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Odd Full Album Lyrics

Blastanus - Odd cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2012-03-06)
1. Greed (2:06)
What...is consuming...your soul... a calling, a taunting
We need more of the same old shit, wrapped in a message of corporate...lies and
There is no end to it... we wont settle for having it all...
Not one, not two, not three , what goes beyond within
Everything and nothing wont do, expect the same from us
We wont settle for your bullshit, no more colors no more paintings

Fakes and corporate whores
We are taking over
Starting an armed revolt, overthrow the reign of fascism, overthrow the reign of...

2. Lies That Bind (2:09)
Bullshit express, leaving town, we made it, waving our fingers, fuck you all
So intoxicated, riding the fast lane, enjoying every step of the ride, seeing the ways a mind can lie, feeds our souls inside
So much alike, I know we are, we cannot tell straight. What is up? What's going on? The lies are binding

The illusions of your conception, the cluster of your delusion, the stages of destruction, complete mind-fuck hallucination!

Liar! Stand up! We are the same

We are all two-faced, no one-side to nothing, so out of touch with each other, never knew anybody
Nothing in common, nothing to say, keeping it together with lies until it all fades.
3. Nihility Neighbourhood (2:47)
next door is evil, next door is bad, enter... the scary door

accuse me of everything, lying about me to get their way, I am the scapegoat and the victim
cant take much more

nihility surrounds, nihility neighborhood

Knock knock, who's there, Im here, are your kids in, will they come and play, I've got something they will like, hmm
Take your kids to the back, shove a lollipop up your boys crack, mescaline on the tip of my cock, which your daughter will suck, how you like me now? payback, it comes around

You ruined my life, Now I will ruin yours

Nobody wants to live here, next to a man from hell, and his family off devils, time to end the nihility neighborhood...


I didn't do nothing, you said I did, you wouldn't believe me, now I will make you believe
A gun to your head, the walls will be painted red,

Nobody wants to live here, next to a man from hell, and his family off devils, time to end the nihility neighborhood...

4. Rathunting (2:06)
take him out of town, lock him in to a trunk, drive him in to the woods,
beat the fucker up just to see some bruises and wounds

put rope around his neck nice and tight
hang him in the tree
stab him to see how rats will bleed

cunt, bitch fucking snitch

kill the fuckin' snitch 'cause he's better of dead,
kill the fuckin' snitch cause he doesn't deserve to live anymore


couldn't let you go easy
sound of your nose breaking, so pleasing
you thought a cop is bad
but now were above the law
Condemnation, incriminated for narcotic possession
Make a deal and your life is safe, trusting the pigs for your sake
This calls for a Rat Hunting, expose what is wrong
Show him what we are made of fucking snitch!
5. Scam (3:10)
Don..t know what flipped in my mind
Didn't know how to act
can..t control speak or walking even my own thoughts

only fallen down, broke some glass
even inflicted a wound in my ass
tv..s shredded down
what the fuck just happened, I wasn't here just for a second
was that weed or what
don..t know but it..s still fucked up

can..t take this shit no more

thought it was over but rush came back strong
someone takes hit of that shit
motherfucker broke my bong
get..s me fuckin' mad, everyone started to laugh
taking my hammer and start to smash around
end up in a bloody mess what the fuck..s going on
getting clear in my mind realized i killed my friends
6. Drumstick Made Eyehole (1:30)
Carving… deep inside…
Blunt force impact trough your eyes, I can feel the stick blasting your brain
I couldn't stand the sight of your ocular, now I will replace them with hot toffee apples
Torturing, you are still alive, how does the hot fudge feel?

Dripping trough your eyes to your mouth, doesn't pain taste good?

Mutilating, desecrating, pain excelling, your face melting
Gravity, rim, head, straight trough the eyes!

Despised...not worth my time. You must not see what I see, a wood trough your face, blasting your fucking brain!

You couldn't see this terror, but I saw you all the time
It was way cool and shit, you should have seen yourself squeal
Oh those empty holes look good, they felt good on my stick
Injecting sperm into your brain, the last drip came from my dick
7. In Distress (1:36)
Conclusion…you suck.
Judgment… time to rot
Held in captivity, for days, weeks, months
Your future... just out of luck

Cut your heels off, smashed wrists up, tied the noose around your head
Just barely able to breathe, drugging you up
Covering the pain with amphetamine, keeps you awake for weeks
Ignoring the pain, sleep depravation, slowly going insane

INSANE! (In-diss-tress)

You bitch never gave a fuck, this is what you get...
Axe to the head, the receptors are dead
8. Burn, Bitch (2:25)
time to burn your fucking ass down burning you down till you die
you knew it was coming know you deserve it all

stuff some gas, deep in your ass, light it up, it..s your time to pass
see me taking you down, watching your corpse, burning down to ashes

burn dead bitch, burn bitch x3

don't worry about your parents bitch cause they have gone before you
burnt down their house while their still were on they sleep
running around the house trying to hear them scream
heard them scream, like cutting head off a fuckin' pig

burn you down x8
9. Odd Times (1:58)
Chasing the drunks on the streets, the elephants on the wall
My confusion begins to multiply more and more

Giving my everything just to survive in this fix
A blow to my head wouldn't bring me to my senses
A fifth of Jack and a whack of haze
It all becomes clear, I fear…

The people I see
The things I hear
The shit I smell

The pain I feel

Society failing, economy derailing
Wars emerging, poverty increasing

The holiest drunk is here, he has a plan to say
He saw the same things, he came a long way
Crazy fucking world, all absurd
Nothing makes sense no more, odd times for all

drink, a shot, at the bar
get, wasted, don't care anymore
10. Hese (0:07)
11. Punk Bitch Part One (1:07)
Reaching out with my fist, oh God I have been pissed off for so long…
So much shit you made me go trough. You never once were sincere about your actions.
Well now its time to make you suffer. You wouldn't pay so bitch have it your way...
Just shows how much you ever cared. Just a lying manipulator, punk bitch I want you dead...

Yeast infected cunt... Punk bitch you aren't shit...
Mental disability... Punk bitch you aren't shit...

What is that? You want some more? Now I am the master and you are the whore.
Shut up. Get on your knees. Im injecting you with a venereal disease.
Up your ass... I shove my cock. Fuckin' your anus a week non stop.
The climax is here... I explode in your face... Too bad its all just a fucking waste...
12. Punk Bitch Part Two (1:59)
So now Im done but you are far from... Donkey punch is the way I roll son.
Degrading you with pain the hits keep coming on. How could I? How the fuck could you?
I get a kick from kicking you. You will remember this.
Redecorating your face. It was ugly before and now its just a disgrace.

I despise you. But Im still gonna fuck you. For the shit that you are.
My judgement is fair while I pull your hair. Ripping, cutting, raping, dominating...
You love it you know you do. The best fuck you ever had.
It left you bruised and bloody. On my cock you did gag.
Throwing up on my stomach made me feel mad. A fist in your face to wipe of your tears.
Punk bitch I hope you feel good about yourself.
13. Overgrow the Government (2:38)
Foolish, counterproductive laws, imposed on those from a neighboring country
No perspective, no harm done, policing the world, putting them in jail one by one
Opposing the powers that be, there was a man who did it for others, freethinkers
All profit given away, nothing he needed for himself, from the people for the people
Democratic change around the world, ending prohibition will be succesful
The public image is changing, police has lost its respect

Nazi pigs, oppressing gods people, denying gods creation, destroying gods seed
For too long have the people stood up and taken it up the ass, sodomized by a motherfucker with a badge, laws need to be broken, oppressors have to be silenced, overgrow the government
Emery is a victim, we all are victims, soon, our time will come...
14. Calyptron (the tale of the 2 dykes) (4:11)
Step inside, 2 dykes behind the counter
Giving me a crooked eye,
One redhead, one blonde, both fugly
Its hard for me to order without vomiting
Keeping a straight face around these bitches is impossible
I do my best, I fail, I fall, the dyke tells me if I hurl again she뭠l throw me trough the wall
She's so angry, her friend isn't helping, adding fuel to the fire
Screaming her piss ugly face off, running her mouth looking like a fucking parrot
Id be pissed off too if I menstruated everyday

I bet these bitches have never seen a cock in their lives
I'd show them mine, but I know they have knifes
Homicidal behind the bar counter, waiting for their prey
These faggots don뭪 know nothing about a good time
All they do is ruin mine, destroying the atmosphere that once was
Shouting at me is not going to fix your god awful personality
Telling me to fuck off is not gonna fix your disease
Infecting the customers with hate, insecurity, self-loathing
Got to stay away, never get inside again
These dykes are used to bleeding, there is nothing I could do to hurt them
Not human, no empathy, no mercy
15. Incarnation (3:30)
Armageddon, blood is raining from the sky, the sky is cracked, the horsemen appear, swinging their scythes of oblivion
We summoned the great one, the evil of all evils, now it's trying to...
consume us all, make us fall, overpower god, laughing in his face...


Cutting the wings of angels, sodomizing them with his pitchfork, baptizing everybody with goat semen,
All virgins are hung from hooks, food for the fallen ARMY,

The fall of mankind, the undead will inherit the earth, blasphemy of an entire planet, making it crimson, all the blood of 6 billion people creates new oceans, the final tidal wave of blood will wash the earth clean from its cancer

(In these times we search for our salvation, time to accept your lord and saviour...)

16. King Of Encrustations (2:01)
Scrape glass.. scratch base… scrape glass… scratch base

Nothing to toke, out of smoke, fuck Im pissed.
Crimson glare, empty stare, frustration building.
Depressed inside, drought insight, cannot take it.
No choice, encrustation, gets me high.

Using all my tools, secret unfolds, the power of the tar, brings me far, up the clouds.
Not so healthy, I don't care, fuck bronchitis, encrustation is all I need

Coughing up the smoke, feeling sick to the gut, all the same, getting high anyway any day.
The black gold is a legend untold, king of encrustations.

Messy shit, all in my hands, deep in my lungs, seeping in to the brain.
Some call me a junkie, that I am not. All out of pot, what can I say, I smoke the shit of yesterday.
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