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Vent Lyrics

Caliban - Vent cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
Album rating :  84 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-05-20)
1. Entrance (1:35)
2. Fire of Night (3:13)
Demons out of the darkness. Fire of the night. Allying existence of the evil. My life? Just a game? Dependence and mania. Desire shows you the way. The gates to the coldness are open. The way back is full of stone. Just like my heart. My existence. Identity is breaking. The coldness keeps pulling me into it's ban. An unbelievable size of power. Luck and pain are close together. Luck or pain. The pain is ripping my life into pieces. I'm in prison of my destiny. Too low is my energy!!!
3. Love Taken Away (3:43)
Now I'm sitting here writing about the lonelyness. It's a bad day and the reasons for that are trivial!!! Love taken away. Thoughts at the mercy of the past. Destroying myself.My inside is crying for help. Who cares? I forgot to live for the moment. I don't want to be what I am! What will be in the future? I don't know what to expect.
4. In the Eye of the Storm (4:49)
Deep eyes. Subdued light. Hand in hand. In the eye of the storm. everything is flowing and discharging into us. My mouth open. Lava flows. Eyes close in the eye of the storm. The silence is breathtaking in the eye of the storm. Substances join. Together immortal. We become one in the eye of the storm. On the way against the truth. A trip through light and time all problems become smashed. All pain becomes happiness. Eyes open. Screams come out. Wishes turn into pictures. My heart stopps beating. The ban breaks. Just to remember smile at me one more time. The last time! In the eye of the storm.
5. About Time and Decisions (5:41)
When time decides. The circle made from love and trust breaks. The chain breaks. An emptiness reveals. Memories start to swallow me. Searching the unknown and full of frustration from being into nothing. Freedom. Way starts. My aim the joy of existing. What remained of waiting so long was the bitter and painful experience of being left. Reality. I'm tightly embraced. Wounds of love never going to heal. As long as the past remains. Only covered by illusion. The outer wrap breaks from inner pain. Got to be strong and egoistic. Thats the way it is. Oh our so beautiful world. A world dies lonely. ...and the beginning of nothing...
6. Roots of Pain (4:41)
In the darkness of the night. Being moved by the shine of the moon. Considering and full of hope. I'm on my way to the roots of my pain. Condamned to love. Yearning all my demanding embodied in you. I'm imprisoned of your control to live my self. Your eyes look so empty. I'm scared to dip in. In fear to find the end of a love. The time hurts with every hit and the question of your love. I just want to love what charms me! A small spark is a big hope!!!
7. Happiness in Slavery (3:07)
Revolution of the past is only spiritual at last. The power to fight the self evident become weaker. The will to stand up for your conviction has fade away and now passes the dream of happiness in compassion of your own.
8. Tyranny of Small Misery (4:39)
The wake up means walking on the edge. Wrong desicions running through my veins. Immortal sorrow scars on my soul. Rejected and trapped in myself. Black velvet was the gift of the time. Nothing left to loose. Nothing to believe. Hands tied feet chained. Hiding behind shadows of anger. To wake up means walking on the edge. But I often feel that misery is the most important part of being happy!
9. For (4:47)
Dark sky. I'm lying here still. Thoughts hush eyes closing. Repeating this moment. Waiting for your abscence veils my sleep. My dreams. I'm moving in time. No when and yet you don't now. But my heart does. 'Cause from the first moment on I was caught and delivered a long time vanished warmth regained life in me. Thank... you!
10. My Last Beauty (4:35)
A morning full of death. Beauty trapped in miserable emptiness. Offer me life. Offer me love. Don't ask me where the sunshine's gone. Offer me life. Offer me love. Offer me the moon. All my figthing in this shadowland is in vain. Searching the inner clarity - reality of my existence. Feeling empty. Endless the way. Endless the search and the distortion of the present. Shadowland a place of silence. Love? Happyness? Emptiness! Lonelyness! Alone is the death! Night. The beauty of silence. A different consciousness. To complex for reality. Misunderstood feelings in the circle of life. But the moon is still there!
11. New Kind of Freedom (3:59)
Sweet sins scars my horizon. Got nothing to expect in this emotional unstable time. Looking forward there is a meaningless life to go. Path of sorrow! Age of decay! Pictures of wrong decisions veils my sleep but the lines are drawn. Nothing could release me. Am I born to excuse my way of thinking? Am I force to justifiy who I am? Death. Sweet death could be a mercyful fate. Delivered of despair. New kind of freedom. A new kind of face.
12. Sycamore Dreams (3:53)
You're the source. My disbelief in innocence arise. Feel that ghost seducing me. Try to reach a hand. In that golden circle. You are no angel. And my heart is more than emptiness. In the shadow of myself and I sleep under the trees and no one else is sleeping well. Burn me tonight. Feeing my life slip away. Burn me tonight. And kill the demon in me. Facing a saint feeling my life slip away. Burn me tonight. Until I'm disapointed. Burn me tonight and kill the demon in me. I disbelief in the summer in pearl lake. I'm the pine float. And now you're falling apart from me. You are no angel!!!
13. Erase the Enemy (4:35)
This is a war. Everything normal smashed. Cruelty comes down the land and there only losers. Fight up until the end. Death becomes daily and the humanity boggy. Blood flows through the streets. Mankind means sickness! By the order of the devil they march and destroy and the mind remains on the route. Torture. Destroy. Kill. Erase the enemy!!! - Give up your mind and be mechanism. Who disobeys is hostile and enemies have got to die. Human being or mechanism. You've got the choice... human being.
14. Exit (1:47)
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