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Cemetery of the Insane Full Album Lyrics

Carnation - Cemetery of the Insane cover art

Cemetery of the Insane

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-05-08)
1. Explosive Cadavers (3:36)
Scalpel incisions through your body parts
Removing your organs, no further need
Injecting the body with chemicals
Surgical perfection, a human bomb

Lifeless corpses walking through the streets
Their blood starts to boil and their flesh rips apart
Explosive cadavers, activated

Burning flesh is flying around, death spreading like madness
New form of brutality, complete fucking insanity
The stench has become unbearable, the decease rate is incredible
True hellish new phobia, a cannibalistic utopia

Massive heaps of human remains
A blitzkrieg of the undead has begun
The goal is to exterminate
Everything under the Sun
2. Cemetery of the Insane (4:12)
Haunting the cemetery, ending the light
The full moon rising, blasphemous night
The dead lay cold among the dirt
Soon to awaken in a foul rebirth

Evil deeds shall be done tonight
Satanic rites spreading unholy blight
Wizards with magic from ancient times
Alchemical brilliance, a medieval crime

Bringing forth the fire from the endless burning flame
Releasing black magic from long before his worthless name
He has no grasp of what he is birthing upon this land
Dimensions clashing vividly, destroying the timeframe

Awaken, awaken, skeletal remains
Forsaken, forsaken, this land is shivering in pain
Unholy abomination!
Cemetery of the insane!

Open the gate to Hell's dimension
Demons spewing forth from the void
Reviving the dead from their graves
An army of undead as my slaves
3. The Rituals of Flesh (4:40)
Deep below the cemetery crypts
A cult exists using foul magics
They worship the body as they sacrifice,
The volunteers who wish to meet their demise
Placed upon the altar of the Sun
The temple for a bloody cleansing
Knives at hand to let them meet their end,
Preparing the rituals of flesh

Cut me up, my body is yours to take
Slice my gut, and let it please our god

The corpses hang to the walls, dissected, skinned, and stretched apart
Blood collected in an urn, suddenly a dark voice is heard

A horned form appears, hungering for your fears
The beast will dine tonight, you are in his sight
A demon from beyond, a hellish evil spawn
His eyes as red as blood, as he tears you apart

Digging deep into the crypts
Stains of blood are splattered around
No bodies were left to be found
A cursed home for the demon spawn
4. Delusions of Power (3:29)
Left for dead, bullet in the head, ambushed by drugged up men
Guerrilla war, fighting for, a tyrant's wish of greed and gold

The killing spree, lead by tyranny, in this realm of death, is a living hell
The foulest deeds, rape and butchery, performed by evil men, in this jungle cell

Madness! - This world has gone insane
Dismember! - The bodies of fellow tribesmen
The need for gold and luxury, are turning this land to slavery
Decapitate! - The head of lady liberty

Now you will bow to me, you were born to serve me
You are truly inferior, my riches make me superior

Yes I! - I am the song of God
Yes I! - The one to recreate Zion

Face down in the river as the fire takes its form
Chaos spreads in this fiery mass, what was once our home
My soul leaves my body as I think of my daughter
My people sent to the slaughter while I sink into the water
5. The Great Deceiver (3:42)
I have seen the land turn grey in disease
How the world that I made turned to war
For ages have passed
Since I first came to this land, as their God

I left my mark on them
Created a system of pure sin
The perfect fuel for conflict
Wars are waged for religion

Now! - Take my hand and follow, I am the savior for those with sorrow
Blindly believe in what I proclaim, spread my word and bow to my name
Bring fear to those who deny, for my existence is not a lie
And burn those who disagree, I am the God of love and peace

I've made them my puppets, for my own desires
To see them struggle through life, in the hope of a second one
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