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The Ceremonial Fire | Full Album Lyrics

Blackevil - The Ceremonial Fire cover art

The Ceremonial Fire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsF.D.A. Records
Album rating :  –
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1. Eschaton (1:10)
2. Between Fire and Fire (4:36)
Blazing the night
Fire we ride
Conquer with steel
For the golden seal

On purgatory ways
Oh mighty blaze
Through the lake of flames
Playing forbidden games

Highs of power
We won't cower
Day of final reckoning
Our might is menacing

Between Fire and Fire
Skipping flames in the sky
Fire and fire
Burning bright, Luciferian light

Seven deadly sins
The hurricane begins
Striking the spell
Towards the citadel

What a blow and bash
Onwards titans clash
Brimstone in the air
Satanic warfare!
3. Heavy Forces Marching On (4:47)
The force's flames are burning bright
Satan's steel, blood tonight
Gathering demons scream for war
While raping magdalena whore
All the cravens until be gone
Heavy Forces Marching On

Wicked possession of the lust
Ramming the flag
Into earth's crust
They willburn and bleed
Putting them to death
Full of speed
Evil armies full of brawn
Heavy Forces Marching On

Deathstriking blasphemies
Conquer the night
Through storms
And hellfires we ride
Conquer the night
THrough storms
And hellfires we strike

Marching onward through the lands
Lords of the black gates commands
Ancient mystical kingdom spheres
Total bloodlust, Blackevil spears
Satans soldiers there upon
Heavy Forces Marching On

Marching onward to the throne
Master's hammer until be shown
Forgotten flames of the unholy oath
Burning for the horned emperor
Chasing fuckers to the dawn
Heavy Forces Marching On
4. Bethlehemian Blasphemies (5:32)
Gold for the crown
Frankincense for the holy
Myrth for the dead
Myrth for the dead!

Eye of prouidence
Storm of violence
Evil dominance
Slaughter the innocents
Hallowed prouenance
Storm of violence
Wicked consequence
Slaughter of the innocents

Beth Lechem
Sacrificing the holy lamb
Beth Lechem
To Golgotha at the end

Unholy prophecies over the centuries
Fire in the night sky
Threatening night, Menacing light

Caiaphas! Messiah
Condemned to death
No return as king
Emperor's blazing heat
Crowning the lamb with thorns
All the bliss is gone
The holy soul must burn
Legacy, last time
Black and flames
Blood, Fire rise
5. Seven Bridges, Seven Gates (5:10)
Through the chamber, far away I see the light
Burning paths, endless fire in the night
The battle begins, hollow moon demonize
Holy betrayer, lord and master of disguise

Prince of darkness, left hand path
Into the netherworld
The evil one, raging wrath

For centuries, throughout the gates
Fire I breathe
Across the bridges hell awaits!

Sheol, Lucifer, in flesh
Lightbringer, for eternity, Lucifer

Ancient war is being fought again
On this day, for the seventh diadem
Impending doom seals our fate
Heretic mysteries, in league with Baphomet

Fallen angel, aflaming northern light
Son of morning star, black pentacles, occult rites!

Thy dark powers, waiting for command
Take the evil force from beyond the reigning hand
6. The Ancient Sword (5:32)
Enter the maze of darkness
Reign of newborn life
Visions of immortality
Walk the gates that are open wide

Master, blizzard, unholy sacrileg
Satanic warriors
In a lake of black flames

Cold steel, timeless throne
Embrace the skies in the night

Cold steel, winds of wrath
Demon wings
Embrace the skies in the night

The Ancient Sword, of Sathanas
Appears on, black horizon
Dark lord, give me the power
And the force of your servants

Legion of demonic tyrants
Conquering the realm of light
Forecast, antichrist
Following the riding knight

Infernal firestorm
In this night of gloom
The black one has risen
Out of the crypt of doom
7. Black Magick Riders (3:52)
Ceremonial witchcraft night
Uisualization light
Astral temples spheres

Summoning demons in invocation

Satanic Magickal task
Knowledge, emotions, past, past
Knowledge, emotions, past

We are the Black Magick Riders
The malicious riders

Ceremonial magick rites
Docile soul is mesmerized
Full of strength evil eyes

Golden incense burners

Guardian demon head
Ueluet walls of red, red
Ueluet walls of red
8. Ritual Coven Fire (4:58)
The forbidden
The sinful
Magic powers, casting spells
Occult witchery is thriving

Ritual Coven Fire
The pyres burning higher
Ritual Coven Fire
Desire through your soul
Ritual Coven Fire
The name is on the scroll
Ritual Coven Fire
Hear the witches choir

The mirror, the talisman
Enchanted hour
Cone of power
Experience, bewitchment
Evil eyes, sacrifice

The ritual
The Sprcery
Divine powers
Witching towers
Moonfog rise
Church bell chimes
9. Under the Black Sail of Burning Cross (7:54)
Below the thunders of the upper deep
Shattered water makes
A misty din
Infernal winds across the open sea
Black symphony
Through the midnight lane
Flesh and blood
About the shadowy sides
Lonely sea under decaying skies

Under the black sail
Of the burning cross
Come winds of past
Mountains darkest heights
Deep within
Withered souls of night
Under the black sail
Of the burning cross
Awaken is the fire
Of the coldest hell
Old mariner, dreadful occult spell

Nail to the mast, the unholy flag
Far beneath in the abysmal sea
The mighty prow that is dashing wide
Along the cliff's sheer height
Gale and lightning, sudden wraths
Black sail is shaking, dancing paths

Darkness sings to the lord of storms
In flutterings of delight
Come winds of past, mountains darkest heights
Deep wintin withered souls of night
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