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When Push Comes to Shove Full Album Lyrics

Carnal Decay - When Push Comes to Shove cover art

When Push Comes to Shove

GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > C > Carnal Decay Lyrics (32) > When Push Comes to Shove Lyrics (3)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-11-27)
1. When Push Comes to Shove (2:50)
no more worries in your world when i break your fucking skull
i will put you down to the ground motherfucker now
man i love the sound of a propper pound anyhow
look me in the eye as long as you can i’ll speed up your end
foolin around with me got your luck into a downtrend
so when push comes to shove there will be no white dove
there is no saviour from above
here comes the time for my love
your blood runs cold, you’re trembling uncontrolled
hopelessness evolves, you will be dissolved
you’re getting attacked, hijacked, i’ll make your visage abstract
so many things to do till i get your fucking head cracked
this is the misanthropic drop kick right into your fish stick
no more chick sits on your dick after a meeting with my ice pick
no more fluttering eyelash after a meeting with my whiplash
don’t try to play me fool you should know that i dont take cash
party time motherfucker now it feels like crime-clime
no time like showtime this is your bloody decline
there is no time for fools
i’ll meet you in the afterlife
i don’t play by your rules
i’ve got the devil on my side
2. Food for Thoughts (3:22)
food for thought
made of lead
my onslaught
at full speed
i’m a good man giving work to the pastor
your funeral director’s now a true puzzlemaster
the song in mourners ears is called november rain
same song in my ears when my bullet wrecked your brain
now you’ve really got some time on your own
now you’ve really got some time all alone
now you’ve got some maggots feasting on your flesh
my ammo turned your cranium into ash
my hunt is done
this was your end run
you’re overthrown
i wrecked your collar bone
„it’s raining entrails“ said the weather forecaster
your brain just blew up you’ve never been any faster
talking to the cops you’ll hear a nine unlock
followed by a popp now your fucking jaw drops
your dreams go with your lifejuice assassinated
your body and your mind from now on unrelated
your splattered brain’s too much strain for my kitchens sink to drain
my flat gets flooded by your fucking blood rain hurricane
blown apart, viola part, my kitchen’s like picasso’s art
the only good news ‘bout this is a newly uncaged donor heart
never getting backtracked ‘cause that face was all wrecked
burried in the dirt when there’s nothing left to dissect
no more need for a die hard bodyguard when you get my business card
i will punch you to a retard bastard
the avant-garde birthdaycard that sends you to the graveyard
skull gets unbarred your brain sent to the junkyard
you are your mothers homespun superson finished by my shotgun right up in your honeybun, this is fun!
3. We All Bleed Red (3:40)
i wouldn't call it arrogance
i’m just better than you, better than your crew
i wouldn't call it affluence
but i've got the chance to choose, you’ve got a chance to lose
i would say i can be lethal for you
so don't fucking provoke me, don't fucking joke me
i would say you better back off you jerk-off
better be silent or i'll switch your light off
now you're running away
there is no way out
i write this story as i want to
you are a part of it - enjoy the show
you are bleeding out of every hole
i create some new ones just to let your blood flow
i am feeding my fulfillment with your ache
i just can't stop 'cause i love to see you like that
it's succeeding in knowledge about torture
i'm getting smarter with every victim
never exceeding the barrier to swoon
adrenaline keeps you up for my boon
everybody's blood runs red
and yours is the ink for my pages
i need some more
my story is not done yet
it's the story about a prick's anatomy
i'm earning knowledge everyday
we're all made of flesh, bones and blood but i am not like you
i don't betray myself, i stay true to my friends
you fucking lie to everyone
you're acting as if you were better than us
i know your entrails now and i know you're not
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