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Truth in Legend Full Album Lyrics

Burning Shadows - Truth in Legend cover art

Truth in Legend

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Lyrics > B > Burning Shadows Lyrics (29) > Truth in Legend Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-06-06)
1. Day of Darkness (5:35)
Dark deception, secrecy
The Pope ensnared by common greed
Mighty servants, of God above
Into the fire they ride!

With the first rays of the rising sun
To my messengers, my will on earth be done
Take them from their homes
Lock them in your cells
Their souls shall burn in Hell!

Day of darkness, dawn of death
Frosty morning, frozen breath
Wicked treachery, borne by holy men
Do not believe their lies!

In the year of our lord, 1307
Endowed by all the power of Heaven
Open your orders, synchronized by me
The Templars will have no chance to flee

The first rays of the rising sun
To my messengers, my will on earth be done
Take them from their homes
Lock them in your cells
Their souls shall burn in Hell!

Onto the stake, into the flames of wrath
Go forth and make their chains secure

Incinerate the heretics
To make my Europe pure
Their wealth will now be mine, and
All power unto me
They never fell at Antioch
Their fortress was not breached
In battle they were mightier than
The Arab Saladin

Guardians of the Holy Land
This morning (shall) die by my own hand
Light the torches, flames shall bathe the square
The Knights of Christ must die!

Through the darkness, majesty
Templar sails, a crew upon the sea
Search the frozen waves and distant shores
Their spirits ride with us!

On the first rays of the rising sun
To my messengers, my will on earth be done
Take them from their homes
Lock them in your cells
Their souls shall burn in Hell!
2. Southwind (6:08)
Outside of time
Ancestral mystery
Fathering Andean crypts and wandering to sea
Swallowed by doldrums to an unknown destiny

We shall take flight
Six netherworlding farers’ history
Our trades are many though our instruments are few
To forge an ancient passage in Tuamotu

Gone with the floods
Our only hope to cross the jungle’s ends
But still with baited breath I know we’ll find a way to run the Devil’s haul

Shore in retreat
As it is with greater horizons on the other side
The sails hoisted and the banners raised up high
Our Equatorial admission drawing nigh
The waves’ conceit
Will surely find a way to turn the tide
Through glaucous chasms with their misting ivory crowns
The coastal epochs clouding up and backing down

On the horizon
Storming the sea
The ocean howling endlessly

Tectonic vengeance
Winds of the east
Tiding the nords to the mark of the beast

Our vessel is wasted
I am drenched to the bone
Ashore with this oaken messiah of stone

Crowning the reef
With eastern spoils for our company
My feet within the sands I gaze upon the stars
Witnessing missionary failures from afar

On high relief
Callao to copra grinning oversea
One hundred suns afield we’ve forged upon the mast
Three score our kin will find them in the looking glass.
3. Sworn to Victory (7:25)
Evil deeds it has long seen
Bathed in martyr’s blood
Victors it has made
Have fallen to its blade
All who wield it fate has shielded
Eternal victory
Forged in darkest fire
Raging ever higher

Battles have been won
Dynasties undone
The sword of ages
War it wages
Victory is near
Dreams in restlessness
Night descends like madness
Silence in the shadows
Captivating all who fear

Swear on the steel
In blood it’s sealed
Sworn to victory
Twist of fate
A cold death waits
Sworn to victory

Surrounded now we find ourselves
They have left no escape
Gaze into the blackened eyes
See the agony take shape
The skies will mourn this darkened day
The rivers will run red
The treacherous deeds will be repaid
By the souls of the dead

In his hands, exalted blade
The sword does not betray
He who bears it shall never fall
So claims the ancient lore
Scores of men come to their end
Their lives gone one by one
Shattered, battered,
Broken lie the fallen
We have won

Jealousy and growing greed
The bearer’s blood is freed
As fate again is carried out
By hands that now betray
Run on his sword a noble lord
Now holds the fabled blade
He is crowned
And mortals downed
The time will come to pay

You will pay with your life
By the sword
We are sworn to victory

Swear on the steel
In blood it’s sealed
Sworn to victory
Twist of fate
A cold death waits
Sworn to victory
4. From the Stars (5:44)
Beyond the realms of death
In darkness and despair
Formless tides calls my name
Bringing forth a living fear
Soulless, nameless, lives decay
Ripped free from mortal men
Crumbled shells turn to dust
A nightmare without end

Lost souls of the tainted blood
Ascending from the great abyss
Incantations of the old gods
Bringing forth the nameless

It lives
It breathes

Beyond the words of men
In forbidden spells
Through pages, twisted tongues
The path to horror dwells

In a language unknown
From a forgotten tome
Where the old shadows fall
And lost demons call
From a time lost to lore
Though a forbidden door
Comes the beast from afar
Face your death from the stars

Words seemed to writhe like flames in the air
Transcending time, breaking free from its lair
Our fears come to life, we've tread a step too far
The beast from beyond; our deaths from the stars

It lives
It breathes
It comes
It feeds

Beyond infinity, a terrible decree
Past primordial gates
5. The Last One to Fall (5:43)
Born was he of mothers nine
Raised was he on solar fire
The bridge to the heavens where he now stands
Splits the realms of gods and man

The crimson fire from depths below
The azure skies where cold winds blow
The emerald depths of eternal seas
To warn the day of the final siege

High above in hallowed skies
The fallen ones with Valkyries ride
See his golden armor shine
His horn shall blow and all shall rise

Gather we all here who fought and died
In the final days, we will stand by his side
Down from the heavens with honor we'll fight
In midwinter's chill, at dawn's first light

On the day of the battle
You will hear his call
Steadfast, triumphant
The last one to fall
The call to arms
The final war
A final breath and not one more

Right here we will stand
At the end of times
Mighty in our wrath
Awaiting the sign
Death foretold to us
In the prophecy
So on we will fight
It's our destiny
6. Truth in Legend (7:02)
On highest peak, in Helgen Keep
Their petty crimes, the ax will reap
And here, He bound by chain and sin
His life is spared, thank Alduin
The dragon roars, it rips and tears
The flesh of men who face it, dare
And through the keep you must discern
Survive, escape, and you may learn

Fus ro, wuld nah, strun bah, yol toor
Su grah, iiz slen, hun kall

Respite is short and harsh, for He
Who Dragonborn, the one must be
Off beaten path, toward Whiterun Keep
The mighty Jarl, Balgruuf, you'll meet
The Dragonstone, his one desire
Will light the way, to a dragon’s pyre
Now claw your way, through trap and stone
A wall of words, language unknown

Gaze upon the words of yore
Deciphered now, they shake your core
Gaze upon the words of yore
Now breath them in, shout, Dovahkiin

Emerge from the crypt, removed from Falls Barrow
Return for your prize, and spread tale of your glory
When out from the sky, descends creature of fear
A thunderous, cold roar, you prepare

The beast is slain, no more than bone
And so your shout, you now may hone
Herald the cry from Hrothgar peak
Your presence now, four Greybeards seek
7. The Blessed (4:16)
As the rain begins to fall
And the light begins to fade
Another storm comes rolling in
And the sorrow returns again

Like a veil upon the sky
Distant memories upon my mind
How I long to see the stars
That once watched us from afar

As the dark is taking all
And the coldness fills my heart
Benighted moonless skies
The life within us dies

As the light of life forgave
All the missteps we have made
How I long to see the stars
That watched us from afar

Like an image lost to time
Like a verse in a broken rhyme
Forget the words, forgive the lies
Take this pain, break this divide

As the light of life forgave
All the missteps we have made
How I long to see the stars
That watched us from afar
8. Deathstone Rider (13:09)
By the sign on the northern rune
I ride these desolate plains
Through barren hills and nothingness
A maledict domain
I fear not shield nor spear
Nor hammer of dismay
The clattering of golden hooves
Begets your dying day

The watcher below
overshadows the small desert lakes
The fires above will descend as the giant awakes
The riders are mounted
and waiting for the holy land
At the site of Valhalla,
the traitors will die by my hand

When daylight breaks
The earth will shake
Five maiden swords are sworn to
Take your life tonight

Ride on for freedom
Ride on for glory
Ride on for freedom
Deathstone Rider running free

The crimson son
Has come undone

Standing here before the dawn
Within these sacred walls
Silence in the darkness
Fading fast with vacant eyes
God of battle, prince of pain
Heed my call and spare my name
I seek not vengeance nor valor's fate
Cast thy sword, for death awaits

Riding fast through Jotunheim
The enemy will fall
Chariot treads a moonlit path
Beneath the golden hall
Flash of lightning, clash of thunder
A hammer cracks the sky
Sworn into this oath
Until the day I see you die
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