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Shadow Gripped Full Album Lyrics

Cancer - Shadow Gripped cover art

Shadow Gripped

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-11-04)
1. Down the Steps (5:38)
Dark spirit takes control
Demon sweat freezing cold
Possessed of the evil craft
Mother weeps Pazuzu laughs

Pushed or fell
He took a tumble
Down to the bottom
Of the hard stone steps

This crisis heightens fast
At the bottom of the steps
Where poor Burke's body found
With his head turned all around

Pushed or fell...

Obscenities beyond the scale
Accusing sick demented wail
Priests are called to lend a hand
To drive out the unclean by command

Pushed or fell...
2. Garrotte (2:23)
Steel grip cable tie
Old habits hardly die
Around the neck
Nice and quick
With back turned
A dirty trick

One strong pull is all it takes
The victim then asphyxiates
One sharp pull is all it needs
To stop this fucker trying to breathe
One strong pull...

Garrotte, Garrotte
Feel the pain spike
Crushing your wind pipe

Steel grip cable tie
Old habits hardly die
Around the neck
With stealth and skill
What a way to kill!
3. Ballcutter (3:31)
Below the surface
It lies in wait
Close proximity killer
Seeks your fate

Sheering teeth, ripping flesh
Blood draining, slow death
Cutting off your balls
Never again will you see
Your testicles are torn free
Forever, they have gone

Unimaginable pain
Invades into your brain
A brutal blood attack
The gnawing off your sack

Sheering teeth...


Electric shock
Beneath your cock
Those family jewels
Are now past it's gills

4. Organ Snatcher (3:56)
Black market of body parts
And the cruel intentions of a loan shark
Sell an eyeball, pay your debts
Your kidney paid for your TV set

As threats were left on my answer phone
The words were felt like cuts to the bone
Remove an organ it's no bother
When the deficit's paid you could always buy another

Crazy to know how this could be
The scar on my back is hurting me
Sold part of myself for the highest bid
To black op surgeons off the grid

Crazy to know how I didn't see
Future so blind I neglected the fee
Pretended the debt didn't really exist
Now I'm regretting the choice to resist

Organ snatcher
5. The Infocidal (4:51)
Rally the masses
Incite the cause
Stealing their minds
Forcing on all
Don't they belong
Slashing for blood
Snapping the tendons
Humanity clings to

Death dealers Death dealers
Infocidal maniacs
Infocidal maniacs

Those who decide
Who lives who dies
Whose life has value
Whose existence is a crime

Tether the flock
Remove the weak
Pass all the laws
Enforcing to seek
As more get killed
Left and right
Regarding mercy
Who gives a shite?

Death dealers Death dealers...
6. Half Man Half Beast (5:55)
Born into a world of pain
Unjust violation in Nature's game
Animal past comes out at last
For man's survival he surrenders

Minds torn with torments show
All in distressed ugly darkened throne
Tipped the balance between
Beast and man
Unsettle the feeling that's deep within

Fuelled by hatred within
Let the beast win
Sore inside forever more
The demon's world low
Half man half beast....

Beast flesh beaten subordinate
Sharp spliced hybrid meat
Dog eat dog world influence cuts
Wounds that forever, forever bleed us

Fuelled by hatred within...
Half man half beast...
Half man
7. Crimes So Vile (5:00)
Decades of abuse, lives wrecked forever
Revealing the truth, a noble endeavour
Establishment shield, hidden from view
Some will speak out
But what can they do?

With crimes so vile
And a missing child
Truth in denial
Raped and defiled
With crimes so vile
The truths in denial
Truth in denial

Pulling the wool, over their eyes
The gravest of crimes, behind those lies
Morality's killed, humanity’s lost
Perversion to thrill, to hell with the cost

With crimes so vile...
8. Thou Shalt Kill (3:58)
Thou shalt kill, slaughter's the only thrill, thou shalt kill
Thou shalt kill, blood of man must be spilt, thou shalt kill
Thou shalt kill, war machine purpose built, thou shalt kill

Thou shalt kill, in the skies I dwell
Thou shalt kill, for the glory of hell
Thou shalt kill, ringer of the deathly bell
Thou shalt kill, for those dogs that fell

I declare my soul's intention
Accept these laws of life and death
I the invisible hand of judgement
Terminate what heaven's sent

By the time you realize
And understand it's all to late
Cos I decide when you must die
And take your fate to the pearly gates

Mighty are the flames
Shooting from these wings
An orchestra of destruction
Plays my tuneless hymn

Thou shalt kill...
9. Shadow Gripped (4:09)
Shells luring futile values
Magic so black coordinates
Distortions abhorrent and so corrupt
Selfish truths morals stagnate

Vice of disgrace
Kicked in the face
Savagely sold
Forced out in the cold

Rancid smell of bullshit burns
Regurgitates again and again
So hateful to see and contempt
Se reluctant to mouth a way

Manic intent planted with care
Dissatisfied they're quick to blame
Sickness inside explores the cause
Veils the incompetence acting as fools

Clowns of deceit
Want to hang out your meat
With guilt laid laws
That eat out your core

Vice of disgrace...
10. Disposer (4:32)
We explores his own darkness
Where very few men dare to go
He is death with a hidden passion
To satisfy his lustful woes

Waste pipe blocked with human flesh
Plumbers vomit, disturbing stench
Plastic bags in the wardrobe shows
Chopped up boyfriends rotting slow

He lured them in from the disco din
Wined and dined and killed 'em blind
He lured them in from the disco din
Killed 'em blind to have some original sin

Forensic teams inspect the scene
Finding all the evidence
Police detectives shake their heads
Counting up all the dead

He lured them in...

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