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Explosion of Elements | Full Album Lyrics

Bloody Sign - Explosion of Elements cover art

Explosion of Elements

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
LabelsIbex Moon Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Bloody Sign Lyrics (22) > Explosion of Elements Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-24)
1. Sepents's Sky Secrets (5:46)
Error, emptiness, universe
For I am on Earth
Oppressive is my head, full of scorn
Now I cannot sleep anymore
Because of light and lies

Oblivion, anguish, terror
In the Serpent’s sky secrets
Stars enlighten my reject
Birth of knowledge
You left me on the edge

I’ll conquer with total ignorance
And win with silence

My domain is pain and shadow
Brain’s labyrinth turns empty

Eternal ferment of life
Apostate, voice of the Awakening

Failed fragment of universe
Erase world’s substance

Silence, ignorance as principles
Between chaos and death
Nobody knows you’re here
Ephemeral clouds in my mystic sky

Weakened memory of a failed birth
Stranger of the Earth
Celebrate your body’s funerals
2. Ghost Riders (5:37)
Grey clouded sky, storm is coming
As far as I can see with your eyes
Heaven’s shredded with lightnings
Asking yourself what’s coming upon your head
The dreadful horsemen who are dead
Crossing the mountains they are burning
After them there’s nothing

Ancient warriors who were betrayed
They are back again to take your head
They don’t make a sound
You’ll hear thundering skies shaking the ground

Crushing your body, they don’t know what is pity
Hurting, killing without mercy
They come down to your city

Coming from another reality
From a world closed to your mind
Their swords are bloody
From their wrath try to hide

They appear behind you, you feel so cold
Old stories are true, what our fathers told

Run, fear for your life, your head will roll
The swift of the knife
Ghost riders can’t be stopped by any wall

The ancient path is open
You’ll never save your children
Your body lie rotten
Life and society broken
3. Alone and Bored (Creation's Trilogy Pt. I) (4:51)
What is this strange feeling growing inside of me?
Is it a creation of my mind?
Or just time that is boring me?

I'm lost here, between sea and sky
With for only friend, my loneliness
Nothing happens, just the moving of waves
I have always this feeling eating me from inside

Maybe I'll fall in madness if nothing is coming soon
I hear a heart beating but I don't know
From where it's coming from

The sound is louder everyday
I feel hot like my flesh is burning

I see the earth, the stars, the sun and moon
All is moving, but not for long
An explosion of elements, earth, wind, water and fire
All combined in that time

I'm alone one more time
But now I have more things to see
I'm still waiting here
Alone and bored
4. Crushing the Master Tree (Creation's Trilogy Pt. II) (4:18)
Desertic land and erased earth
Without a name before the birth
Pure chaos and mystic numbers
Time for the black organizer

Semen, semen, roots and branches invasion
No God Tree, life without a master

Master Tree too high in the sky
Endark the world with his brances
No more fire from the sun
No more light from the moon

The brassed power rises from the sea
Here to crush the master tree
Growing stronger, growing higher
Walking right, to crush the master

Hitting tree many times
Fire pours out from the axe
Now the tree is shaking
He's falling to the ground
5. Iron Genesis (Creation's Trilogy Pt. III) (5:31)
Iron I know your genesis
From elements separation
At first comes Air your mother
Then comes Water your sister

Three filled virgins are born from you
Black milk for sweet iron
White for steel's origin
Red for cast iron

You have been created
But it lacks you a shape
Now that you're born
You'll turn into a sword

Almarinen, hammer in hand
Has to feed the smithy
You've been iron seed
And you'll sink in deep fire
Scream! Scream!
I hear your words, not to kill
Never break the oath
Meet your sister to be tough
Because your mouth is still a void
No water only the black bee, Hell's Bird
Iron needs what you gather
From six flowers
But you're turning evil!

Hell's Bird throws six poisons
Venomous liquid to soak the sword
Infernal swarm, beginning of war
Third creation is turning black

Fury, craziness, storm of hate
Iron, no! Don't break the oath
It's too late, you repudicated
Now is the rush, now is blood
6. Winds of Vengeance (4:39)
Wind blows his regous' breath
Full of the anger of the ancients
He runs all over the earth
And destroys all on his way

He finds his power in the far cold north
Growing stronger, with the hate of the followers
Beware the great Wind of Vengeance
He turns the rain into murderous needles of ice

Beware the great Wind of Vengeance

He'll blow on your fucking face
He'll cut your flesh
Nothing can stand
Against all this wrath

Now he's full of anger
He makes the flame dance
The flames that burns
All your towns
And your believes
It's the biggest disaster
You will ever see

Beware the great Wind of Vengeance
7. Wrath Omen (4:50)
Enslaving minds lies after lies
They have slayed the Ancient Gods
After destroying Pagan places
Suffering for those who doesn't
Changed their believes
Sentenced to death

Holy fucking men, order of killer
You have massacred innocent souls
Eternal wrath in our land of war
With anger in our veins, we'll never give up
Death to the Usurper

God of greed and holy throne
Long time we waited
The destruction of your churches
I'll avenge my ancestors
Guardian of the true faith
The end of your reign in coming soon
On the battleground, death will arrive
Hate in our veins increases our strength
Nowhere to hide, no mercy
Terror in your heart, horror in your eyes
Only one can survive
Retribution will be given
Warriors under the same flag
Attack the Usurper
Returning to the Old Faith, sword in hand

Hidden by clouds, ancients are looking at us
Members of the same clan
Enter the Golden Age
8. Apocalyptic Warriors (Massacra cover) (4:43)
9. Uncontrolled (And Free of Will) (4:39)
Uncontrolled and free of will
Symbol of death, life and fertility
Power of desert, sky and sea
You'll forever be

You have created mountains
You have separated lands
Creating deep pits
Giving birth to many beasts
Master of storms
Parasites fear for their homes
Creator of waves
They're just your slaves

God with many faces
Can be hot or cold
Can be wet or dry
Can be quiet or wilf

Waiting for ages, now it's time for revenge

They have lost the link with you
They will learn death is real
Time for them to pay the bill
They will die...

...Buried by earth
Sink under water
By sky fire
Cut by ice
They will die
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