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The Estrangement Process Full Album Lyrics

Casketgarden - The Estrangement Process cover art

The Estrangement Process

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  77.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Black Hole Maelstrom
As your jowl cracks on ground
Too late to you realize what have you done
What the fuck lifted you higher?
Vacuum everlasting-that sucks up even fire

Your eyes are psychopathic
My heart is apathetic
You're still pathetic-you locked out your son and my heart

Lock your door one more time
Let all your madness sucking you dry
You dwell in nothingness-slap in the face
A man with sane mind would just burn this…burn this place

Your eyes are psychopathic
My heart is apathetic
Was your decision: you locked out you got from your heart

There was something that took you away
Always living those carcass dreams
Black hole maelstrom, mind inception
Soaked once you have been

Soaked once you have been

Far away from the ground
This spiral graveyard cut all ties that last
Always lifting you high high high
Just to strike you down with full blast…full blast

Black hole maelstrom
Black hole maelstrom
Soaked once you have been

Once you have been
2. Unlike
It rips as your warm embrace transforms into smothering
Whenever our love locks the round and flows forth as a stream of hate

These wounds will never heal, never fade
Unlike us, unlike our perpetual faith

It hurts when your sparkling eyes are eclipsed by my darkest hate
Whenever instead your features i must see your hollow nape

Unlike the perpetual we guessed: faith

This desolation is stamping my chest, like pillars of bleak
Ramming – heart stops bleeding-disinterest is our fate

Forlorn i pose attendance, cut smile on my stone cold face
Whenever wish turns eagerness indifference takes its place

Wounds never heal
Wounds never fade
Unlike the perpetual we guessed: faith
3. They
"(i'm) ashamed of you"
"You got me a bad reputation"
Thousand times i heard

Silent watchers-blind beholders
Your big brothers-ghouls on shoulders
They are your life grinders, idle rollers with nothing to grind

"be decent"
"please write in accurate composition
And don't show disrespect"

Silent watchers-blind beholders
Our big brothers-ghouls on shoulders
They are our life grinders
"say this say that think it through twice"

Fight your fears keep up your courage
They – the faces of all the (damned)
…damned and cursed by this place and age
Are you – the weakest of the fallen


Enjoy-as hold back will is run out of control
Champ the bit – you wanted, turn your face just back for more

You're chasing shadows,
You soak up everything you don't wanted and throw off thousandfold

Silent watchers-blind beholders
Expectations-ghouls on shoulders
These are our life grinders, idle rollers with nothing to grind

Haunting retrogression by the faces of all the damned
Cursed by this place and age are you the weakest of the fallen

The weakest of the fallen
4. A Machine Within
Out of this cage
Out of this role of the future survivor
"Today – the aim of your living
Don't care of your seeds
The sowing is over"

They're advertising, stamping apathy-an inner built of machinery

A machine within an engine of desperation
They made me suffer, they made me ill

This seed-last of the plants without virus of hate-plague
How to put it, where to and when?
The soil is infected

They're fertilizing the ground with apathy-an inner built of machinery

Ill of this desolation

Only i have those sparkling dreams?
Only i have those thoughts?
Strobe light visions- ones and zeros again and again

Every time i think of my seed it burns the freezing cold
The sowing is over, the harvest is on

The machine within-the harvester's on
The machine within-the harvest is on
5. So Eager To Play
No more deals child, stop bargaining we know it that you can
We're demons to some, angels to others – we offer pleasures: the suffering of men

Our vision's apocalyptic
Of pain pleasure and suffering
A labyrinth your mind created…

And you created your own hell

Shed no tears child, a waste of suffering, we'll experience your flesh
You want to tread the unknown archways – taste our pleasures: nether regions of death

You opened the box we came
Plain minds, plain ways we found, hollow hearts, shallow fates
So eager to play, so hard to admit it beyond all extremes

Beyond all extremes you're captive of your hell

Your suffering will be legendary in the deepest ditches of hell…

As a final solution-explore!

So eager to play, so hard to admit it
You're beyond all extremes
6. Confess
Life's running cataclysmic towards the place called end
All our failures are the missiles
Always ready always ready to send

To crush them, to burn them, to doom them, to blame them will tear down our souls

We must spoil before we spin
Leave the red button – it's time to begin

Our hands are burning continuously but still we touch the fire
How much burns? how much torment?
How much we need to understand the trial

We burnt us. we sold us. we doomed us. to blame them will tear down our souls

It's harder then all-i confess all

No past, no skin, no religion-i'm the one who burned the kingdom

It's our way to purgatory but the worst is yet to…the hell is yet to come
7. The Eternal Tremble
I'm sittin in the darkest corner dejected
Embracing this sweetest bloom as the rope in a withdrawn suicide – rejected
I unlock the door of this windswept shed and jaws snap everywhere
This soil is salinized, only weed is blooming-food for the chatterers

How should i leave her out in the cold? while my life is withering how to bloom yours?

I'm trembling but i was never afraid as my life is purposeless
Living in this third reich is breeding new fuel for the smeltries of soulless

No – no – stop to weeping those pitch black tears
No – no – don't embrace me, it always arises my fears
Your gentle tenderness reminds me of innocence's no place on this earth
Your honest smile strengthens my failures


I'm trembling in this darkest corner dejected
While my life is withering growing this sweetest bloom is banned and out of tune
8. Disgusting Soul
I'm still holding on. our future, and all our hopes became ancient
All dreams, our world has shattered, all that mattered
'Cause one of us has lost all hope, let slip his fears we've fought for years

As he faced this i have become a mirror of delusion
…a vision...disgusting

Our past was like the highest mountain to climb
If you don't crawl you fall off and you'll never be found (never be found)

As he faced this i have become a mirror of selfishness
Oh a disgusting soul
A disgusting soul

I helped him to be found by dreams we lived crawling
I cut off all the ties and wake him up falling

I'm the one now who paddles in blood: a monstrous birth – ferment-mutagenetic spawn
The life grinder, soul reaper, deceiver, tormentor. death dealer

I want to keep our dreams as dreams to esteem
I had to wake you up to feel: this mirror is real

As he faced this i have become a mirror of delusion
Oh a disgusting soul
Oh a disgusting soul
9. The Minus Terminus
Sneak – sly-weathervane within
Chop and change-for your rapture
Play dead-lay low beneath
Nod and lie-just wait your cremator

Life light waning
Soul strangulation
Gates are closing
Windows to an honest self
Windows to an honest self

Say no-at least it's time to try
Yes-man-forget your amens
Take on-the minus terminus
You can't-beseem to all others

I never knew why you plead for your life-it's mask itself
The darkness all around is warning

(repeat pre-chorus from 2nd line)

Sneak – sly-weathervane within
Chop and change-for your rapture
Play dead-lay low beneath
Just wait for your cremator

Your plead for life it's mask itself
The darkness all around is warning

I closed the gate
10. Where Sanity Ends
Always searching borders of selfishness
When was when „mine" pushed the mind cross the limits of existence?

Why these four walls are closing out my soul?
Why my curtains are always black and drawn?
Drawn-curtains are drawn
Drown in my own liquid mind, decomposed rot inside

I'm always proud of the things that i have got
My nest looks like king's castle
Don't question my eternal knowledge
No failures i had…only the past tense

Your fake reality with all your love and straightness
That is the place where sanity ends
Where sanity ends

Let me here in my own liquid in this pigsty
Go get a life, but it won't be as bright as mine

I'm the sample that's the way to progress
Lock out the argues, bow down and rest
Where sanity ends

But my life just slipt away…rotten
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