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Orthodox Faces Full Album Lyrics

Cardinals Folly - Orthodox Faces cover art

Orthodox Faces

GenresDoom Metal
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1. Opening Ceremony (1:32)
Orthodox faces - revealed now
Every idol - falls to ground
Unleash the hidden deadly depths
Through our folly, it's here again!
2. Blood Axis Raiders (10:03)
Old black magic casket
Opens in the woods
Spreading out it's contents
To aid the darkening root
By spells and songs
Of ancient seers in the east
Scholars feed their monster
Blood axis raiders feast

Overman inspired you
Twilight of the gods
Creative solar power
Abandoned reason once
Battle in league with Satan
Against all odds
Children of the sunwheel
With food they bought their guns

Heroes of the past, lighting of solstice fire
And the laying of eight wines, into the fiery fa's
Mystery of the cross, blood that will claim your land
Possessing wicked thoughts, and ways to doom impending!
Unifying powers flow, freely from master's pen
Unveiling the runic truth, for Satan to use
Rape of these elder gifts, will overrun small man
Wrecked by his malice will, that's prevailed this soil for ages
It's prevailed this soil for ages
Soothsayer Miron-Aku, gave away secrets
Knighthood of die ahnenerbe, forged doctrine in hell
Root race of man, never did exist
A star is shut, another one must shine
But the spirit of santur dies…
3. Cardinals Folly (6:03)
Through the west, unknown of man
Ships have sailed, since the world began
Creatures in the caverns of north
Inspire our hearts like a stone-cold draught!

One fled, one dead
One sleeping in a golden bed
It doesn't matter, the time is now
To survive through this witching hour

The Black Art, The Book of Lies
Long live the ancient ones that died
Angel of Death summoned with true will
In Cardinals Folly, it moved for the kill!

All hell is there for us to stand
As we fight against the plague of northern land
Stand strong, love is the law
That kind of love won't pull the shortest straw!

Our heads may be bloody, that's what life will do
To followers of this cult of chosen few
But tonight we shall feast on the devil's brew
And the princess of hell dances with us too

Doom in!
Drop out!
Sacrifice to gods...
The devil rides out!

So what if we don't please the masses blind
The world might not be made for our kind
Flower power rules while the ungodly try
To seduce people into false metal cry!
And when we meet our funeral pyre
With that same shy smile prepare to die
No flesh, no bones will be left to find
Buried by our doom's old fire
4. They Found Atlantis (10:32)
Victims of a dying breed
Embraced the watery hell spree
Abandoned everything they had
Faced their Nordic god's wrath

Somewhere north from Albion
Dwelling in the bath of fog
Invoking the rhythms of Atlantean shore
The priesthood of darkness shall rule once more

The hidden dream - uncompromising
Deep seas fate - in own making
You interest us - when far from here
1,000 feet - and still counting

"Here be dragons" marks the spot
Which by subclock we only see
Their rusty statue still reminds
From kingdoms where whores were noble wives

Underground temples and forbidden runes
Occult mysteries, infernal truths
Wake from your horrid sleep today
From eternal night, divine doom revived
Not dead nor dreaming, in space and time
Longingness to cross Rubicon, right
Turning our back to the tyrant who failed
Our orthodox ways to doom as one

From eternal night, divine doom revived!

They found Atlantis - we refused, we resisted
They found Atlantis - no more book of lies

Our aim is doom - no more kingdom of light
Our method is science - our guide is the night
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