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Into the Heartless Silence Full Album Lyrics

Cancer - Into the Heartless Silence cover art

Into the Heartless Silence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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1. Ad Nauseam (4:25)
In the wake of this castration
I walk chained to this maiden

The vision still haunts me
Its loins spread and bare teeth
With leathered wings the roaches
Make way for sperm I bequeath

Ripping limb from limb in nymphomania

To ruminate in Ad Nauseam
Starve in malignance
2. Modus Operandi (4:14)
In the hands of the creator
I am the nails of every hammer
That simmers and needles
Through my synapses
And tears away innards

Carve my tongue fork shaped
Never forsake the flavour
Spew venom forth in legacy
My poison your nectar

The chamber collapses
Dropping a closing curtain
Lurking sounds
That stir my bowels

A caustic circumcision
Spreading this stench of mine
Nourishes yet terrifies
To reach beyond the sun in sorrow
3. The Sleepless Waltz (5:04)
Here we are my fellow servants
Adjoin the grandest dance of elements
Sliding through the excrements
And grinding away to their merriment

The endless moves, beat that pulses
Drains all strength, festers ulcers
Wrought to ruin our frames contort
Ashamed to break
The Sleepless Waltz

To strings of sickness
In triplets of madness
Our limbs suspend like vicarious whores
Then fall beneath the cutting floor

And though we’re just drunk enough to ward off fatigue
Disintegrate desire – stoic frames consort

Wrought to ruin our frames contort
Afraid to break
The Sleepless Waltz
4. Apherisis (5:44)
Through the ravines we intervene
Where beauty throbs and bleeds obscene
Your supple hands in narrative arising
Float in form and converge upon me

So go on forth with these tools of subversion
Sow the seeds, carry the burden
Into the inked abyss of life

But do you see what I see within?
Quintessence embodied within?
Fuck the mass’ creed they swore
And feed their graves heretofore

Skin pummeled like bought virgins
Stirs new worship – tasteful execution

So go on forth with these tools of subversion
Sow the seeds, carry the burden
Into the inked abyss of life

And though light cannot escape this path
It lures with ears what eyes can’t grasp
The Human Stampede – the Earth roped
Consumed forever in false hope
5. Shell Over Bone (6:59)
Feeble hands grasping at straws
The sinew once maliciously torn
Grows shell over bone

The claws have become decrepit
Blunted in manipulation
And fail to control baring no form
To strangle evolution

I choose to dwell in darkness
And rattle a beggar’s tin
Feed through rubble
Rot in sin
6. Ouroboros (7:34)
Waxed in exile
Expected the world, vomited shit
This snake eating its tail
Won’t move an inch

Years moldering with soil
Sheathed in perverted in oil
Dropped on its head in reckless forget
A bastardised soul

We once shared the trenches
Heard the whistle serrate
Now silence envelopes
This laconic stalemate

Yes days are finite choices
As always have and been
For slugs to squirm from the womb
Reign over heart and decree?

Futility given, a promise made clear
I’ll purge myself of vim
Not light, nor darkness, just shadows of both
Your sterile human being
7. Abacination (7:48)
Illumination illudes in brief sojourn
It pangs with menace, yet menace no less
To grow or dwindle in fullness of time
Its presence I welcome, yet oblige

Hands pass faces in constellation
Like evening mist – my old friend
Blurs stars dripping in atmosphere
To come alive and scribe austere

And once again my strength returns
Cold air fills lungs in debt
This abacination
Discomfort I beget
8. Wehe Mir (9:32)
Your portrait burns my cortex
Engulfed in the heartache
Languishing words meander through currents
Transmute your warm breath
Transmute your warmth and sweat
Engulfed in the heartache

Into the heartless silence
Into the sufferance...

Those afar holler this ghostly shell
One last toast for the road
But the bottle towers and beckons,
The night is still young’
‘The night is still young’

Smiling at the face of sadness
To impress and punish myself
Tortured by black candlelight
Fingers raking through razors
(To love and loss)
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