apostasy.
The solitary sands of the soul are scattered far.
The discouraged and false refuge of the Ancient Order now eradicated by the revelation of a changing horizon.
7. Chrysalis to Panacea (1:01)
8. Belial's Cataclysm (4:55)
From sixth tower of the beast the morning star shows a signal which will unite humanity.
Into the void of night, invading the mind.
Rumors are lost in the darkness promiscuous.
The light that persist after sundown now becomes a sea of darkness and destruction.
The christian downfall brings a sense of unbridled pleasure.
At the dawn of the divine domain we banish the miserable ones.
But the wings of the wind still hear his appeal.
Calling to the morning sun with hope and magic permanently ignoring the endless shadows.
Their feet are lost and walking in the valley of NASU.
Dance by the pagan lands of burning ground.
Incessantly triumph of the purity that destroys the illusions.
The deepest spot of the temperate narcotic light in the vast deschristianized territory,
I see the Eart blooms... and almost no one hears the old murmurs...
After Belial's Cataclysm.
9. Nasu (6:01)
FLying over gardens of putrefaction in darkened and cold Elbroug Hill,
Among killer sweet chills is hidden the supreme impurity of butterfly one.
The sound of her lire seduced the doomed, her blowing of lies whispered touched
the furious winds falling asleep even the most vibrating nature which was reached by her tone.
A witchcraft was thrown upon the titans religious,
Her feet were thrust in clay and blood soil,
Her toes rooted in the deepest abyss like oaks,
The last breath of the rebels in the breeze which remained through the silent eternity.
The arrested beasts scent her unexpected arrival,
Crawl shrunken fearing their irrefutable fate.
Their eyes got blind and deafened din sounds to their ears,
Their upset heart is involved by the presence of the seducer.
Their flesh lacerated in conquest ritual by hungered eyes and bloody tongue of desire.
Powerful visionary of dark stone tower, magnificent butterfly crowned violets,
Theyr holy paradigms are drowned in a sea of clear truths.
Sitting in her gardens, with majestic pose elucidating her everlasting and
coherent legacy with obstinate faithful to her deep desires,
Taste silvery voice and the flaming laughter of freedom.
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