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Dodekathlon Full Album Lyrics

Bleeding Gods - Dodekathlon cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Bleeding Gods Lyrics (2) > Dodekathlon Lyrics (2)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-06-11)
1. Bloodguilt (5:41)
2. Multiple Decapitation (5:23)
3. Beloved Artemis (4:23)
Stag-like golden antlers
With hooves of bronze
Sacred to Artemis
This Ceryneian doe

The anger of Hera and king Eurystheus
For killing the Lion and Hydra
This third task for me will be full of doom
Thou shall not kill this beast
Nor shall thou skin
Thou will feel the suffering when it's dead

Stag-like golden antlers
With hooves of bronze
Sacred to Artemis
This Ceryneian doe

After my awakening from the travels way up north
I spotted this heavenly creature with antlers
Wich gleamed in the sun
Afraid of Artemis' anger
I will not slay
Barefootedly I'll chase it down
On the mountain slopes of Ceryneia

And for the length of thirteen full moons
I barefootedly chased this hind
We ran from north to south, from east to west
Troughout thrace, istria
And the land beyond the north wind
It was not to be captured during sleep
Not to be caught with mesh
It could outrun my lightspeeding arrows
This beatiful, beloved and sacred creature of Artemis

Forgive me from this desecration
It's part of my penance
My forever guilt

On the last full moon I passed
The gates of Artemis' temple
The Ceryneian Hind laid down
Before the shrine

Stag-like golden antlers
With hooves of bronze
The Hind returned to the goddess
As it flees from the king
4. From Feast to Beast (5:27)
5. Inhuman Humiliation (4:48)
6. Birds of Hate (4:07)
7. Savior of Crete (5:02)
8. Tyrannical Blood (3:38)
9. Seeds of Distrust (4:48)
10. Tripled Anger (6:54)
Westwards I set my sails
To the land of Tartessos
The land of a fearsome giant
A monster with three human faces

One body, three heads
And three sets of limbs
On the island of Erytheia
This herder of magnificent cattle

Guarded by a snake-tailed two-headed dog
Together with Eurytion
Mortal son of "The Red One"
Son of the daughters and nymphs

Slave of this monstrosity
Misled by Poseidon
God of the oceans
Setting foot on the southern wastelands

No food, no food, no water in this dehydrated land
I shot an arrow at the golden sun
Helios, god of sun
Lend to me your chariot of gold

I will fly it to Geryon
To obtain his cattle
And bring it to Tiryns
To my archfiend Eurystheus

Hiding for my arrival
Deep down in the ground
As soon as I reached Erytheia
I was confronted with the two-headed dog

Sibling of the guard of Tartarus
I put it down with one single blow
The herdsman of the cattle of Geryon
Came to Orthrus assistance

This hesperid-mother's son
Killed by my strength
Wearing his triple armour suit
With shields, spears and helmets

Geryon sprang into action
Awoken from their screams and deadly cries
Geryon chased me throughout his domain
To the river of Anthemus

I ambushed this monstrosity
This three-headed giant
And shot an arrow between his eyes
Arrow with the blood of the Hydra forcefully shot

I pierced his mortal skull
Traveling back,
Passing the Aventine hill
Cattle stolen by the fire-breathing son

Betrayed by his sister,
Killed with my club
Getting back safe with the cattle
In my beloved homeland
11. Hera's Orchard (5:40)
12. Hound of Hell (3:29)
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