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World of Silence MMXVII Lyrics

Borealis - World of Silence MMXVII cover art

World of Silence MMXVII

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-29)
1. Lost Voices (6:09)
Come to help us please
The voices they call to me
They want to be free

For all of their pain
I'll rise up once more
I will open the door

Voices are calling
In my head
Voice of the fallen
Haunting me again
They speak of dying
Cold and bare
Children are crying
Men only stare

Voices screaming in my head
The shadows of the dead
Their time will never come
Behind me there is a noise
Of crying men and boys
Hearing the lost voice

I'm never alone
The silence they still won't go
Not until they know

They're not gone in vain
They honour us with pain
So they call my name

Beaten and torn
How could I
Rid of the scorn
Only with my mind
I'll do my best
Helping them
Peacefully rest
Silence will come then
2. Midnight City (6:16)
Beyond the cages of your mind
Past horizons of the sky
Lies a place cast in doubt
The long forgotten hellish town

Leave them behind, leave the night
Come to the city of the lights
Come for a ride now come in
Into the land of shameless sin
The Midnight City

Unseen, unheard your sinning ways
Leave your throne but for a day
Forget the people, those who stay
and travel far away

Come on in, into this misery
Endless sin feel the midnight air
3. From the Fading Screams (5:26)
As I Close my eyes one more time
See the same things I saw last night
Fall asleep to the sounds of screaming
Live my life as if I'm dreaming

Images of you pass by me
You never stood beside me
In the dark I can see your light
In this darkness I spend one more night

Oh, You'll never see what I see
Just in the blink of an eye
No, behind these eyes broken mind
Images never to die
Take me to a place where I won't feel this way
And erase this dark pain

Too much, all this sadness turns to rage
And a man gone insane

Lie awake, never sleep in this state
Darkness shows me things I can't take
Take control show the world what's been done
From insanity I can't run

Spiralling, into the fire
Falling into the dark
Nevermore will I suffer
Follow me never again.
4. Forget the Past (6:01)
Through all the pain
Through all the tears
Can you explain
Why you're still here

Forget the past
It's time to stand up at last

Fly away so we can say
Life's better this way
Times have changed, we're not the same
Live's better this way

Forget the times
We were as one
Your lies and rhymes
Their time has come
5. Eyes of a Dream (6:57)
Who is that maiden dressed in black
Her head down and walking slow
Her black hair fies straight back
The rain hits Hard and cold

He wants to meet her eyes just once
She glances up then down
He'll not forget those eyes
They'll haunt him now he's bound


Oh, what is your name, why do you wander so resilient
I wish to see those eyes, crazy brilliant
Oh, where are you now, you left a memory magnificent
Longing for those eyes, crazy brilliant

Her footsteps fade on cobblestone
She continues on her path
Her long black cape swirls at her feet
He wishes she'd turn back

He knows not what became of her
She vanished in the night
His dreams are filled with thought of her
But she's always out of sight
6. World of Silence (4:42)
Silence fills the streets as the last of us arrive
Silent moment for those who have returned alive
Parade of ages marching toward the blackened gate
Passing on through would seal our fate

Overwhelming silence, screaming in our ears
Of all we've seen was the worst of our fears

Walk through the door, fall through the floor
You'll find this world is now yours
With no way out there is no doubt
This world of silence is yours

A holy shrine,
a test of time to break these walls,
who am I?
Yet I would sacrifice,
No medals for us when we're done,
we are the forgotten ones
Silence will forever follow,
no bright light a dead tomorrow
7. The Afterlife (6:20)
Condense this life into ash
It becomes in time
Will we ever find the path
Or keep on walking blind

The meaning hides deep in rhyme
We search on in vain
Time has come
I see the light I will forever

To the afterlife we fall
Take my hand and heed the call
Find the truth inside of you
I'm only a whisper away

The great divide will separate
Me from you and now
Don't give in, resist the hate
Free your mind from all

Tomorrow holds brand new life
Once again the sun will set
Look once more to the starry skies
And we're together
8. Divine Answer (5:24)
Black becomes this restless mind
The world passes me by
A mind is filled with hopes and dreams
It's only a matter of time

Tell me
What I'm to see
When I gaze into the sky
There is life and death
Will fate hold my breath
Will I wake to breathe just once more

Is life a game forfeited to fate
Do we control our path
Divine is the answer to me it's unclear
Clarity rests in the clouds

Free me
From what I can't see
Show me we truly can fly
There is life and death
Don't let fate hold my breath
I will wake beside you once more
9. The Dawning Light (5:10)
Hope is drowning slowly
In this lake of tears
Won't somebody save me
Surrounded by my fears

Fall into this misery
I will be your company

Leave the door
The dawning light
Breaks throught the night
Dark no more
The walls in me
I've broken free

Everfading lifetimes
Rise and disappear
Trapped inside this timeline
Answer's never clear
10. Black Rose (5:54)
The night grows dark
The scene is set
But you say you're
Not ready yet

Your words like knives
Inside of me
I'm not the one you
Want me to be

But where's this one
To save the day
Tonight you're mine
I think you'll stay

Believe me when
I say you're fine
But only for
The present time

Those words you spoke so long ago
Have stayed with me so deep so low

Your lips, your smile, your eyes, your face
Why must you take me to this place
Black Rose your words have haunted me
And now it's time to set me free

Time it seems
To go so slow
This night, your end
Refuses to go

Your tears cut deeper
Than your words
It must end now
Before it's worse

Darkness floods
My raging mind
I try to see straight
But I'm blind

This end, so cruel
I'm sorry for
I leave you silent
On the floor
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