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Return to Port Royal Full Album Lyrics

Blazon Stone - Return to Port Royal cover art

Return to Port Royal

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Black Chest Inn (intro) (1:30)
2. Return to Port Royal (5:08)
We left months ago, we were out for the hunt
Seadogs hungry for treasures and glory
Riding the storm like a bullet of lead
Breaking the waves like a cutlass in flesh
Cargos were plundered in numbers unknown
Many were killed in our rage attacks
Pieces of eight in mountains aboard
Time to return and raise our bottles

Under the flag of skull – living fear
Ruthless and raising hell – bloody sea
Glory for those who fight – death for the weak
And then we return back to
Port royal – return to
Port royal – return to
Port royal

Cannons are running hot in the night
Turning the galleons to ruins of wood
Traces of battle wherever we go
Blood has been spilled like a tide flood of death
Hell has no boundaries, death has no law
The shark is loose and it’s hungry for gold
New vessels to plunder and ships to burn

Under the flag of skull – living fear
Ruthless and raising hell – bloody sea
Glory for those who fight – death for the weak
And then we return back to
Port royal – return to
Port royal – return to
Port royal
3. Stand Your Line (4:24)
When the world is burning
When the power hungry fools are down
The struggle has ended
We will rise again and live our way

Run wild or die in flames
The party never ends for us
Forever riding free
On the waves of the open seas

Hoist the Jolly Roger
As a sign of freedom in the sky
We show no mercy
For the world around us ruled by lies

Run wild or die in flames
The party never ends for us
Forever riding free
On the waves of the open seas

Stand your line
Stand your line and tonight
Stand your line
Stand your line and fight

Like greedy leeches
Try to take whatever they can take
No second chances
But we join together in the halls
With chains and leather
And a poisonless mind in our heads
We stand in front row
And bang our heads like no tomorrow
4. Amistad Rebellion (4:36)
One dark night on the ship Amistad
A sudden strike from the shadows aboard
Rage like wildfire on the sea
For the taste of freedom the blood runs red

The deck is stained with fire and blood
Mutiny the only way
With saber and gun they try to defend
The fist of slave raised high

Amistad Rebellion, fight to be free again
Gone is the fear now, breaking the chains with the might of a lion
Amistad Rebellion, fight to be free again
Once and for all now, ready to die for the end of oppression

The faces of soldiers in panic and fear
The slaves have taken the ship in their hands
The cages are broken and no more chains
Now riding the waves with their face in the wind
5. High Treason (6:27)
He was living like a carnivore for joy of life and game
He refused to be a blind machine to feed their gold plates
One more victim of the greed that turns men into beast
The vengeance burned inside his head, now searching for some inner peace

…a mindless fool they want him to be
With an empty stare in the eyes
He rather wanted to destroy their worlds and live by basic needs,
He reveal the lies

High treason – On your knees or die
High treason – Fed up with their lies
High treason – The time has come to fight
High treason – A lonewolf never gives his life away

He was following his path of freedom, running all alone
While stinking breathers shouted at him “now get back to work!”
Never would they see him more and never tame his ways
He could be a waste of life or living free until the final days
6. Curse of the Ghostship (5:11)
Gone for weeks without a sign of land no matter where we turn
like a blind old man who walks at random to his grave alone, hope is burned

I stayed up that cursed night
When far away green mist appeared
As I woke the others to tell the sight
Their heads turned back in fear

It is true, we are doomed

Curse of the ghost ship, damned to eternal
Roaming in circles under a bleak sky
Souls of the ocean, crying to find home
Sailing in madness, lost for a thousand moons

Closing in with lowered flag
A jolly welcome by the crew
They tell us not to be afraid
Just join the party, drink a few
As we fell around the deck in pain
A ghastly laughter by the host
“Now you must live on so we can die!”
Now we are cursed for all eternity

Oh we’re cursed, forever

Lost forever on our journey, endless years pass by for us
The captain roars like mad again to get us home for one last time
Nothing seems to end our lives, no reaper with a scythe of death
Then a fellow ship shows up afar, remember how we got her first?

Now we’ll die, at last!
7. Blackbeard (4:49)
Riding the Queen Annes Revenge, a fierce and ruthless privateer
Fuses tied upon the hat, a madman spreading bloody fear
By the words of crew he ruled, no tyrant nor an evil beast
He was robbing everything in sight, with saber and six guns, known as Blackbeard!

One last battle on the seas, when Robert Maynard chased him down
Devastating canon fire, turned the lieutenants ship to wreck
Closing in to fight by sword, a melee in the raging storm
The fight was on for not too long before the final breath of captain Blackbeard!

Blackbeard – hunted merchants
Blackbeard – across the seas
Blackbeard – not much fortune
Blackbeard – or luck by greed
Blackbeard – a battled pirate
Blackbeard – he burned for gold
Blackbeard – a short adventure
Blackbeard – great stories told
8. Wind in the Sails (6:22)
Out of food, left to die in the sun
Now madness is crawling inside
They cry for their loved ones, far far away
So weakened by hunger and pain
… the pain!

One clear day the lookout arised, gazing into the horizon
Hand ahoy lets get ready to go, faster and finally land somewhere

We got wind in the sails
And we’re riding the sea waves on our quest for salvation
We got wind in the sails
And we’re heading away now from the tides of destruction

Finally free from the Ocean of hell, resting for days on the beach
Endless storage of food for us all, thousands of fruits in our reach

Then one day some members were gone
Gone like the sun in the nigh
Searching the forest to find our mates
If only we knew what would come
… oh the fear!

Hours of searching and no one to find at all
Deeper and deeper into the island
Shouting for answers but silence is all we get
Jungle and mountain is all we can find

After a week of searching around we found them bloodied and bruised
On a pole struck down in the ground, like a statue of death
Roars of the wild started echo afar, now we must run for our lives
Chased by the unknown back to the ship
Let’s get ready to ride
9. The Tale of Vasa (8:47)
A massive fortress of cannon, wood and sails
A power to be reckoned with, must have been a pompous sight
Soon the maiden voyage would reveal its hidden truth
Bring the glory to an end, in the depths of the sea

Sail with the sun, with the face in the wind as we leaving the shoreline
Glory and pride, like a fortress on the sea with the Swedish flag held high

The mission was clear, three hundred men aboard
Away from the docks, for the journey of times
No doubts or questions, no fear in their hearts
Now the ride has begun, and they’re ready for war

No one knew the tragedy that would come for the ship only minutes ahead
No good stability, all testing was failed, at the port
Like a time bomb it was doomed from the start, the ultimate countdown has begun…
And it’s heading for the end

Too much guns, a stern way too high
A miscalculation of the highest degree
Setting sail with way too much pride
The wind would become Vasas Achilles heel

Later on as they ploughed through the waves
Disaster awaited and nobody knew
No much more than a breeze in the wind
Now suddenly capsizing, what a shame!

Thousands of people were crowded around
Oh, they can’t believe the sight of this sinking wreck
Down it goes like a stone to the ground
Never to be seen again, for hundreds of years

Buried deep in the waters, claiming the crews souls
Down like a coffin of wood and sail
Vasa, total disaster, treasured forever
Back in the docks where it once belonged for us to see
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