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Black Grimoire Full Album Lyrics

Blood Ritual - Black Grimoire cover art

Black Grimoire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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1. Invocation of Satan (8:11)
in the name of satan,ruler of all
we command the legions of darkness,to endow us with infernal power.
open wide the gates of hell,hear our words for we at one...with thee. gratn us thy power,to be our own,to be the animal supreme.we live our lives, as beasts of prey, rejoicing in the life of flesh.

we pledge to be,disciples of hell,to be victorious over our foes.we favor justice and curse the vile,let them be as the chaff, in a violent storm.
oh satan almighty,king ineffable,grant us thy name two be or own,to do our will,upon the earth,and prosper by,youre dark designs [two times chorus]

bestow upon us,our dark desires,which we shall speak upon thee.
come forth oh ye gods of the pit,to answer youre names,by manifestation,of our dark desires.
2. Statement of Baalzebub (4:08)
i am he who exist out of time,devourer of life.unto me all shall come when they die,the god of the grave.
cling the lies from salvation in vain,it avails you not.
you shall gladly accept my embrace,as you start to rot.
all of you come on to me,in the end.my children devour youre flesh,youre soul belongs to me.
the way of all life.
the way of all life,is to die,come on to me,surrender youre life.
the way of all flesh,is to end,come on to me, let the feast begin!

in the end is me you shall find,the lord of flies,i have lived since the onset of time and shall never die.

death.... is my domain
forever i shall rule.
come....be my subject.
3. Necromancy (5:02)
baahl ha esh,samael;allow me safe passage into,the realm of the dead.
lord baalzebub,almighty god of the dead,grant me safe entrance,to thy kingdom beyond.
oh shade of mortal man,whose name i have prepared,come forth to answer now, a wisper in the air.
thou shall answer now and do so truthfully,for im at one with satan,the dark one lives in me.

and by his will,i summon thee,come forth at once and hearken to me
arise from thy slumber,to answer my call; take a form that is pleasing to me or his wrath shall befall.

shade of mortal man,come forth to answer now,for im at one with satan,it is,he who commands...thee.
when thou hast answered,in honesty, ill grant thee license to depart.

achat ruach shaitan chayim.
so mote it be!
4. Ritual of Lust (5:30)
in the night, i feel my yearnings grow,to feel the releases of power,my dark seed to sew.my member engorged,withthe flame of lust i shall know the flesh of the one that i covet.

come forth oh ye gods of the pit and make youreselves known. send forth the messenger of lust to fulfill my desire.
my mind ablaze,withthoughts of obscene acts,which i would know.

my will is set in its course to act on these thoghts of impiety.

i have gathered my power ,to send forth,to join with the salts within;to d well in the flesh of my summoning,filling it with the flame of lust ,for me.

my vision shall become a reality,through the force of my will,the angels of the first,shall become as the third.

my rod is athrust,to shatter the inhibitions,which stand in the way, of our fornication.
oh mighty baal peor,lord of the opening,remove the repressive paragin,that stands betwixt... my desire...and i.
5. Destruction Ritual (2:43)
6. Hand of Glory (6:10)
7. Summoning the Unholy War (2:19)
8. Ur Song (4:46)
9. Creation of Lilin (6:13)
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