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Passage Through Purgatory Full Album Lyrics

Black Tusk - Passage Through Purgatory cover art

Passage Through Purgatory

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Black Tusk Lyrics (15) > Passage Through Purgatory Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-11-16)
1. Witch's Spell (0:57)
2. Fixed in the Ice (2:54)
Abandon all hope
Pass into a world of fire
Trapped by the beast of malice and fraud
The lion of violence
The she-wolf of lust
Face the demons
That bind my soul
Trust to reason
There's nothing divine
Fixed in the ice
I am the way to the city of woe
I am the way to a forsaken people
I am the way into eternal sorrow
Beyond time I stand
3. Mind Moves Something (2:55)
Tear you down to the way I fell
Till there's nothing left of you
Gave all I had to a worthless cause
Now I'm sick of myself again
Eyes see nothing
Mind moves something
Under mimed for the very last time
As a sickness spreads over me
Sick and tired of this place and time
You can punch the clock I'm through
Eyes see nothing
Mind moves something
Mind can't break free
Soul trapped inside
Anger consumes me
Used for the last time
4. Interlude (1:25)
5. End of Days (3:49)
Wind swept plain
Scorched black earth
Blood red sky
Time has come
Growls and cries
From the deep
Mountain erupts fire
Demons wake

Wolves close in
Corpses burn
Vultures fill the sky
Men will fall
Blades tear flesh
Ground runs red
Wraith fights on
Consuming souls

Thunder shakes the ground
Lightning from the sky

Arrows of fire
Piercing skulls
Bones will crush
relentless foe
Night falls black
Hope is lost
Fires light the sky
One will rise

The stage is set the armies
Align to die
Hallowing screams
Bloodcurdling cries to the sky
This is the end of our days
Back and forth
The struggle wears on
Consuming the light

Beast draws blood
Scattered minds
Spell is cast
All is black
Final hour lost
Rising tide
End of days
Out of time
6. Prophecy One by One (3:24)
Stagnant souls
Held by chains
Outstretched arms
Deaths red eyes

Sight of things to come
Battlefield soaked in blood

Good of man
Test of time
Black skies fall
Fate is changed

Centuries gone before
Standing tall
Kings no more

Lucid dreams come true
Sight of things to come

Plagues let loose
Death toll comes
End of all
Seed of life
Dies in time
Seasons change
Scorch the Earth

One by one
Faces melt
One by one
Souls are damned
One by one
None are spared
One by one
Kingdoms fall
7. Falling Down (3:15)
Back and forth
Under and gone
Pushed and pulled
Surrendered all hope
Memories fade
Days move on
Push it all down
Take it in stride

Wear a smile
Question nothing
Live in a dream
Life moves

Round and round
Never again
Round and round
Maybe again
Round and round
Like before
Round and round
Happens again

Find the weakness
Break it open
Smash it up
Heart attack
Eyes are closing
Mind is empty
Soul is fading
Lose control

Darkness opens ground is
Barren sun is burnt out
Falling forward
All is empty gasp for breath
Down the tunnel
There's no light

I don't have control
My life already gone
Gave me nothing returned
I fall

We're falling
The dream is
We crashed and
Close your

Evacuate your soul
There's just one more trip
Lifetime spent on what
Were falling down
8. Breaking the Backs of Men (3:28)
Through the sky
Standing tall

Built by men
Brick by brick
Sign of might

A rise to power
Impose my will to all
Breaking the backs of men
Slaughter of innocence

Servants my word is law
No mercy for the weak
One man your god above
Survey my realm below

Useless my will fulfilled
Die on your knees below
My land runs red with blood
Picturesque monument
9. Call of the Sewer Rat (10:07)
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