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The Stars Bode You Farewell Full Album Lyrics

Bound by Entrails - The Stars Bode You Farewell cover art

The Stars Bode You Farewell

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > B > Bound by Entrails Lyrics (24) > The Stars Bode You Farewell Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Essence of Vagrance
2. Threshold of Fear
I wish nothing more than this moment
to see the many facets of ruin.
And the silence breaks the barrier.
I've got this impulse to traverse the boundary
but there is no going back.

As the affliction departs, it all becomes clear.
muThe resentful beast must be released.
My only guidance will be your lack of sensation
And as the fetter splits, the threshold has been passed.

Transcending Universe
The blood rushes down, shall I escape?
Fatefully Accept the truth
The Truth of relentless entrance
succumb to your will.

Transcending soul and self
The blood will flow further than my demise
Preserving Innocence
I must heed not to you, I conform!

Shall I escape my demise?
Succumb to your will.
I conform. I conform.
3. Marked Path of Ignorance
And desperation comes
Waving its hand around
Inciting the flames
Of your self-loathing

Without the forgotten reign of forbearance
The face of doom blindly calls
Making light of the everlasting
We shall bring our attention to the skies

Can you listen
To the end of progress
As you marvel what your
demon desires to hear

Without the forgotten reign of persistence
The face of doom blindly calls
Making light of the everlasting
We shall shroud you from our lies

Breathing life into the lungs of the dying breeds.
When I see your truth it pierces the destiny and bleeds.

Stand for something and
Ascertain all the falsities
Deface the gods with the
Selfish antics of antiquated tenets

Without the forgotten reign of wisdom
the face of doom blindly calls
I too shall walk into the blazing depths
of a damned reality.
4. Swan Song
High in the night sky, the crying moon describes
a forgotten and lonely past.
Dotted with anger and splashed with sentiment.
Now embracing your rising caste.

Here is your swan song.

Cut your desires and spit at their feet.
You'll never see this through.
Moments admired by selfish defeat, for far too long.

Though the earth shudders at it own waves,
Relentlessly beating in vigor with empty shells of fate.
But remember you will not last.

I too have chased the stars to escape a forgotten and lonely past.
However you hear this, I fare thee well to the end.
But your demons, they will outlast.
5. Traced in Arcane Rime
Born – baptized in salt and sap
Snared – a hallowed skein of stars
Awakened – the halcyon dream dissolves
Forgotten – the void in silence calls

Comatose – a divine state
Ink and spear procreate
Frosted serif – hide crimes past
Opal illusion – in re-flec-tions of the ash

Decrepit Slave to blind overlord
Rapture traced in arcane rime.

Natural order catechized
Prostrate in static longing

By thy grace our pallor regained
“Nigh or now” – the truth’s the same
Sedating all with yellow grin
Crowned in knowledge – but forever robed in sin

I, on the precipice
Take a step in stagnate haze
Loosen my constricting grip
And cracked seeds fall from my fingers

Feed – pick bones clean
Silent ascension with body serene
Twisted locks and meal-ground teeth
Eternal unrest in a withered nest

Wisdom wanes with waxing pride
He falls from sense to conceit

Decrepit Slave to blind overlord
Rapture traced in arcane rime.
6. Search for Sunken R'lyeh
Irem, seven portals
Intrest in only one
I claim myself immortal
My quest for God has just only begun

Nitemare city, lost in the sea-
Safe from the harm of man,
Waits for the stars' command
Built in terror, found not ever-
Until i was shat out,
Put on Earth to bring the drought
Into the deep, prepared by sleep-
My God waits for me to wake him, I demand he take me to the end
I demand he take me to the end

My vessle, is slowly sinking
The ocean, is open black
Putrid, horrific dreaming
Now i can never go back

City in the sea
City with the Elder God thats poisoned me
Dreams the only key
Dreams corrupt my vision lost of purity.
7. Apprehension
Distance, dismay came to me
Like apprehension does to all.
The fearful hope, expectations rise
Yet no change, we fall.

The isolation of such beauty
can yet never be replaced.
But obese characteristics
of geographic origins
Most are blind to these faults.

Motionless, entrapment.
We are watching the dance with the dead

I dread departing my roots.
But I must leave from this place.

The frost, the winds,
an instance of visual perception.
Mental visions, I must leave
from this place.

For the dreams which I've had.
For all that I've desired.
Like flowers under the frost,
fantasy was mine.
8. Bemoaning the Lamented
9. With Vernal Impunity
Calmly linger for the coming storm
Knowing that it will bring my decay
I’ve had grasp of the entire realm
But I’ve forever failed in thawed
Succession, it’s my obsession
To subjugate

Pure as my driven cloak
Which hides what you will become
When I melt into your seeds
Your life comes at my death

Blinded by the oath to fulfill
The endless storm

At this coming hour
You will no longer succeed
Emerald isles remain rusted
Scorched in frostbitten stagnation

I will never betray myself
I will wither into the earth

Define the end to rush the ground
Ascend unto the crown

I will never betray myself
I will wither into the earth

Define the end to rush the ground
Ascend unto the crown

With Vernal Impunity I stand
Your life comes at my cyclic death
Never again.

Autumn Lingers
On my damned existence
Devoid of life
With impunity I stand

Halt your progress
And carry no more
Frozen in time, frozen in pain

End your shadows
Calm your edge
Frozen in life, Frozen in….

10. Ghosts of Our Former Selves
I’m but a soul and a purpose, so brittle and aware.
By the wayside I lie, dangerously close to the plummeting into the void.
And fading from the communal eye and out of the private mind.
This is the terror, the sound of the forgotten. Release your grasp on the bygones and embrace the morality.

An awakening to the senses
and a view of an alternate reality.
Paralleled with the shames and regrets
of a laborious and empty finality.

I pass into the nothingness knowing less
than is inherent.
In the heat of this transition, it all becomes

We are all ghosts of our former selves.
An Ill forgotten reflection.
A semblance of our path to now.

A spirit shedding skin
A sense of renewed capacity
A rebirth with an old chain
A rusted burden with no viability.

This distinction between the lifeless and gone,
Comes at a price that cannot be restored.
A piece of you must die an agonizing ruin,
To survive and to prosper.

A fleeting instance to renounce and for compunction.
A flouting silence washes over as I come undone.
A shifting veracity disregards the hesitations.
A flawless reality now defunct, the olden cries of time!

Transpire anew, with a vigor and a drive
All of the expectations that burdened our pitiful lives
Tossed aside and left to rot, in hopes of progression
No interment for the fallen to avert slow digression.

I set my gaze behind the veiling fog, I see that nothing is coherent.
Then ahead I find a thriving course, and once again it becomes apparent.

I must let go to let live.
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