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The Peel Sessions | Full Album Lyrics

Bolt Thrower - The Peel Sessions cover art

The Peel Sessions

GenresDeath Metal
LabelsStrange Fruit
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Lyrics > B > Bolt Thrower Lyrics (88) > The Peel Sessions Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-18)
1. Forgotten Existence (3:58)
Driven onwards
Past the point of no return
Into the unknown
Of lessons never learnt

Their names - immortal
Remembered evermore
In memory of glory
Forever fallen

Standing proud
Battles raging all around
Fading past
The revelations abound

Anger predominates the mind
Gathering all strength
Tenacity is found

Honour now forgotten
Fear lost inside
Despair no longer
At all wasted life

Their names - immortal
Remembered evermore
In memory of glory
Forever fallen

Now forgotten - all thoughts of years gone by
Fallen forever - forever fallen
Life denied
2. Attack in the Aftermath (3:30)
Turn around and shield your eyes,
Don't look back as the earth dies
NO tomorrow for eternity'
The apocalyptic prophecy'
Our futile lives shall be no more.
Innocent victims of the nuclear glare,
Are torn apart as they stand unaware.
The whole worlds is radioactive,
None shall escape the fall-out rain,
Our future life shall be steeped in pain.
Feel the chill of the nuclear winds,
Our planets downfall shall now begin.
No excurse for the vast destruction,
Caused by man with no comprehension.
Life expectacy now decreases,
Our foolish games, what have we learnt?
No time for sorrow as the world burns.
3. Pychological Warfare (3:27)
Psychological Warfare
Still bear the scars from a past war ceased
Neurological nightmare
Torture suffered holds the mind from peace
Can't face reality unrestrained mentality
Hiding from the darkness of your insanity
Driven to soul despairs
Madness in your mind tears
No escape from this mental insanity
Captive life, held in past
Deranged memories still burning in your brain
Thoughts of pain, darkest dreams
Self inflicted torture, eating at your mind
Punishment, no pain release
Captive to the darkness of this psychotic insanity
Tearing in deep mind
Madness dwells with pain
Destruction of your life
Renders you insane
4. In Battle There Is No Law (4:13)
No escape, there is no way out,
Of this constructed existence,
A created image of untrue conception,
You cannot find the real you.
Manipulated a hyped invention,
Who is this false identity?
The ideal person, perfect role model,
Beneath you can feel the cracks,
Now your nerves begin to break,
Losing grip, now its too late,
Perceive this no fallacy,
This icon faces insanity,
On the verge of mental breakdown,
Forgotten realms of madness are found,
Now you face the final curtain,
Your future life is now uncertain.
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