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Araneum Full Album Lyrics

Blackthorn - Araneum cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-05)
1. Gde pod Vualyu Tonkih Pautin v Bessmertnikah Stoit Tvoya Grobnitsa (0:46)
2. Odem (4:01)
One sultry night,
The moon burst
into fragments
broken by unrelenting
sharp-clawed hand
from nowhere…
Afterwards the swollen
Stars eroded
Making red thick streams
Flow down from the welkin
It's all
going to be engored once more…

Vehemence came as anodyne
‘Tween pulsating earth and sky
«From now on you have my word
You will never be alone»

They woke up
In their own beds -
Women, men, old and young…
Without tongues
And without eyes
Spurred by one
To find help
They ran out
Into the streets
Panic spread so quickly
They clung to each other
In fear, reaching
The bones and
Shrieking hearts

… Oh, vielleicht
kennst du mein
Gesicht nicht
Mein eigen fleisch
Und blut aber du kennst mein
Name, mein name ist Tod

Ich habe euch bey der hand genomen
Ir must an meynen reyen komen

Vehemence came as anodyne
‘Tween pulsating earth and sky
«From now on you have my word
You will never be alone.
This is me,
Who set free
Demons of infinite chaos
And with me
you will flee
into the streams
of impending storm»


One sultry night,
The moon burst
into fragments
Like a blade
Of guillotine
Something fell
Upon the
Sleeping earth
I am the one who
Touched her delusive hand
Heard her still voice and got lost in
Mother Archaos’ eyes

Vehemence came as anodyne
‘Tween pulsating earth and sky
«From now on you have my word
You will never be alone.
Be without
Any doubt
The sands now
Are running out
And with me
you will flee
into the foreverness»
3. Nekromans (3:49)
I am a sapless sapling,
I’m a dead body faking life
Being alone in the species
I lap the bane that time’s offering me

Once you’ve learnt to fly, but now
come learn to crawl in the mud

You long for caresses,
Blow the candles out,
Confide your secrets to the night,
Sins aren’t enough to die
He showed me the truth:
Fathers enjoy drinking wine of
Vices, and their children burn in hell…


Oh how easy it’s to
Lead astray a sheep
Without a shepherd
See it is me, your long lost child
Hooking you with arms open wide


I’ll be Nemesis for you -
Purple like the war, candescent, hungry
As my blood trills and then
Pours out in a flood
I do love you all more than ever

Bless them
Curse them
Slake them
They are
Nothing but sparks

I feel sick and tired of this so-called redemption
I lift up my eyes to the bright shining dome,
And angels are there looking downward to greet me;
My moribund heart, it was their only home

…For the light of this world has defiled us.
We’re all under damnation,
Our name is Legion and we are many
Among the coldest stars
4. Chary Bezumnoy Luny (4:07)

Cassiopeia’s rising from her throne
( Pride, hallowed be thy name!)
Aries is ready to bleed at the steps
Of Triangulum ’s altar
Time has come, now take a deep breath
Creature of God, welcome down
Those words that sleep under the antique dust
Will be sounded again


Draw from her right vein and
Unite with the morbid symphony
Oh Snake genetrix, oh Serpent Rectrix


Share with me the immortal breath,
Drink this cup at one draught
Behold, now all the eternity’s
just a fleeting moment for me
Midst the thousand-voiced choirs of chasm
There is a new fell voice
which you are slowly
recognizing as
your own….

I always wanted to look into these petrifying eyes with vertical pupils,
To feel how the waves of deadly orgasm hug my limbs
Gorgonize, gorgonize me, my fissilingual angel!


«Come unto me, the untruthful from the ancient damp city»
Oh Snake genetrix, oh serpent rectrix
«Beneath the celestial reel
By your own mouths will I drink you»
From Algol’s shade
Her Majesty is watching me
5. Saturnia (4:49)

Life is coming in and out of me
All foretime was just a sleep
What’s for real, nothing but
This moment: splendent, wisping loveliness…

There, above the monumental
Clouds of grey
I yell, but no sound
Aeon echoes
Silence grimly starts to dement

Миг забвенной красоты:
над вечностью смеясь,
Ты, великое ничто, божественная грязь,
В пасти алых океанов увлекаешь вновь,
Где едины в поцелуе - свет и жизнь и кровь


Termination from the start
Withal hearsecloth did us part
Mercifully, oh deep in my mind I
Still need you, in any form

Leave me be.
«No, don’t void me!
We must away together, for we…
.. Keep in mind, for we were the same
night of tongues and flame»


Surfeited with pleasures and pains,
With carnal flesh, cold remains
Wish to vomit out them all
From my life, my body,
My soul

Run away from this place
May my heart lie in the snow,
For it is my misery, my wormwood
And the gall

… И сгорю я дотла на холодном ветру
И в перстах тишины я рассыплюсь безжизненным прахом
Я стою, устремляя свой взор в бесконечную тьму
Без терзаний, без боли, без страха

(И рассыплюсь безжизненным прахом
6. Ternovaya Zima (4:01)

Abandon hope
all (ye) who enter me…
Let the part
of this noble body will be
a lid of your sudden sarcophagi
He would applaud
If he had the hands
And he would waltz
If he had the limbs
But he only grins
«You are as unwholesome as me»

Thus the mactation
Convoked them –
Doughy, bleating, dying


Another light
anon shall rise
For uninhumed vain
and malign eyes
Those who run to the dawn
Will fall into the night’s embrace
No one will leave this putrid pageant
(To a) lupanar fane
Profound is over and under me
It does go on hopelessly forever

«Do not plunge me back into wan nothingness!
Do not plunge me back into… »


Ripped down is the
chthonian sky
With the cold blade of a
Ritual knife
Ghost parade’s bringing me
Through the onyx arcades
To the jaw of hell
There is no place
on earth for you too,
and no grave that
will comfort you
for you've met the one who
did fill your heart
with stygian ardour

« Voco te o Magna Mater,
Ne me mori facias»
Dressed in piceous
you’ll return
to the orb where you must burn
7. Tayaschiysya vo Tme (3:20)
Whose is the
shade I’m seeing?
Disappear forever
Whoe’er you
Are, past dart
To my chest
Stay where you are…

We are all enshrouded

Here’s the first and only secret –
There are no secrets at all
Everything you want to hide, will be
Covered with the darkest pall

Do not you hear
their dead hearts beat?
Do not you know
on what they feed?

As you’ve said my name
I am arising
from the infinite
with meteor trail-like scars;
A sore evidence of how
you betrayed me

We are all enshrouded

No spell can bring me back to life
I dwell where light cannot touch me
But if you think of me, I am here
Closer than you can imagine

Come let me out
I’ll ungyve your soul
Tear off their veils
and make them all fall

Filled is my mouth with grief
I spit on you
I loved you,
but now I can’t bear it no more
and can’t promise
that you will be safe, my dear

Stringimi tra le tue braccia,
giacché sono un'ombra e
presto sparirò con esse

We were all enshrouded

Never let them mist your consciousness
With idle phantoms they designed
Only in the smoke of their pyre
You’ll be a master of your mind

Show them no fear
But bid them to kneel
Before the last
Posthumous ordeal
8. Araneum (5:34)
No more blood, nor claws, nor fangs
Just an otherworldly touch
You will feel no pain, nor fear
but persistent yearning
for nonbeing

The persistent thirst for nonbeing’s
Hidden well inside one's mind
It cannot be satisfied and
Keeps haunting mankind...


tried so fiercely
to dissent but stone-cold hands
covered my mouth,
strangled my neck
at objection attempts

Touch me
Cursed and blissful


Dare to follow me and
I will follow you forever
A thousand doors will open where
there were only blank walls

Remedies, orations, teardrops –
Torn nets for the almost gone
Though I drained the chalice of life
They still fill it on and on


Could I not notice
Void and your eyes look the same?
I’m sick and fed up
with being deceived
I’m quitting now this game

Chasm rivers
Flowing down, down
Carry me away,
Make my heart bleak,
Calm and free
9. Bluzhdayuschiy Ogon (3:11)

Грозою дышит ночь,
Химеры полнят тьму
Потоком зелье сна
Вливают в грудь мою


И голоса
Из ниоткуда
Шипят в исступлении:
«Oт наших рук,
От наших глаз
Нет тебе


Но то лишь сонм теней,
И не страшусь я их -
Фантомов прошлых бед, -
Бесплотных и пустых


Из плена видений
Стремится прочь душа моя
За грани грёз, грани миров,
Грани бытия

Прячу от них в сердце я ключ, выкован он в серебре…

… В серебре звезд и огне моей крови


И отпереть врата
Лишь этот может ключ
Чем безнадежней мрак –
Тем ярче будет луч


Обещание новой веры,
Солнца нового предвосход
Скоро свет его белоснежный
Хлынет на меня из ворот
10. I Tish Padyet na Les kak Savan Belosnezhniy (1:08)
Hung be the sky
With black
Yield day to night

May the
Come alive
With pure rage


Out of the grim nothingness,
Out of the dismal woods and noxious mists
Into an assemblage of warmth,
Into your house, your room, your wrists


Know, however many doors you
Lock I’ll batter down them all
And whatever forces you summon
They can’t save your soul


Oftentimes it seems to you
Something silently lurks there beyond the light
Well, it’s me – I had been forced
To hide myself… until this night

Separating from the air’s
cold materiality,
I become a part of your world and
make you a part of my reality


Know, however many candles you light
I’ll blow out them all
And whatever forces you summon
They can’t save your soul


In flesh I’m standing next to you
- a termination of the faith , an end of the creed
This dark shall bring you what you need
Hexifaction guaranteed

When concentration of the fear
Gets overwhelming you’ll make a desperate dart
For windows, doors
To save yourself
It’s all in vain -
You won’t get out


«Before chasing a witch
Check your place in the food chain»

As light ruthlessly grows dim
my eyes start to glow bright green
In your rueful life this will be
the last source of light you see
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