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The Dreamer's Will Full Album Lyrics

Brought by Pain - The Dreamer's Will cover art

The Dreamer's Will

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-23)
1. The Dreamer’s Will (4:33)
Redeem the flaws and sins
And since this massive flow
Of people fly further
Faster and faster and fester
With delusions of grandeur
And greets this abscess that grows
Easily infringed and twisted
Is the perception of reality,
The ideas of all men
Are maimed and mangled and manipulated
And masked and concealed
And turned against us

Those who counteract endure
And counter think and injure
The operant apparatus
Apparently apply to apprehend
Our Rights

In a stratified martial state
We will long for the late
Liberty of being free
Who we want to be
Free... Thinker, Actor Together
A covenant with a cause
To crash the imperial minded
To cause the empire to fail
And its mastermind to fall

The will of the dreamer is pure
Lurking within the realms of intangibility
Harassed not by a victimizing
And harsh reality which is belittling
The very essence of humankind

Therein lies uncompromised
Away from the lies,
The scorn and the shame
A gleaming hope for change

(Solo: Bourbonnais - Allaire)
2. L'Agrémenteur (5:17)
Dans la corruption de son élite
La société fait face à l'insatisfaction
L'individu vit dans une abondance sans mérite

Alors que tous savent que le mensonge
Peut nous mener à la prospérité
Et que l'on légue cette derniére
Ces principes illusoires

Sauver les apparences, sauver la face
Des récits erronés, on voile la vérité
Se drappant de cet infatiguable tissu de mensonges

Comme tous je me plie sans trop d'ennuie
À ces vulgaires habitudes de vie

Où il y a homme, il y a tricherie, fourberie, jalousie
Où il y a homme, il y a tricherie
Aberrente cupidité sans répit

Celui a qui le plus souvent on ment
Finit par se douter des salades qu'on lui fait avaler
Car nul n'est complétement naïf

Où il y a homme, il y a tricherie
Tricherie, fourberie, jalousie

Sans saveur, sans valeur, mes paroles insipides
Et vides, destinées à distortionner la réalité
Devraient mériter le mépris d'autrui
3. Guided by Fear (2:35)
Upon the altar dwells the scapegoat
To be sacrificed in hope that all
Be cleansed of their sins
Brought forth to the gallows
Here I am - Expired!
My time is now...
Expired, lost, void

Deadened by the creepy
Melody, loud snap
From the rope of despotism
Creaking, swinging

Thus I'm hanged
-An example-
But not quite
Yet I ignore, why

Unbroken - My neck,
Unabashed refusal to cooperate
Gagging, suffocating
But yet to agonize

I choke for their cleansing may come
(Solo: Chartré)
To the amusement of all I dance
At the end of my leash
To the crowd's applause

Cheer, scream, smile...
Point the finger
4. Muse of Madness (4:30)
...Even though you think
You've taught it through
Think of me that would miss you too
I've helped you before
Let's do it once more...

Behind enemy lines,
Beyond what lies in my mind
Eyes full of lies
Have set their gaze upon me
To watch me grow weary

I kneel and pray
They would grant me peace
Wishing they would cease
To make me sink deeper
To watch me drown with laughter

'Worry not I've never left
This dwelling of mine

Follow me through the abysmal
Hole in your soul
I'll shelter you from harm

Clouded by this maddening haze
Through the eyes of dementia
A torched dimension
Yearns to consume
The entire world seems to be
Bound to a pyre
Quick to be devoured by the scorching
Heat of the flames

Enchanting vision of my own demise

Drifts into my mind
Casting doubt and fear
Ephemeral lucidity,
Overpowering anxiety,
Endless illness

'Resistance is futile
For not only do i possess you,
I Am You
I 'am your muse in madness
You are my slave, my hostage
5. A Soft Sip of Poison (5:00)
Softly sipping
From the venomous stream
Of a poisonous spring
Thence inebriated and oblivious
To the foulness of its spout

A shapeless solace
In its oldest form
Baleful beverage
To soothe a burdened soul

Flooded and gone were the sorrows
Forgotten and lost were the morrows

Once the flowing fountain
Of foolness had dried
The reefs appeared
And pierced the tide
Unveiling the shrouded wreckage
Its remains

It is in vain
That we try to drown
The catalyst of pain
(Solo: Bourbonnais - Allaire)
For the thorny crown of reality
Will always weigh heavily
Upon the weary head of sanity
And be a reminder of the frailty
Of our own honesty
6. The Immaturity of Verity (4:49)
Here now lies the immaturity of verity
In a rotten reality that relies on deception
And nourishes lies since its inception
I no longer choke on the smoke screen
And a chaotic stream with extreme means
Yet in the meantime my mind is blown away,
Cast astray,
Castrer et incarcérer car,
Je ne sais plus trop quoi penser,
Nis par ou passer pour aller outre la route toute tracée
Qui nous est: désignee, destinée, pavée, érigée et régis
Par les mécaniques économiques souillées sous
L'influence de l'opinion de ces véreux et vicieux
Vice rois de la haute finance qui font fit d'autrui
Qui font l'autruche alors que
Gaz en main ils gérent la ruche

But here still lies the immaturity of verity
In a rotten reality that relies on deception
And nourishes lies since its inception
But to unveil those misfit deeds
Would indeed deaden the dubious nature of the beast
A childish fantasy, my forlorn fetish of verity
Utopian immaturity
"A counter-progress towards economy
And a felony against the ill-will"
Of an elitist society

Ci-gît céans l'immaturité de la vérité
Dans une réalité tarie qui se fie â la tromperie
Face â la fantaisie infantile d'un fétiche masochiste
Pour le fin fond de l'histoire, la vérité, puis le savoir
Ainsi fûmes nous ostracisés, des lors subjugués
(Solo: Bourbonnais - Allaire)

Et intoxiqués par l'épais écran de fumée
7. Twisted Sight (3:42)
Tricked by selective sight
Man-made fantasy, Brain-made certainty
Plagued with an impotent catalyst
To catalogue the day's event

Easily hacked is the memory
Easily acted is a souvenir
Finely faked is a feeling
Synthetic and virtual

How can one in denial
Decipher the deception
And disembark from the path of deceit?

One would have to discard the decoy
And decode the discrepancy
Between what is and what we see

For at this instant perception is not reality
8. Pre-Sickness Meditation (3:48)
Another time on my own
Slowly my mind start to glide
Into this cloud of thoughts
All focus and easily get lost
It just seems like I can't control
My brain under the influence
Of this sickness

I'm ill and I hurt
So sick I resent
The day of my birth
To heal I must learn to feel

Pressured by thousands of eyes
Staring at me,
The weight of their looks
Lit the fire within
Frustrating... they're fueling this anger
And so for vanishing I hunger
Hunger for the warm
Comfort of loneliness
Which most time I end up
Trying to flee
Can't figure out
What I really need
(Solo: Bourbonnais - Allaire)

I maybe need
To feel noticed?

Haunted by these same questions
On and on when I get sick
I'll heal myself with this line
Stoned as fuck I tell myself
I'm high
9. Infinity (6:04)
Once upon no time, in its infancy
Emptiness was dreaming infinity
Or the lack thereof
Scheming drafting and etching
A blue print of what was to be
A cosmic brew of possibilities

Craving a virgin canvas
To carve its celestial creation

The origin tore apart at the core
And unfolded to form the soil
In which it sought to sow
Its life bearing seed
Gases collided and blossomed
Into blazing stars
Spheres arose from the dichotomy
Of inertia and gravity

The fabric of time was woven
And its erroneous concept born

(Solo: Chartré)

For time does not exist
It is just the applicable
Linear perception of growth
Empirical science, scant and scarce
Lack of infinity to grasp the boundaries
Abiding by this mystery

Once upon no time emptiness dreamt
And craved a virgin canvas

Freehand and model-less
Yet results were marvelous
The void was filled and the symbolic
Sands of time were stirred
-Ageless fallout showering the present
Mourners lie in wait
Witness to the weeping widows
Grieving the passing of time
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