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No Temple Full Album Lyrics

Blliigghhtted - No Temple cover art

No Temple

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Experimental
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-12-18)
1. Antipattern (4:58)
Forces that be have left you to flee, nothing you knew could save you. You've seen the same patterns within everything you beheld and thought that nothing will ever change. The only reason that you haven't committed suicide was for fear of worse. Convinced that you are a prisoner, you felt like paying the price of something you don't remember. You hate yourself and everything around. What if
I told you that there is an out of this prison and it is not mere suicide, something much harder to accomplish. Something that needs constant concentration, something that needs true devotion, perhaps the reason you are here. Like a psychedelic nightmare addiction. Like infected crosses raining on you, a morbid vision. Enter the world of the underworld, the neverending spear of the foe. Work through your confusion, as confusion replaced rain forests. Walk through thoughts that beg for order. Walk as they make you bleed. Walk for the moment and taste your own pain. A new you is born every scar, a new time, a new space, a new dimension. Once open the eyes can never close. Follow the bringer of true light!
2. Chaos Serpents' Order (2:25)
3. The Lie (4:22)
Who made the son sinful in heed to the father? The lie will keep us alive as it always has. He who puts salt in sea and deserts land teaches us to be smoke in his fire. Only a shape inside a cloud can open the eyes of past wrath, sloth, envy. Towards demons of bodily assault I fest by sadness, decrepitude, sickness, hunger and thirst. Death will be the final triumph of demons over me. Pierce my be-ness, how did such nothing come to be? All these angels and demons no different than me. They are all stepping stones to that which we can't perceive. All I ever want is to feel close to its existence.
4. Lucifer Eyes (4:14)
Lucifer is one of the greatest eyes to the shadow side of spirits. I am one who believes that it is the highest spiritual chaos. I want that chaos to wash through my being with uncertain beauty, of everlastingness. God and its image is of a school president, I was and will never be respectful or grateful to it. Such arrogant boredom, I despise all that they think that they stand for. But more so the conformist pieces of shit that may or may not try to walk his so called path. I find peace in raping and getting raped by beauty and abomination. I find beauty in my ugliness and vice versa. I like honesty more than anything, and no light is darker than truth. Bring me that light wherever I go oh lord of the night.
5. Nothing Is a Reason (2:32)
The speed of our decay is an extreme visualization of our beliefs. Like rotting cunts and the taste of burnt pubic hair trying desperately to change our fanaticism. The only thing that they ever accomplish is to give us a taste of our home. We worship because of our hate, hate of the knowledge that there are those out there ready to worship. We kill out of nothing, nothing is a reason better
than nothing.
6. Slithering Thoughts (5:50)
Nobody can feel Satan's grasp as deeply as I do.
The claw is evermore...
The grasp empowering me, oh lord I am nothing against your might. You are everywhere and all that I do I look for you. I submit myself and don't you feed no one else!
I want to be your cancer. How empty my soul becomes when I stray away from thy path. I know I am not pure oh father of hell, separate me from me. Take away all meaning from me. I will destroy my life for you to shine through me. I want to dissolve into your void of vomit. Without the holy ones.
Oh father what should I do when they step inside my fire. Father, only love me, I will sacrifice all children for thee. Father don't trust me, but grant me thy all seeing dark. Father I am weak but grant me thy immortality. I will destroy myself for a moment of your glory.
Immortality through destruction of the remainders of mortality. Being made aware of the fact that some things are out of your hand.
The gates will open again and darkness will seep into light and ignite unity.
7. Eschatophilia (2:21)
8. Anrita (2:50)
O Lord of fire standing in the midst of the void; how I hate the smell of their mouth, their sweat, their fingers, all I will do is thy will...
Samael, bury my soul, you are fucking Lilith with Satan, proving that I am your son. Father Lucifer, bury my soul. Mother, die from cold, suffering through fatherless storms...
Anrita; my be-lowered son, I must kill you to open gates to void. Set fuck off. Typhon, I am born in the cave.
Constant Cancer
9. Constant Cancer (2:24)
Angels of law constantly sent my way, they leave without any hope... The evil resides within burning all be-ness around without corrupting my cosmic vessel.
Agents showing themselves as angels of beauty trying desperately to instill love into me. All I make is turn them evil! As their pathetic lord spits them out of his kingdom they have nowhere to go but hide in my memory. Of Lucifer you're always vindicated! Agents of order can never seep through thine impenetrable Asat! O Satan, purge me from all being through constant cancer chaos. Azazel, Azazel!!
10. Voyage (5:39)
11. Doubt (14:33)
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