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Chaos Echoes Full Album Lyrics

Bloody Sign - Chaos Echoes cover art

Chaos Echoes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-24)
1. Intro (1:00)
2. Chord Temple (5:39)
Agony in desert caused by inconscious loudness
Bones instruments floating in the veins
Let fingers rise high above
Asking delicious rhythms of thunder

Hear deities' sculptures of lightning
Summoned in the dead chord temple

Nature creates the magnificent orchestra
Symphony of dead architectures
Harmonies are lying as the sand is moving
Walking to the sickened chord temple

Initiated by the distortion of sand
Raping the soul of melodies
Dissonance as a confluence
Now you can call

Congregation of sound appears
Singing with the guts strings
Dismembering your body
To let the circle as twins

Now with the I and eye, I can call
The thousand years chord temple
But sand is disharmonizing and dying
Master, I am as a gatherer... But

Instruments we are of the sound
Instruments we are of the soul
3. Down to Hell (4:45)
We found our way down to Hell
For those primitive warriors we're ringing the bell
Acid rain, corrosive smell
Dark medicine more dark'n'strong than ale

Old, primitive well known dark ritual
Ground strong forces arising
Perverting the vision of us all
In this Hellish land we're entering

No more links to this poor reality
Shaman's devils we're meeting
Sharing magical cult
All night we're rocking
More powerful more crazy
The smell of female cunt

Scorched Earth, desertic landscape
Climbing the high plateau of doom
All the time the scene changes shape
As we're getting more fool
Night's getting harder
Death's chant getting louder

For life's just a fuckin' game
You'll never see that you're the one to blame
Vision of life will never be the same
Coz we were down to Hell!
4. For the Unknown (3:39)
Chaorchestra reveals your secrets
Ancestral shapes of sounds await
Emptiness creating vibrations
To cast the spell of madness

Darkness draws the way
Chaos echoes
Sounds of shadows arise the day
Chaos echoes

Embalming spirals of voices
Spreading the dead incantations
From beyond the sounds of death
Crying the pain of nothingness

Dancing on the black sky
Darkness draws the way
Chaos echoes
For the dawn of old spirits
Sounds of shadows arise the day
Chaos echoes

"Consciemment ou pas, nous cherchons à travers l'art quelque chose de plus grand que nous" ["Consciously or not, we seek through art something greater than ourselves"] (Giacinto Scelsi)

Ancient mourning spreads the signs
From timeless burnt suns
Dark is the music, still to learn
For its echo is the first and the last
5. Voice from the Depths (bass interlude) (2:01)
6. The Call (8:03)
As you're in your deepest sleep in the night
You'll have disturbing nightmares full of fright
Cosmic manifestation of ageless terror
You'll see the pachydermic face of horror

Mad and altered visions of death
Nothing will save you even your faith

The flow of his mind will catch your brain like tentacles
As he's sleeping in his underseas isles

His chant of madness will infect your head
You'll see people, as many of them, dead

You'll hear the voice who'll awake them
The voice who links them by their brain
Incomprehensible words of the past
Prehistoric spells he casts
He'll awake sisters'n'brothers jailed far beyond
Once again they'll run all over the world

Death, madness, terror will rise
As he'll emerge from the tide
Proliferating his minions are dancing
Crawling they're creeping in your dream

Hear the call, the voice in your soul
He's awake now, in his jail down below
7. Primordial Sound (5:36)
Primordial sounds flow out on the black wall of the Earth
Vibrations and shadows, dark!
Vibrating corruption attacks with hammering melodies
Music of death, shine!
Invoked from the deepest secret cell to the stellar holes high above
Awake with fury! Sonds walk with me!

Elemental harmonies embalmed with perfume of dead ceremonies
Break the silence, old!
Rhythms of the first sign before the first lament unlock the rooms
Let the sound be spread, death!
Oh blissless resonance, arise and conquer!
Sounds walk with me!

Come down to the center of sound
Feel, feel the void of silence
Sounds, my chaos, my cosmos

Le Son est le premier mouvement de l'immobile
Et ça, c'est début de la Création
Le Son est l'essence de tout système magîque"

["Sound is the first movement of the motionless
And it is the beginning of the Creation
Sound is the essence of every magical system"] (Giacinto Scelsi)

Rhythms of the ritual
Beat of the inner self
Bell of a new consciousness
Be in me

Wizard of sound
Ceremonial trance
I call your name
Live in me

Abyssic choir, organizer of a new dawn
Your mourning is death!
Invisible blinded army, scream for destruction
Of the eye!

Funeral scales, gates to thee: spirits, ghosts
Whisper chaos, sounds walk with me!
8. Symphony of Bones (drum interlude) (1:56)
9. Words of Death (4:09)
Confused humming coming from the depths of your stomach
Murmers in chest like an echo from the ground
Sounds coming through the throat, stored in the mouth
Expanding by the head, the psalmody of death

Word of death, coming through my head
Word of death, resonance of deads

Rumours, spirits come out
Rhythms for destruction
Harmonies, the mortal frame
Tongue birth of control

Ear the drone of his presence
Addicted to it, primitive gospel inseminating you
Under his possession, he sings your new life
Taking part of the symphony of bones

Ethereal voices charming the king of shadows
Chanting the nature of living and dead
Chanting the sea flooding until mountains
Expanding by the head, the psalmody of death...shall begin!
10. Khordê's Funerals (guitar interlude) (2:16)
11. Tongues of Shadows (6:40)
Silence like a cry of lost secrets
Echoes the voice of the black sleep
Movement in fire, sacred by the soul of sound
Lunar chants deeper and thicker than night

Strings of ancient wisdom
Plucked by the air and water gods
Skins beaten in the time of darkness
Blessed by woods and fire

Listen to the voices of magical deads
With their light of eternity
Visions are moving, Earth is falling
With Dionysos rhythms

Tongues of shadows
Spaceless sounds which you shall obey
Tongues of shadows
Timeless word to be and die

Listen to the voices of dead's emptiness
And fear the silence...sacred
Drink the wine to be one of them
And open the gates to musical way
12. Outro (1:01)
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