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Death of This Dry Season Full Album Lyrics

Brainoil - Death of This Dry Season cover art

Death of This Dry Season

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-09-18)
1. Death of This Dry Season (5:06)
A facade extending deception
Veils lifted to conceal the destruction of the sun
Conversations have come to kill inside
An empty chasm, hollow and parched by the sun
Organisms fade in numbers
A barren land awaits a storm to replenish...
A touchstone will measure this facade cannot live
Death of this dry season approaches
Condensation gathers up above
The veils wear this exposing what's beneath
Rain begins to replenish the soil
Veins are full of fluid
The sun once again retreats
2. Gravity Is a Relic (3:57)
Pinned in place
Nothing you can say, nothing you can do to retreat
The hammer of despair creates a new foundation
A new world is introduced
Phantom limbs reach for you desires...
They can't be touched...
A tragic loss
The gift of weight drags, descending your knees to the ground
Gravity is a curse, it's a relic which can't be removed
Our fate is gravity, an anchor latched around our necks
3. Opaque Reflections (3:52)
Torn structure observes the chromium in view
It covets the obscure reflections around it
Years of mending
Assets generate
Objects begin to oxidize
Dust gathers
Reflection becomes opaque
Collateralized wealth obligations
Privatized gain, socialized loss
Greed will self regulate
Objectivist Greenspan utopia
Experimental idealism gripped by power
Destructive moralism
Bankrupt, repressed, self alienated with guilt
Nobody rings the bell at the bottom
Reckless, unbalanced, fascinating man
Objectivism, slavery unleashed
Unlimited power, energy, wealth
Feedback cycle of it's own addiction
More is never enough
Recast oppression self serving triumph
4. Feet Cling to the Rotting Soil (2:56)
Call out to the desolation
it will only echo your words
Cursed isolation of life
Corrosive introspection, seclusion
With darkness to swallow the sun, and thirst to swallow the sea
An empty chasm expands procuring a nauseating view
Feet cling to the rotting soil, yearning to cross the gap
The path to truth and freedom, or simplistic mental aesthetics
Whose choice will it be?
Have you seen death in life?
Manipulation over over freedom
Aggression replaces compassion, distorted by others' desire
Control and hatred, mental exploitation
Self righteous rationalization, reaction or rejection?
Whose choice will it be?
Who created this obstacle?
Lines of conception blur
Retaliate with deception
An exit does not exist
5. Bury the Pages of Existence (2:10)
Tombs emboss the path
Six feet of holes dug out, open to receive
To bury the pages of existence
Crawl inside this womb
You were never meant to to leave the one you were conceived in
6. Crimson Shadows (3:03)
Dizzy, falling through the horizon of time
Crimson shadows haunt the restless mind
Death's embrace feels near
Mind has been tricked, fear of fear
Losing grip of consciousness
Locked up mind, key in hand
impending catastrophe, elusive stability
Shattered chassis expels awareness of reality
Insides exposed to corrosion
Crimson shadows enter
Obscuring senses...
Consciousness contracts through distorted lens
Cracked comfort of possessions, surroundings
Death's embrace feels near
Mind has been tricked, fear of fear
7. The Beauty of Death (3:42)
Stay above
The sea is death
To float abreast causes sacrifice
The waves that clash can kill if I embrace them
It must be circumvented at all costs to remain...
The beauty of death still lingers
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