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For Valhall's Sorrow Full Album Lyrics

Bound by Entrails - For Valhall's Sorrow cover art

For Valhall's Sorrow

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > B > Bound by Entrails Lyrics (24) > For Valhall's Sorrow Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Prophecy of Severance (5:37)
A day of reckoning is upon us
Death and suffering for those ill-prepared
A day of plague will consume us
Time will see our swift demise

In the hour of hope
All will be lost
The moment we've all waited will have arrived
There will be those cursed by god
To defy his very will
Those who speak blasphemy and promise

All who have abandoned theisms
Strength to survive by sheer will alone

Where will you be among the funeral pyres?
Where shall you be among the tenacious or the pathetic?
2. Progeny of Adam (4:54)
I take the garden from the hands of the gods
Order it anew to serve my growth
And it may be that I, destroy the garden
And it may be that I, make a ruin of it

It may be my progeny may teem
Teem over the earth like locusts
Stripping it bare

If any say to live in the hands of the gods
I will kill them for what they say is evil
If any say lets search for that other tree
I will kill them for what they say is evil

Once the garden is subjugated to my will
And all that do not serve my growth are cast down
The fire of life flows through my progeny
Still I must grow

Your sufferings, must be borne
It is for the cause of good

See how great we've become
Wielding the knowledge of the gods!
3. Bitter Nectar (4:15)
The forest beckons me as I walk through a dense fog
The creatures of the night are startled by my presence

I journey deeper then suddenly
Silence falls

This life, which I feed
Dead blood, drank with greed

From the cursed vial I drank
Looming over decaying trees the belfry warning those forsaken

Bile within reaped havoc
4. Fault of Filth (6:07)
A fallen species to be
Drag them down to the depths of hell
What have they, but weakness
Spelled out in the spines of filth

Forever they will breathe
Air not intended for them alone

emotion is their weakness
what they call freedom
what they call their own
undeserved power
emotion is the weakness of the humankind

they treat their surroundings
as if it was created for them

Blinded by love,
by intuition
Eaten by guilt,
by sadness

Stricken with happiness,
Plagued by inhibition,
by conscience

Eternal darkness follows them

Abandoned consciousness
Forever in a dreamless sleep

Afraid there is nothing more
They think they're immortal
5. Flame and Hammer (3:37)
Defaming the purest grounds
Which were once not poisoned.
The Rendezvous' for the conquerors of lands

Slaughtered by the christian man
Blood shed for the sake of expansion.
Futures gone, forgotten pasts


By Flame and Hammer
Bring it down


Spill their blood
upon the ground


In retribution a spark is thrown
Steel on steel
Igniting the hearts of those
Willing to battle for the end of them

Throw the torch and watch the blaze
Motherlands shall be once again
Fertilize with the blood and ash
Of this whore of an adversary

Come forth and make amends
Strange twist of fate
Deny your king or take it slow
No way out
give me the pleasure
On your knees
Bleeding down

Though smoldering embers
It's ours again
6. Across the Dead Night Sky (6:25)
Ride through the torrential dimness
Obscuring the faces of the slain
Rapidly passing qualms without a second thought
Far above the eye has seen

Blood soaked and torn asunder
Fragrance of victory scattered about
In the cries of the dead night sky
The father waits

Holly laden and distended
The son returns to reclaim his right
Internally apart watching with tribute
Now a dream in the dead night sky

The Norns weep as the ship sets sail
Flames reclaim their right
The father observes, the ashes scattered
Across the Dead Night Sky
7. Rabid Wolves (3:35)
Rabid Wolves
A Hunger to
Rip the Flesh
Angry Eyes
Bloody Red
Nothing Can
Ease the Dread

No control
No Restraint
None Foreseen
Until the End

This time will be looked upon with pride
Thankful our fathers died fighting

Rabid Wolves
Growing from within
no control
no restraint
none foreseen until the end
angry eyes
bloody red
nothing can ease the dread

From the screams of the crucified
my veins pulse fiercely with vigor

christian blood dyed the land
all will endure the wrath
Feeding blood lust by the tip of my blade
8. Above Me, She Bleeds (5:44)
From within I feel it ripping through
Not ugly, just hungry. Slowly consumed
Fighting back is an act of futility.

So with pride, I wear this hat and
embrace the cold being that I will become
Hand and foot, the shackles, they bind me.
Horrified at their origin.

Imagining the way my seed has diminished
Into the chains of my imprisonment.
It all comes to pass.

He saw the days coming knowing there is
no halt to my ascent.
Yet I lay, with three stones naked and beaten.

Droplets rain upon my face like fire in my eyes.
Sourced from the fangs of putrefied immorality.
Destruction of worlds, and I will be triumphant.
Yet I lay with three stones, naked and beaten.
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