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Burn Babylon Burn! Full Album Lyrics

Bloodclot! - Burn Babylon Burn! cover art

Burn Babylon Burn!

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGroove Metal, Metalcore
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Bloodclot! Lyrics (10) > Burn Babylon Burn! Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-07-03)
1. Burn Babylon Burn (2:44)
Babylon system killing the youth
No time for thinking or searching for truth
Brainwashed education keeps them the fool
For the rat-race society to use as a tool.

Burn, burn, burn
Babylon burn, burn, burn
Babylon burn, burn, burn
Babylon, Babylon burn!

The masses lead quiet lives of desperation
Pain made numb by dreams and intoxication
In God we trust that ain't nothing but a lie
You worship money in your towers that block out the sky.


We... we gotta speak the truth
We... we gotta save the youth
We... we gotta burn this fucker down
We... we gotta burn it to the ground
2. Revolution (3:07)
Where's the chatter in the halls?
No one talkin' 'bout bringing down the walls
Is everybody selling out for a buck?
You talk about it but you barely give a fuck
I can't believe we never crushed you
How'd we ever come to trust you
I can't believe I couldn't see
That you'd come and be the death of me.

Let me live / Let me cry
Let me fight / Let me die
I don't wanna go out like this
Never meant nothing to a son of a bitch

Don't say shit just shut the fuck up
You're in the spotlight but your time is up
You tried to kill a revolution
With your cookie-cutter noise pollution
The world is burning right in front of your eyes
But you could care less you go spreading the lies
Mixed-up kids with nothing to live for
Drugs and death gives them something to die for.


I will never let you destroy our revolution
I will never let you take away everything


You tried to silence prophets of rage
Sold out on the dawn of the new age
Now I hear chatter in the halls
Talkin' 'bout tearing down the walls
3. Big Brother Takeover (4:10)
Sound the alarms
This is a call to arms
Where the fuck did you go?
The world wants to know

With self-righteousness they take over everything
Homogenize a movement so it don't mean a thing

Rise up
Rise up and live

Gimme, gimme, gimme
Gimme what you got
I'll burn you down
I'll help you rot


It's time we gotta wake up and see
What's at stake
Our future, our lives, our hopes and our dreams
Rise up before it's too late.

Sound the alarms
This is a call to arms
Where the fuck did you go?
The world wants to know

4. Straight Jacket (2:50)
Gotta find the meaning of
Life is what I'm thinking of
Ain't no time to get it right
God help me to see my plight

Heads spinning all around
Life knocks me to the ground
Reach deep inside my soul
I can't even tell you 'cause I've lost control

I have to get free from my head
Burning this deep in my life
The key I possess is my faith
Burning this deep in my mind

Seems like things are getting worse
Have I set upon some curse?
I just seem to be so lost
Can't break away at any cost



Pain / Anguish / Love me / Hate me

I'm fighting for sanity
Disconnected from humanity
Penetrate the sanctity of life
Forgive me

Painkillers cheap thrillers
Anything to numb the pain
Tie me up strap me down
Look inside my fucking brain

5. Seeds of Destruction (3:32)
What are we leaving for the future generation?
Will our legacy be that of our own annihilation?
This plague called modern man infects all the earth
Don't let it be too late before you heed words of worth

All that we reap
From all that we sow
All that we keep
Is all that we know

Sowing the seeds of destruction
Sowing the seeds of our destruction

The world is spinning out of control with death, destruction and war
This is justice for the lives lost in the clinics and the slaughterhouse floor
Its time to wake up people can't you see you're being misled?
How many more gotta die before it sinks inside your head?



Promises of happiness end in despair
When Babylon tells you to go here and go there
Death is hidden like a swept up corpse
Just so their American dream mentality never warps

Look inside
Turn the tide
Cast your eyes
To the sky


6. Parallel Lives (3:02)
We fight for justice
And truth

We live outside the lines
In parallel lives
We fight for truth
Survived a crazy youth
Infiltrators exposed when fools speak
We do what's right
Stand up for the weak

Stayed true to your destiny
Never turned your back on me
Lived to fight, fight to be free
Never turned your back on me

They help restore the balance
They set me straight
When shit gets crazy
I use them to insulate
But I must confess
I tend to stress
If they mistake kindness, for weakness


Rising tensions
Pure nimrod business

How can I comprehend where the hell I would have been?
If you hadn't come through for me time and time again
In a world full of selfishness and greed
You had my back I had your back
In our times of need

7. Asleep at the Wheel (3:22)
Let me be
I don't wanna see
It ain't my concern
Just let it all burn

Wickedness and gadgetry cover the truth
While government drugs dumb down the youth
The rat race rolls and tightens the noose
As freedoms are taken by force and abuse

Enter the new day
Show me the new way
How can we feel?
We're asleep at the wheel

When we open our eyes
It'll be their demise

Trials and tribulations
You still haven't won
You live to die when you die you're done
Madmen decepticons at the controls
Bringing us down they're taking our souls


These motherfuckers are taking away our freedom, our liberties, our families
Everything we ever worked for
As they sit there with their fingers on the buttons
Ready to annihilate all of mankind
Just to build their evil empire
So you better wake up, fight back, revolt
Because the end of our civilization is upon us

Are you ready to die?
Wake up its genocide

Stop their plan
Take a stand
Just show them the way
Let the youth seize the day
8. The Turning Point (3:03)
Bridges burning and we ain't goin' back
Laws of conflict rules us and that's a fact
Nothing comes without a price to pain
That's your cliché life with nothing to say
What ever happened to the warrior spirit?
Nowadays they don't want to hear it
Words hold you like you're at gunpoint
Are meant to take you to the turning point

There's no return
There's no way out
Unless you live and learn
Your life will crash and burn

My life's perfection for all you to see
But underneath there's a dark side to me
My stained character's hidden from you
It's battered and black and blue
Time destroys our meager existence
There's only defeat in resistance
New insight a counterpoint
Meant to take you to the turning point


Let me stay in my comfort zone
I don't ever want you to leave me all alone
Fear of life, it terrifies me
I'd rather just stay blind to all the fuckin' shit I see

Bridges burning and we ain't goin' back
Laws of conflict rules us and that's a fact
Nothing comes without a price to pain
That's your cliché life with nothing to say
Whatever happened to the warrior spirit?
Nowadays they don't want to hear it
Words hold you like you're at gunpoint
Are meant to take you to the turning point

9. Stirring in the Hearts and Mind (3:19)
We all want peace
One common cause
Give me the strength
To see past the flaws

I can't seem to stop this empty feeling
The world is closing in
The answers lie within

The stirring in our hearts and minds
Never silence
Our defiance
The stirring in our hearts and minds

Weather the storm
Push past the norm
Never conform
We wait for the dawn



I see the suffering through empty hollow eyes
They fill their hearts and minds with confusion and lies

10. Subtext (3:11)
What's the truth behind the lies?
Ain't it time we start to open our eyes?
Cause we're heading down a path of final destruction
Moths to the flame it's a sick seduction
Take time to look behind the mask
Unspoken truth's a well-designed craft
Villain's in the shadows, waiting to attack
I got news for you he ain't wearing black

One soul
One destiny
When you feel
I know you feel
One soul
One destiny
Gives the world
Something real

Unconscious truths beneath the text
Fall for smoke and mirrors and you're gonna be next
'Cause the actors
They know the roles they're playing
And the power of the moment is in what they ain't saying
Deep desire's how they cast a spell
Where they're heading only time will tell
What they want they don't want you to see
They're only shadows of the substance they're pretending to be



Nothing is what it seems it seems
Nothing is, what it seems
They never want you to see
The truth will set you free

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