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Coexistence Lyrics

Breakdown of Sanity - Coexistence cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
Album rating :  83.8 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-21)
1. Bulletproof (5:01)
locked up behind these walls ages of trying to cope
behind December's walls years and years of finding myself this was the
longest journey I've ever made days of wasting tears and no one cares
countless nights, drowning in worthless nightmares ages of trying to cope
ages of not giving up hope
keeping alive the hope for a deeper sense, for a better understanding of
my world, my destiny, my goals and myself climbing out of that endless
misery, no security, no confirmation of an end alone in the masses
is there anybody on my side? please appear now I feel myself slowly
crumbling and when the rain is coming I can feel myself melting into the
ground becoming the puppet I never meant to be
I don't know how, I don't know why, so sure I don't deserve this but there
came an eastern wind that brought me forward, pushed me out of the sludge
formed my actual self, buried my inner demons locked up behind December's
the rain can't force me down anymore I'm strong enough to hold back the
storms now seeing my visions clear like never before from that day I met
for what you are, for what you saw in me now I can see clearly all the
wrong paths I took the prospect is perfect from the roof I see down the
walls I am bulletproof
and if the vultures are ever circling above me again you can be sure I
won't let you go because I know you can still feel my passion strengthened
by the scars I've collected in the past I will move heaven and earth to
save this because I'm bulletproof
2. Restless (3:08)
restless we raise, we fall
what was that, where the hell have I gone through? what happened to me?
realize that I've lost control my body is paralyzed, my mind is blurred on
the ground like a fallen leaf, fallen from the trembling tree not living,
just killing time I'm afraid to lose what was mine
I feel so restless we raise, we fall
what if this was my last breath? foreign in my own body and mind it seems
like I'm stranded on a dark cloud, where there's no place to hide alone,
alone in the dark, hoping for my sunrise somebody must hear my inaudible
cry for help please show me the way out
I'm chasing the wind and try to catch the light how many hours will it
still take? staring up to the clouds above and listening to the same damn
song over and over again I want to run away from myself because at any
moment everything can change
what is this, what was that? how many hours will it still take? what is
this, what was that? I want to run away from myself
what is this, what was that? I assume it's the normal circle of despair
after touching the sky and now it is falling down on me was it worth it?
was is it really worth it? what if I can't ever be free anymore?
is this the reality or just an illusion? bite my tongue to see if I can
still feel time vanishes into oblivion, into a black hole please help me
3. Back to Zero (feat. Ryo Kinoshita) (3:47)
face the truth, we are surrounded by lies this ship will sink, never sleep
with closed eyes don't follow those voices a little closer to the ground
pieces are falling and they will never be found my belief breaks into a
thousand shards
I will refuse to face defeat nobody wants to face the truth the moment has
come to turn the page they said you have to swallow your pride and learn
to adapt but I'm unwilling to be one of those who just sits back in the
dark, fuck I'll take back what was mine
broken reality falls down on me, the world is my enemy am I the only one
who can see through the mask? I envy your calm, can't you see the
hurricane? no time for reproaches, I warned you again and again where do
we want to belong to now? write your name on your lifeboat and follow the
lifeline escape the squall for the last time
we'd rather live one day in this selfish world as a wounded lion than a
hundred years as a controlled sheep leave this shit behind, no time to
sleep we climb this wall, no fears to fall we won't give this shit up till
we reach the top I promise it will be the brightest spot this is our
we never stop, we never forfeit, I can not abort it no exception to permit
just look into my eyes, they're reflecting your fear from the past few
years but this is not the end no, this is not the end believe me or not
but this right here is not the end
take your place, it's time to move give me a knife for those ropes give me
something to break these chains give me the command to bring the ship back
on course again
back to zero escape the fate, it's time to chose take your place, it's
time to move
back to zero escape the fate, it's time to chose rewind the past, you must
raise your fist, this is your last chance we won't turn away and turn
black back to grey
and I'm sure someday the colours will visibly gleam again
4. Dear Diary (3:44)
the sun sets, reality becomes tactile the bitter taste of life is killing
the smile on my face shaken up by reality but never give up no matter how
hard it will be
there's no way to escape, there is no shortcut all of sudden everything
changes and from now on every breath feels so strange a stab in the back
without warning fall asleep and hope all is forgotten in the morning
I'm paralyzed I close my eyes and try to set the time back
I just want to fall into a deep sleep wake up and realize that everything
was just a nightmare somebody take this away from me
these cursed ups and downs this mental pressure, sometimes hope drowns how
long does it still take till the chains around my neck break
broken mirrors – I can't see the reality clearly millions of sharp pieces
are starring at me
please, I can't bear to see you fall again but I know you'll never give up
5. Crossed Fingers (feat. Björn Krebs) (3:57)
living day by day with remorse but I try to push it to the back of my mind
my hands are shaking, I can't resist no more, I can't fight back brick by
brick, step by step, stick by stick look at me, what have I become? from
time to time I feel like everything in me is dead do you know what it's
like to sleep forever endless thoughts, blinded by drugs, numb the pain,
it never stops
I say it's the last time and cross my fingers behind my back for myself no
regrets for a long time and all my habits will come back
lift my glass to the end of the past back to the start because time runs
too fast forcing myself to breath I see myself but it's not really me my
enemy is me lie to myself, hope everyday again that I lose my self-produced
pain I try to leave this cage inside and refuse to listen to the voice in
my head
got to lose my craving (for more) I need to get out of this
forever bound, forever in chains I have to live forever with this shadow
on my face
it was never gone and I guess it will never go away I can't decide which
way to take to find my bliss there's no light I can follow, no god I can
believe in please help me out of this I take my last hit before I get sick
please help me out of this
I say it's the last time and cross my fingers behind my back for myself no
regrets for a long time and all my habits will come back tear me down and
let me drown
tomorrow (I promise) I'll break up but only tomorrow I don't want to chase
the dark clouds anymore break free
I try to escape from this cage and turn the next page I walked these cold
streets all by myself, so the last steps I'll cope under my own steam no
dreams at night only daydreams
I tried to hide it from the ones I love but I can't pretend anymore, I
can't hide anymore
break free
6. From the Depths (3:33)
hey you I know that you hear me, I know that you feel me, no chance to set
you free I know that you fear me and that you can't see me I know all your
diary stories and all your dirty secrets that you can't hide I know that
you know me, but you can't tell anyone
you can't locate me anymore the idea of innocence is ridiculous, just
steer away from these recurring thoughts you are a liar, you are a
masquerader maybe you can mislead your environment maybe you can convince
your friends and enemies
just smile and go away, just cry and hate yourself but you can never
deceive me I can feel that you are trying to deny my existence
when you are fighting against your ego and your misgivings there is no one
who could help you, no one who would believe you when we would appear
together, enrage united forgetting what's right or wrong, what's laudable
or vile too many stories untold, too many facts unrecognized
it's already enough never try to deceive me and now you can feel me
clearly never try to deceive me
now you can learn to accept my terrifying antic this is truly the end,
this is cruelly the truth but I do as I always did, because you are I, and
I am you we're coming from the depths
7. The Grand Delusion (3:32)
breath in, breath out without a sound keep breathing, day in day out speak
up, shout out, somebody will hear you no matter what, I'm going through -
with or without you
sometimes this world resembles a dead garden without blooms a park full of
barren trees or like a song without melody a laugh without a sound and
sleep without dreams shadows without sun or a sky without any shining
stars this world is a fire without heat can you here the clock?
a life without dreams you won't find another world other than this one
you consume what they urge you to guided by the masses brainwash, no ifs,
no buts everything makes sense to you it leaves deep scars behind but no
matter what – keep breathing, day in day out
speak up, shout out, somebody will hear you no matter what, I'm going
through – with or without you
everything is delusion I step outside, close the door and even at this
time I feel boxed in everything is delusion, trust in nothing escape as
long as you can the fire without heat, the life without dreams
8. Dead Flowers (4:07)
the frames are blank and the flowers are fuckin' dead I'm drowning in
thoughts, the time has come once again overslept the whole day, still
lying on my bed and weltering back and forth thousands of thoughts whiz
around in my head it's hard to explain what's still growing in me
just look into my eyes for the last time the time has come for me to rise
my mind was covered by shadows dark forces have pulled me away for too
long the half life I follow on this railroad line but my train has left
the station for a long time I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare
but there was no way to turn the page
issues, fears of loss, paranoia, jealousy at some point I just wanted to
run, to run away but you didn't want to face what we have become can you
see what you've done to me and to yourself? dead slowly I can recognize
myself in the mirror again
tonight I try to forget the frames are blank and the flowers are fuckin'
dead it's my life now I take it back
I was waiting for the problems to solve themselves too weak to resist the
fight against you and myself the more I've searched the less I've found
this is the last time that you drag me back down
fragments of dreams half asleep, nothing is what it seems you let me down,
you let me drown I'm never looking back again, you got that?
I was just a mask with a crooked smile you tried to control me for quite a
while I was on the ropes for too long nothing left but a bitter taste on
my tongue but now I know how to hide the scars the time has come for me to
rise again
9. Deep Sleep (3:50)
free fall into a deep sleep with a box of photos on my knees into a world
without time and space it's hard for me to cope with when I'm awake
all my life I was cutting corners I always felt like a useless stoner
every step I took was in slow motion
heal the past, let go of what was live the present, accept what it is
dream of the future, have faith in what will be but time heals nothing
unless you move along with it
I try to breast the waves in the ocean everything that happen in my head
is real the moon is my spotlight and now you can see how I feel
time flies, the time arrives no moment to waste, no memory to repress no
place to hide, no lie to deny
always searching for the faults and imperfections a gilded cage I can't
escape hoping for an insight I will probably never find the clock is
time is the wave upon the shore it takes some things away but it brings
other things set the anchor in the bay
the sound of the moving water makes everything fade away but I must wake
up my eyes slowly adjust to darkness now I know a clean surface will rise
the sun shines through the dark clouds
10. Coexistence (2:36)
J. Robert Oppenheimer "A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most
people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the
Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do
his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, «Now
I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought
that, one way or another."
Malala Yousafzai "Why is it that countries which we call strong are so
powerful in creating wars but are so weak in bringing peace?"
John F. Kennedy "We have the power to make this the best generation of
mankind in the history of the world or to make it the last."
11. New World (5:27)
I step into a world a world I have never seen before where the haunt is
bagged and love is the core
warm lights surrounding my unfrozen mind time is standing still for a
blink of an eye I'm no longer a slave of the human kind my deepest fears
seem to have lapsed my enemies, antagonists, already collapsed now it
feels like the biggest fight has been won in this life but who's able to
follow me over the edge of the knife?
imaginary land please be real, I don't want to leave you anymore so please
be sealed keep that burning door locked forever
I need to save the new essence let me breathe in the smell of hope until
my disappearance this is the new freedom called peace pick up the trail
and follow me, away from the worlds disease
this is the place for those who don't give up the final destination beyond
selfishness and every spiteful act I see your laughing face full of
salvation, but wait, there is something more suddenly I'm in a fight
against the question like a spike in my mind, unable to ignore
searching for a reason I can't find what am I even looking for? only one
black thought and my knees are shaking I can feel my heartbeat, hear my
heart scream the gloomy sounds of a tremor makes me breathless like a
wicked hand, it's on my neck
trying to suppress my peace of mind the lights turn green and I watch
reality thrive what the hell is happening, this place can't break I need
to stay but I can't hide billows of smoke breaking through the ground I'm
falling but I don't want to be crawling out of my skin the sad reality is
catching up with me
this is the awakening
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