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Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare | Full Album Lyrics

Bonjour Tristesse - Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare cover art

Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
LabelsLifeforce Records
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1. Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare (7:05)
Depression and fear dominate our lives. We live the disaster every day.
People are wasting away,
slowly ground by machinery that runs on rivers of blood.

Repetitive work day in day out to pay the rent for your suburban hell.
Buy all the shitty things, you'll never need.
They will make your life worth living.

This way of life has nothing to do with self-determination or freedom.
It is more like enslavement, like living in a cage your whole life.

Can you feel the nothingness just beneath your everyday routines?
Have you ever been free in your worthless life?

Your small scale disasters are moments of liberation for me.
They disrupt the great disaster, that we call “existence”.

This aching mind will always be mine.
Can you find the strength to liberate yourself?

We waste our lives within the full-scale slow-motion train wreck
that is our society.
Embrace your ultimate urban nightmare.
2. Like the Scythe in the Ripened Field (4:14)
I cling to the branches like snow in the valley during spring
like a cold spray I drift in the wind.

I fall wet into blooms as a drop,
around which they decay like around a bog.

"Because I can't go quietly, I fly
through every sky over sound buildings,
toppling pillars and punching holes in walls.
Because I can‘t sleep at night,
I warn others with the seas distant roars.
I climb into the mouth of the waterfall,
and from the mountains I release thundering boulders."

I am the grown child of world fear,
who in peace and joy hangs
like the strokes of the hour in the days progress,
like the scythe in the ripened field.

I am the incessant-thinking-about-death.
3. Alienation (5:32)
“As a stranger i wander through this lifeless city.
The bodies of the living dead walk along these filthy streets.
They limb through the garbage of bygone generations.
The bloody blacktop swallows the sound of the collapsing.
we all have holes in our hearts. A void that can never be filled.
Isolation is the consent reigning our lives.
Among paved paradise and concrete hell we all will die of despair or loneliness.“

The flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul,
and the women break vases against the walls and the men drink too much and nobody finds the one.
But keep looking crawling in and out of beds.
Flesh covers the bone and the flesh searches for more than flesh.

There is no chance at all: we are all trapped by a singular fate:
Nobody ever finds the one.
The city dumps fill.
The junkyards fill.
The madhouses fill.
The graveyards fill.
Nothing else fills.

We had trust – and been betrayed. We had love – turned into hate.
We tried to collect some stars to enlighten this perpetual night,
but a clouded sky always cloaked our attempts to find some light.

So put your fear into a bottle. chomp it, swallow the shards, breathe strife.
Wipe the tears from your eyes.
Witness alienation deprave your life.
4. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City (3:13)
5. One of the Ghostfolk (6:31)
When soaking rain pours down from the sky,
I want to stare into bright sunlight until im blind.
When I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin I wish for heavy rain,
to wash away all sorrow, to drown myself and all light.

I cant feel myself.
I am one of the ghostfolk.
Slowly dying. Fading away,
into darkness with every breath i take.

With every word i waste i suffocate and lose
all connection to my former life.
An invisible veil cloaks me softly.
It surrounds me and paints everything grey.

Lethargy calls me, it reaches for me. I waste my time waiting.
The days float by - merciless- while dreams lie frozen in time.

A hail of tears cuts through the blackest nights and happiness is swallowed whole.
6. The Act of Laughing in a World Once Beautiful Now Dying (4:43)
We are living in desolating times.
How can you laugh this loud while this world dies?
When people are turned into slaves - neither dead nor alive;
Smiling satisfied while living the biggest lies.

Traumatized minds are replaced with cyborg-brains.
They have no names, just numbers. Blinded by shame
their weary bones are crushed by the megamachine.
There is no heaven, but hell. Just ghosts in their shells.

“The natural world - once untouched wilderness - is degraded.
It is now a gigantic poisoned chunk heap of which resources are extracted.
The only forests left are those of sooted smokestacks
Not covered by mist, but by toxic clouds of desperation.”

Old growth forests are turned into barren land.
Lush meadows into parking lots.
This society tries to sell everything, until the kids ask:
“Daddy, what's the moon supposed to advertise?”

“With mass technological society in pathological proportions
we have developed a world order, which isolates and disorientates us.
It separates us from the natural world. Our former home.
Our one true home.“

This is the psychic deplacement. The trauma. The exile. The alienation,
which is inherent in civilized life.
This is our homelessness.
7. Blacktop Prison (1:38)
8. Wavebreaker (5:04)
We are sinking deeper and deeper.
Buried under the enormous weight of darkness
my wistful screams resound within the endless halls of dying hope.

"We are submerged by the Neverrealm - conceived with our own minds,
built with our own hands and kept alive with our own lies."

All attempts to break the waves are in vain.
There is no sun, only ghost lights deceiving our eyes.
Led on trails we never wanted to wander forever,
Forged within the ocean abyss of our own ignorance,
we're doomed to live within the sunken ruins of the Netherworld.

We are in search for remnants of better days.
The splinters we find amidst the ruins are shattered dreams of hope.
We sing of a world in which we never wandered,
in tongues we never spoke and with a song we never learned.
9. The End of the World (6:08)
"When the world ends, white dust will fill the air like the curtain at the end of a play.
A rain of desperate bodies will fall from the windows of burning buildings, drumming the concrete below."

The end will arrive as a thief in the night,
step by step it will tear your world apart.
Factories will disappear overseas
corporations vanish into thin air.
Cities dying from the inside out will spread like ringworm,
the shrapnel spray of suburbs slicing through forest and field.

"Wars will reach from continent to continent and neighborhood to neighborhood.
Tides will rise with global warming.
Acid rains will fall with the last of the redwoods.
Computer systems will crash with stocks and stock markets.
Species will vanish with increasing speed.
The timebombs ticking will be your synchronized heartbeat.
You will feast upon the dead.
Your body will become a graveyard for rotting corpses.
Your lungs will be filled with toxicity until one day everyone has cancer."

Maybe nothing will happen at all,
business will continue as usual:
Prison guards pace concrete tombs.
Psychiatrists contemplate madness.

It's after the end of the world, don't you know that yet?

"When the world ended, people came out of their apartments
and met their neighbors for the first time;
They shared food, stories, companionship.
No one had to go to work or the laundromat;
Nobody remembered to check the mirror or scale or email account
before leaving the house. Graffiti artists surged into the streets;
Strangers embraced, sobbing and laughing.
Every moment possessed an immediacy formerly spread out across months.
Burdens fell away, people confessed secrets and granted forgiveness.
The stars came out over New York City;
And nine months later, a new generation was born."
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