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Opus Domine Satanus Full Album Lyrics

Calvarium Funestus - Opus Domine Satanus cover art

Opus Domine Satanus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2015-11-22)
1. Black Ceremony (3:43)
2. Anti-Human Bestial Terror (3:58)
I walk beyond the hidden mysteries,
Released are the black souls
Towards the war landscapes,
Leading the absolute iron supremacy

The true names of satanic age,
Eternal suffering of foolish existences
Essence of bestiality inside me,
Build a path with spirits in agony

Anti life, Sub Humans massacre
Depopulate this earth, decrease its race
Anti Human Bestial Terror

Bring with enemies’ pain the rising moon,
To enjoy when the sign of my Lord arrives
And destroy for the empire, is calling…
Satanic eternal war when is reached the true essence

Hurt the worthless flesh, bleeding for
The eternal spirits, the mark of descendants
Harbinger of infernal eternity…

Slowly that glorious rise of human panic
The dragon is rising, be one with the sign of
The dark ancient gods

Shadows behind my mystical creation
When is flowing the human blood to the chalice
To the left of the horned beast
3. Opus Domine Satanus (5:37)
Thy wrathful empire,
Bringer of chaos praised be eternally
Mighty majesty summon the demonic forces
To follow the order of hell, the slaughter never end

To your glory the blood from the altar,
From female orgasms caused in thy name
Are the offerings, calling thy greatness,
Everlasting your tyranny, we praise...

Opus Domine Satanus

Find all wishes torturing in endless battle
Forever chaotic black metal will ravage
Bringing the misery of christian scum
Their churches forever will suffer
The eternal flames of our hate

Where we exist belongs adversity and blasphemy
Leading us to the misanthropic pathways
We walk through the graves emanating true blackness
At side to the black flame of Ahriman

Our inner might will take its hidden form
The imperious eyes of the goat,
That will destroy all fakes
To the giver of limitless force and hatred
The black faith to Satan's glory

The victory of unholy cult, I believe in thy eternal power
The lustful legacy, the hermetic order
Fornicemur ad Gloria Domine Satanus
4. Through the Misanthropic Path (6:02)
I am focusing my hateful spirit
To the gates of domain of dusk
The supreme flames are calling me
Submerged in the darkest unholy thoughts burning me...

Crossing the weak barriers of order
Through the pathways of infinity
I fly over mortals, torturing them
Where the black light will blinds the inferior beings
Too far from physical, my existence
Drowning in malevolence

Each step in this path of wisdom and despair that Embrace me, takes me so far and far…

Inside of this cavern of shadows,
Just listening the screams of rage
When the light has been eclipsed
The creatures of the left path will rule

My real demonic form will rise to this
False reality, follow the misanthropy
Death is looking for me, wants me in the place invisible Built only with true dark energies
5. Binan Ath (7:00)
6. Luciferi Imperator Omnipotens (6:34)
Luxferre Dominion, esoteric Order
Under the mandate of prince of darkness
We kill and laugh, kill and laugh… gather here in the altars of hell unchained evocation of death

Shaitan! The adversary
Majesty of forbidden words
Hear me, I seal my oath
For aeons and aeons

Luciferi Imperator!
Leader of
The path of Non-Union with the
Subjective universe
Fire-giver grant us desires
Coming the years of doom and obscurity

Leviathan! Rise from the world beyond
Against the sun
From the depths of the red seas,
Thy impetuous wrath
We Hails to thee!

We are here your disciples obtaining
Retribution of your unbeatable wisdom
We, the spawn chaos

Your presence is here,
Carrier of black shining,
You are the giver of courage with
We will invoke the dark gods

In fullness of vengeance
Feel in my veins your blazing bitterness
The sethianic power, Follow the sinistral path
Hails the sigil and torch of Lucifer
7. Warfare Under the Banner of Satan (5:41)
Procreating are the sons of Satan, bringing holocaust
Rising from the darkest realm, the unholy forces
Under the banner of flesh offering and pest

Alcoholic cult, sodomizers of angels,
Demons coming to flagellate human flesh
Virgins and children sacrifices
The blood in which we bathed our wings

Thousand of morbid beings
Infernal legion praising the majestic pentagram

We are here to private of them life
All the filthy whores and rape them with lust
Torment the soul, leashed forever in my hands
Which will rise the horns and the weapon of terror

Thousand of morbid beings
Infernal legion praising the majestic pentagram

In terrorism we trust, showing no mercy
Total war against life, against weakness
With the weapons of strong pleasurable chaos,
A causal, time to bring it

Thy empire spreading the only law, the law of chaos
Fucking fakes suffering the devastation,
Total warfare i heard
In the fields of misanthropy and rage
The horde takes place
8. The Victory of the Serpent Lord (5:54)
From the dismal visions of past
For revenge the wings raised flight
Take this offering, to your magnificent empire

In the middle of darkened woods, with raging honour
Showing the superiority of evil, the lord on his throne
The darkside has opened, the storm arrived Hails the battle horns

The eye that lead us into the gloom of bloodstained fields
Devastated every sign of life, he will take the weak
To the abysmal chamber

Devastating anthems to the serpent lord,
Evolving, purified the fire in that hour
Conquered heaven we have broken the ancient laws,
Demonic visions that inspire fear

Burned and broke all down our feet,
Invoked nightmares, unholy one,
Infernal devotion to ours deserved triumph

The mighty night guides our step
To conquer, to rape those pure in Christ
Satisfying our thirst of blood
Enslaved Christians and subhuman souls

We made the world crumble and ashes,
Burned and broke down your temples...
Riding on the black horses weapons throwing genocide
Winged demons now owners of earth
9. Wolves' Final Battle (4:39)
A cold age has arrived with the wind
After The night of the massacre
Of all those that tried to beat our strength
Screams of sorrow was listened in the battlefield...

Destiny reach us, centuries have passed hunting
Under the sign of the moon
Memories of the haunted woods and
Black rituals in Times when existed life
Under imminent darkness the eyes that see beyond
The demonic presence of night, inner beasts approaching
Ancient hymn to destruction, the final battle of the wolves...
10. Unapishtim * (1:51)
11. Holocaustic Omen * (4:28)
12. Agios Athanatos * (5:06)
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