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Berserk Lyrics

Bouq - Berserk cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDark Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Theo (2016-01-11)
1. The Grand Raven Feast (4:23)
The decisive dawn is approaching, we shall not fall to fear.
Frenzied brethren strike with me, to crush the skull of every enemy.
Berserker warrior breed we are, the stench of death upon we feed.
Our swords shalt go red tomorrow, on our steel every foe will bleed.

One hundred thousand men assembled on the battlefield,
sword and axe and spear pounding on every man's own shield.
One hundred thousand men assembled on the battlefield,
sword and axe and spear pounding on every man's own shield.

Crush your enemies ,
See them driven before you,
and hear the lamentation of their women.

Bite upon your shields and raise your weapons,
the soul of the bear is with us united,
the enemy trembles at our name...

One hundred thousand men assembled on the battlefield,
sword and axe and spear pounding on every man's own shield.
The corpses of our foes shalt grant the ravens a mighty feast.
2. Desrever Alumrof Ecnetsixe (3:44)
Nekorb saw sddo owt eht fo rettilps eht.
Nekasrof seulav lautirips lla.
Modsiw fo loot eht detresed sah nam.
Enihcam edam hself.
Larutannu detnarg srewop dnim delebal.
Nam delurrevo enihcam.

Og cigol did erehw? Ti ot tbed ni ton ew era?
Raf oot yaw derednaw sdnim ruo evah?
Rewop dna tsul otni smaerd ruo denrut ew evah yhw?
Yartsa enog ew evah yhw, htaed ot dael era ew?
Yartsa dael...

Desrever Alumrof Ecnetsixe...

Llafnwod etamitlu sti otni gnilruh si nam.
Won: yroeht ycaripsnoc siht otni timbus ot demood.
Won: desnaelc gnieb era enas desipsed eht.
Won: ymene eht erutan fo nerdlihc eht era.
3. Jormungander (5:22)
(Alas, the child of Loki surrounds the world;
A beast of unity between fire and ice,
an entity feared all beneath Yggdrasil,
an enemy to the gods of Asgard and their horde).

As the tongue of the ancients declared,
Ragnarök shall strike the world and end it,
as the serpent's tail escapes the grasp of its teeth.
The power of the Aesir shall prevail,
Jormungander is to remain a prisoner (of its own power),
and for ages surround the wretched world.

Thrive - the beast shall rise...

The Serpent of the world is bound to bring us doom,
but Thor the god of thunder will strike to seal its fate.
Hail the son of Odin, the guardian of the race of man,
as Mjollnir is in his fist, the wretched beast will not prevail.

Rise - Thor.
Not until Ragnarök shall you meet your fate.

Thrive - the beast shall rise...

Jormungander - the illustration of pure evil,
Jormungander - the adversary of the feeble.
4. Nature's Cult (1:18)
5. Eidolon (4:06)
Hard it seems to reject such horrible fate.
A ghost of enormous powers...

The challenger - dares to defy the supreme,
the avenger - swears to undo the regime.

For ages suppressed - confrontation is due,
for ages suppressed - is it time to subdue?
A new master is rising up - a new image is shining,
a ghost of enormous powers - an image of the soul.
A flesh made warrior surpassed - all the powers he had.

The rebellious cheers of joy - bound to their victor - bound to their new fate.
The rebellious tears of joy - bound to their savior - bound to their new fate.
But is this just a random part of the cycle?
How many challengers have fought before?
Was it just a challenge to prove abilities?
Was it a test of power and possibilities?

Like the paralyzing fear of an omnipotent unknown,
like the mesmerising terror in creatures hearts it felt going on.

And in the next eternity they shall say:
For ages suppressed, for ages suppressed.
For ages suppressed, for ages suppressed.
6. Heathen (8:08)
Red patterns vague by the creeping mist,
of flooding blood forsaking (warriors') skins.
A passage adorned by too many slain,
and on top of the hill a mighty Heathen calls - victorious again...

With a hail of beastly form, oh Thunderer he calls,
man's guardian rise, mighty Thor rise, rise...

Barbaric offerings to the gods have been made,
of invaders blood on the battlefield.

Far too strong to subdue; the heathen lord - the barbarian.
Oh, heed our call until the day we fall.

Ride onwards to the fields, with shouts that pierce the skies.
7. Wrath of a Warrior's Soul (4:10)
So many times I have seen the world at its end.

For we are the makers of history for those who succeed us,
a twisted history as the maker of malevolent children.
Looking back at it I shiver from the height that I have climbed,
up the mountain of life; a scornful path to augmented immortality...

I am the thought that pierced the heart of total corruption,
I am the bearer of all that which is beheld by the truth,
I am the seer that saw the light from the cracks of desperation,
for this is how the soul with vengeance becomes truly morbid.

Suffered for ages to get it - Salvation.

I am the wrath of the soul forsaken by malicious and wretched justice.

I am the shadow of darkness, I am all that is obscure,
I am the shadow of darkness, my name is Morbid.
My name is eerie, my hate is torture,
my wrath is vengeance, my sin is justice.

I am the thought that pierced the heart (of total corruption),
I am the bearer of all that (which is beheld by the truth)...
I am the seer that saw the light from the cracks of desperation,
I am the history of time that is recorded in the sight of the stars.

Suffered for ages to earn it - Damnation.
8. Of Ragnarök (6:42)
By death it starts and by death it shalt end.
The god of wisdom have fallen, the god of wisdom's life was stolen.
The tongue of the earth's serpent is removed from its mouth,
the escape of Loki unleashes doom.

(Odin vs Fenrir):
The wolf Fenrir freed from chains, attacks the all father Odin...

(Thor vs Jormungander):
The god of thunder - Thor strikes with unmatched power,
unleashes doom on Jormungander,
bravely crushes his challenger,
but the serpent strikes with poison,
and both fall dead to the ground.

One by one, the Gods, the Giants and the Einherjer,
just as the Norns had prophesied, to no return all have fallen.
Thus comes the day that Odin ever tried to postpone,
thus it ends with the death of life and all.

But... Balder, the god of wisdom with a few,
returns from Nieflheim the world of the dead,
to start a new world from the green;
prosperous, tremendous, fabulous.

But will the world this time be free from corruption?
Or will the cycle flow forever more?

The lust of man will never fade away.
A new world away from the gods,
will be devoured by man's greed, to another downfall.
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