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Dark Season Lyrics

Blackhorned - Dark Season cover art

Dark Season

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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1. Conviction (Intro)
2. Dark Season
Dark Season
(Music & Lyric by Atziluth)

Times dark and gruesome
Threatening shadows everywhere
A medieval fear of the unknown
Ancient forces beyond control
Always lurking in the dark
For the Christian church to feed

In the dark dusty chambers of the convents
Persecutions and scapegoats of fear
found and blamed in thy unholy name
In the gloomy flickering candle light
Page upon page by bloody ink
Written to justify the hunt to begin

Into hiding for doing the deeds of old
A legacy in the name of nature
Secrets better held in the deep dark forest
Where only the light of the moon reigns
Meetings and rituals held in secret
To avoid discovery from the cowled

So cold and so dark
These times filled with fear
Dark seasons of persecutions
In the shadows of the cross
3. The Edge of Nothingness
The Edge of Nothingness
(Music & Lyric by Atziluth)

Beyond the waves of white static distortion
The source of chaos unknown
I am drawn by the forces of imploding life
I wish to go where no one has gone
Where am I in this life?
Never where – Everywhere – Nowhere – Always

Nowhere to go but always I seek
Nothingness I seek but too much to find
So long I have waited
At the edge of nothingness

Black streams of water and blood
Leads me to the black hole
A passage to a parallel opposite of human existence
Now is a time that never was
To be alive in non-existence
Is there a paradise – that must be it.
4. Behind the Shadow
Behind the Shadow
(Music by Atziluth & Skoll. Lyric by Atziluth)

Black winds of a dead soul
No signs of compassion or life
Frostbitten skin and freezing breath
Invisible stars in dead eyes

Dead trees stands threatening
With branches of doom pointing at the sky
The black cold endless night sky
Over the stars death rides

To see the hollow emptiness
Behind the wall of frost
When the realm of death opens
And darkness is the only light

Take my hand and come with me
The dark wings will never let you go
Many will never understand
What lies behind the shadow
5. Witch Fever
Witch Fever
(Music by Atziluth. Lyric by Stine Hoppe)

Breath held back
The pulse exploding
Behind thundering temples
Pain of the legs
Shrieking through the body
Faster – through the forest
Branches hit the cheek of the child

Where are you now – Moonchild?
Was the night too dark?
Reality too hard?
Did the sun come too fast
and coloured the ground red?

Silence of the morning
Just stifled with sobs does the sun shine
The miss is growing
In an anxious mind
The glows of the stake
Dies out and vanish
Only the carrier of the cross
Knows what happened here

What did you see in the night
as the moon was full?
Which side shall you choose
when the child grows to man?
A heart so open
Though the tears rains down
A mother who disappeared
Where the stake was set alight.
6. At the Hours of Dying
At the Hours of Dying
(Music by Atziluth. Lyric by Stine Hoppe)

The Light of day is fading
Decay of the sun
The hateful voices of the night
In the last hours of moaning

Rotten flesh burning
Breathing ends
Scared eyes starring
Only the heat bleeds black

Mouldy stench in the crypt
Intensifies the escape of the mind
The eternal darkness of the soul
Always follows the shadow of life

The voices die away
The depression of the twilight
Leads away from life
In the end death conquers all.
7. Where Open Wounds Breathe
Where Open Wounds Breathe
(Music & Lyric by Atziluth)

Lights go out
The last candle flickers in a struggle for life
I see the end of the years of joy
Now there's only darkness in my eyes
Alone I sit in this hour of doom
Only to embrace the paralyzing torment

The nightmare of an age has come alive
Rising it's negative ugly head
Letting it swallow me up in fear
Ripping everything to pieces
And leaves me naked on the floor

I am in this dungeon – with bleeding wound on my body
Accused and tortured – for heresy and blasphemy
Malleus Maleficarum has spoken – flames shall cleanse my soul
Indeed I am evil – for I have worshipped the horned

Now I only see the coming of my fall
The ending of the life I knew
Then take me away to another world
Or let me vanish into oblivion
Hear me calling for salvation in death
Suffering here where open wounds breathe
8. In Thy Name
In Thy Name
(Music by Atziluth. Lyric by Stine Hoppe)

Eyes, scowling
From the internal hatred of the cowl
Steps, slow
Heavy and ominous

See this!
In the meadow we dance
Around the fire so lustful
Hailing, laughing, always alive

In great numbers they come
Libs of fear opens and screams
The girl falls hard and is kicked
Mercy; an unknown spirit in strange minds

So take us now!
Leave nothing behind!
The bounds of blood and calling of the spirit
Is stronger than the violence of the cross

At the hill nobody dances
Flames licking the naked body
Cries and hatred
Inferno of the self-righteous false blessing.
9. The Burning
The Burning
(Music by Atziluth. Lyric by Stine Hoppe)

The scream shatters
through marrow and bone (bones)
Through the tree of wisdom (ancient)
'till the night in once again left behind
In crimson darkness (silence)

No more singing!
No more laughter!
No more joy!
Never again this life
the Gods gave us!

Flames of the stake
Raging, biting, burning (merciless)
All left unrecognisable
Where there were once lustful dancing (joy)
Sorrow is now black (cries)

They came with The Cross!
Bible in a hateful mind of the priest!
Horror and fear!
By lust they kill!

In the stream we drowned
At the stake we were burned
But the memory of the lost
is heard in every call to the Gods
10. The Laughing Face of Madness
The Laughing Face of Madness
(Music by Atziluth. Lyric by Stine Hoppe & Atziluth)

Worms eat my deformed body
Through the dirt – through the coffin
To my half rotten flesh
My brain in decay

Like my thoughts in the dark
Following the shadow of depression
Always one step behind life
From birth - Though caught up by death

I was called evil
A wandering servant of the devil
Creeping like a snake through souls
Could I be more wrong?

Now I will suffer in silence
I can't hear my screams
They died in the asphyxiating cell
As I lost all sense of reality

As the burden crushes the mind
I stand alone
Starring into the abyss
Into the laughing face of madness
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