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Victory of the Dead Full Album Lyrics

Bluteszorn - Victory of the Dead cover art

Victory of the Dead

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Bluteszorn Lyrics (9) > Victory of the Dead Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-18)
1. Queen of Dying Beauty (4:40)
Once there was a castle
Hidden in the forest
Surrounded by high mountains
Covered in ice and snow
High up in that castle
Lived a queen of dying beauty
Her greed was endless, her heart was cold

Soon there came a cruel old sorceress
Right out from the depths of hell
She told our queen the secret
To be beautiful again

So she sent for many girls
Of snow white skin and deep dark hair
She led them to her secret lair
And all of them were tortured there

Tears were cried of hot red blood
They prayed to god to make her stop
Veins were opened skin was burned
The queen acted as she had learned

She arose fron new
As immortal vampire queen
Now she was from hellish flesh
And eternal dark beauty

So she sacrificed the virgins
To her need of pure red blood
All in they were six - hundred
Or even more she left to rot
Necrophilian sado witch
Many years she was not found
Until the king's men captured her And her soul was bound
2. My Hunger for Human Suffering (4:43)
When the light is fading
The fullmoon lights the sky
I leave my tomb in the shelter of the night
Since I was born, it is the same old rite
I go out to feast my hunger, others go to die
In the night the moon shines bright
And the games begin
I bury my teeth in human flesh
My claws tear human skin
I hunt the innocent for pleasure
Their screams make me cum
Their dread is my leasure
I play with worthless human scum

I am addicted to tears of innocent and helpless eyes
Nothing else matters to me, but my vixtims desperate cries
I desecrate the soul, swallow the human dignity
Because the rape of innocence means superiority
I bite, I tear, I drink the fear mixed up with blood
The pain I cause gets worse with every cut

Every night I end a life, my hunger craves for more
Every soul I send to deth leads me onwards
Release me from my hunger for human suffering
Redeem me from the demons haunting me
3. Ultimate Scapegoat (4:14)
I took you from the masses, the prefect victim
I searched for you for so many years
You have been carefully chosen
To serve as sacrifice for the goat Azazel

Ultimate scapegoat - suffer for me
Ultimate Scapegoat - Burn for eternity

Ultimate scapegoat - Drown in your tears
Ultimate scapegoat - Bleed to heal my fears

I place you in the ritual circle
The torment can begin
You will pay for the crimes I did
Release me from my sins

As I cut your flesh you begin to scream
Oh what a holy moment
As you bleed for me

Ultimate scapegoat - Drown in your tears
Ultimate scapegoat - Bleed to heal my fears
4. The Blazing Torch of Tragedy (3:35)
I was born in agony
To bear the blazing torch of tragedy
In your soul I plant the seed of pain
My arrival means that you'll be slain
I'm the dead man's lunacy
All is wrath, consumed is my faith
I shall be the hangman of your fate
I come to fulfill the tortured's hate

My weapon is your anguish
You'll be tortured by refuse
Death will be your final wish
To escape from life's abuse

Your torture will end in sanity
Humiliation is my victory
When you will harvest all you sowed
You'll have to suffer for eternity
From oblivion to a raptured death
But your mutilated soul will stay
I extinguish you and all of your kind
I disfigure your corpse
And destroy your mind
5. Victory of the Dead (4:51)
When legions of vultures darken the sky
Their cries tell the world is going to die
Now the end of all time has begun
The battle between the moon and the sun

Dark forces drowning the light

Fading sun, arising moon

The Darkness versus the light
Come join this legion of doom
Life is gone, death comes soon
The living shall serve as our slaves
This is the age of the moon
Life is gone, Death comes soon

What a monumental fight
When the forces of life and death collide
Butchered corpses slowly rot
Dying children drown in blood

The Night is Dark
Whem the moon shines red
This is the victory of the dead

The terror of death comes over the living
All creatures will die
The world will stop breathing
We hate the sun and worship the night
United against the forces of light

The soldiers of horror
Have taken control
The voices of evil
Will torment your soul

The sorrow will last painful and long
Fuck the weak, Enslave the strong

Life is gone, Death comes soon

The living shall serve as our slaves
This is the age of the moon
Life is gone, death comes soon

What a monumental fight
When the forces of life and death collide
Butchered corpses slowly rot
Dying children drown in blood

The Night is Dark
Whem the moon shines red
This is the victory of the dead

For the glory of the moon
For the kingdom of the night
I shall lead you to your doom
Where life and death collide
6. Black Winged Night (4:50)
Oh black winged night
From the chasm of chaos
Oh first goddess of death
Oh mother of darkness
Oh shining empress of saturnine beauty
I am under your bane
My lust for thee drains me
It made me insane

Oh soothe my yearning for desire
Burn my flesh in luscious fire
Hear my begging for relief I take away the endless grief I call for thee, queen of the night, for you I die in my last rite

Thy orders I obey, I burn myself in ecstasy
My death will bring decay
I offer thee my unpure flesh, my blood shall serve your needs
For you I give my final breath, to let you conceive my seed

I will be reborn in cinder to join the stygean race, as deadbound wraith I roam the night and walk mysterious ways
From now on I will praise my goddess and follow your dark path, your fire has enlightened me, for you I fight with wraith

Together we'll aflame the firmament with the might of your endless fire
From ashes and bones on the ruins of mankind, I will build our new empire
7. Behind the Mirror (3:56)
From beyond, the world behind the mirror, I watch your life with cavernous eyes, and ravage the night with lamenting cries

I left your world so long ago
I crossed the gate to ravage this fate
I ended my life through the strike of the blade

I am stuck in an infinite spiral of doom
An absurd and dismal scenario of gloom
My sorrow is greater than ever before
So I seek asylum and try to reach shpre

Now I leave my tomb and scorch the earth, I am the bringer of fear and grief, your world shall decay in fire, in darkness I believe
8. Dead Children Choir (4:50)
I ride the wind and roam the night
When I heard their voices so bright
A translucid dead children choir
Chanting of sorrows so dire

I abided some time at their side
Listening what they had to say
They were chanting how they died
Their faces were ravaged by decay

Their mournful stories amplified hate
Against those who killed for desire
To take vengeance became my fate
Their rapists were consumed by my fire

Their souls shall feed the flame
Of my death crusade
Nemesis shall be my name
The Human Race shall fade
9. Life's True King (6:49)
Clouds of stench wave through the air
Haunting, driving to despair
Those who hide before the night
And take away their hope for light

Ghoulish shapes appear from far
A marching horde with lust for war
To slay all those who are still breathing
Hateful fiends of all that is living

Their fouling smell comes slowly near
And with their stench there comes the fear
What will there be when mankind dies
Cloudless void in empty skies

Will there be eternal life
Or does it all end through the knife?
The shambling horde comes slowly near
Empty eyes, that show no fear

The frightened ones now start to scream
What I see is like a dream, I was killing those who live, frightened screams and cries of grief, their lives mean to us nothing, struggling for life's true king
Screaming blades cut flesh and air
Trembling men full of despair

Poisoned claws tear flesh and blood, there is no mercy, in no god, death is the only thing that is real, the only king before we kneel, death is endless, death is great, death will come and end your fate, death is the only thing that is real, the first you fear, the last you feel, these are the last words you will hear, live in pain and die in fear
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