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Hail the Cult Full Album Lyrics

Blackevil - Hail the Cult cover art

Hail the Cult

GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 3 grimreefer (2017-06-01)
1. Burning Cross (0:31)
Blackevil circle
Secret ceremony of the burning cross
Hail The Cult!
2. Hail the Cult (4:47)
Into the spheres
Satanic pride
Bound by Blackevil
Through the night

Under one sign
Is the syndiate
Satan's soldiers

Mystic mountains
Arcane tower
Crown and scepter
Die by power

Force to hell
Oath of hallows
Purgatorial spells
Spawned by shadows

Hail The Cult - Tyrant kings
Infernal rings
Hail The Cult - Tyrant kings
Infernal rings
Hailing the cult

Unhallowed ground
Demonic rites
Skipping flames
Devil's knights

Burning angels
Total possession
Hordes of chaos
Attack with aggression

blazing inferno
Purest ecstasy
Obsessed by evil
Hellish victory

Warriors in time
Satanic steel
Ghoulish hands
Are opening the 7th seal
3. Blackevil Harmagedon (3:56)
Seven angels you will see at night
On wings of pestilence and scarlet eyes

Blackevil Harmagedon
Seven seals will be opened in a rite
Smoke out of the pit is rising to the sky
Seven plagues will appear with all their might
Souls of the martyrs on the altar cry

Blackevil you bastards - Return of pure sin
Blackevil you bastards - Fervour under your skin

Seven trumpets you will hear at night
Thunder and lightning, hail and fire mingled with blood
Seven vowls of wrath are pouring out
We all are blaspheming the name of god

Seven words and the rise of Babylon
Dead seas of blood and the seductive whore
Seven kings will reign - collapse of the worlds
Seven obscure visions in the final war
4. Into the Firestorm (4:03)
Total suffer - die in pain
The age of fire is still insane
Mantichoras is ascending
Satan's triumph is unending

Hellish leagues are on their march
Infernal horns - they're rising up
The ancient spirit still lives on
All the sanctums, they are gone

Knights of doom are gathering
The force of evil will be king
Sea of blood is flowing down
Blackevil for the mighty crown

Darkened force attacking hard
Oh what a diabolic art
We're tingling with dark desire
Pentagram is held up higher

The only might - The hell emperor
final end for christain terror
The horde is swimming through the Styx
Wicked lust - 666

Fuck the angels, eat their flesh
Profanning all their sacraments
The mighty monster is spitting fire
they'll burn on the funeral pyre

We drink their blood on the fire - throne into the Firestorm
We drink their blood on the fire - Throne up the fire horns
We drink their blood on the fire - Throne Blackevil to the bone
We drink their blood on the fire - Throne into the Firestorm
5. Tyrants Will Reign (5:58)
In the temple of the grey
The cold winter light
Ancient throne
Tyrants will reign

Tyrant's power rise
Into the night
In spheres of time
Raging like storms

Flames reflecting in their eyes

Forgotten crown
Walk the gates that are open wide
In spheres of time
Diamonds of black

Conquering the realm of light

In the temple of the grey
The cold winter light
Ancient throne
Tyrants will reign

Possessed by fire
The eternal flames
Darkened supremacy
Tyrants will reign

The black ones has risen
Mighty hordes are against the light
In spheres of time
Towards the end
Clothed in robes of blood and gold

Holy father
Heavenly doors are now their hell's gates
In spheres of time
Will of god is no more
Hatred burns within their veins

the wolf head's tyranny
6. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover) (4:35)
It's time to die
Death stands behind the door
Satan sends his warriors
Demons break out of Hell

Shrill cries
Angel dies
Shrill cries
Outbreak of evil

With swords and axes
The fight hard
In a massacre
They feel the hot smart

None can survive
People will destroy
Souls like hell
Where demons make a toy
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