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In Defiance Full Album Lyrics

Black Pestilence - In Defiance cover art

In Defiance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Punk, Noise
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-09-12)
1. In Defiance (2:28)
In the current age of man we are told to have
Faith in God, distrust for man
Non-believers and free thinkers are among the few
That see through the lies, adherence to you
For the ones of the cross you will never see
A life of fortune and indulgence
Never ever tell me how to live
For I am a god and I am in defiance

Epicurean power
I am in defiance
In the name of Lucifer
I am in defiance

In the current age of man we are told to fear
The flames of hell and that Armageddon's near
Open minds free from lies are among the few
That bask in riches, adherence to you
For the ones of the cross you will never see
A life of fortune and indulgence
Never ever tell me how to live
For I am a god and I am in defiance
2. Vicious Life (4:05)
Every day it cycles through my mind
The bitterness of pure treachery
No pain or bliss, it’s all the same to me
A private haven for our own

I’m in Hell
Vicious life

An endless circle
Of fraud and truth
For I comply
To my vicious life

Cerberus, unfold the misty waters
Enter bliss, for Earth is still and pure
Evilness, for I can see and hear
The sounds of nature for our own

There is no honor and never do we sin
The prize from hope is locked within
Deflect the norm and deny all faith
For nature’s path is callous in state
3. Uprising (3:54)
Witness now authority for your people have spoken
We deny the tyranny of blind faith and deceit
Liberty promotes freedom of the mind
Never shall we accept power from a futile fraud

Rise up my allies
For we hold the key of the future
Never ever bow down to the Trinity
For the authority holds it near

Why should I collapse to the masses in spite of their unknowing?
And what gives them the right to police truth and morality?

A corrupt and regressive society
Is all that we have become
Revolt and speak your mind
For the authority is not to be feared

Witness the authority of the people
For we have seen through the lies
Take the herd, for they are yours to slaughter
While we remain free with our minds
4. Toxic Underground (3:04)
Resist and challenge the status quo
We are the outcasts, the leaders of society
Vexed by blind comprehension
We are the heretics, deniers of the trinity
As knowledge expands, faith fades away
Impious is what we are for we seize the day
Fear not for we have the power
To transcend and prevail over all

Let’s fucking go
Toxic underground

Chaotic revolt
Knowledge stems from the ominous mind
Eccentrics alike
Gather in masses and prepare to rise

Blasphemous – that is what we are
Ancient ways shall meet their end
Irreverent and eternally defiant
We are vast and eminent
5. Liberty Chants the Scriptures of Satan (5:36)
Open the arcane
Wisdom of thy design
Black God
And thy might of inquiry
An earthly truth I seek
For knowledge is placed within
The self of flesh and bone
Invocation is of the past

For what the world holds to be just and pure
Are only created among unwise men
I speak the truth, the words of the rational
These are the words of Satan
Liberty chants the scriptures of Satan

I see idols of human creation
None that contain celestial powers
Ironic that people fear divine nature
An aura not of this world
Yet created here

None shall be suppressed
By the rules of tradition and dogma
That has no truth
Or validity
Possessed and entwined with secrets
Knowledge of the truth
Blind from all
A field for sheep

Man must destroy the ones of the church
All symbols, text, and flesh shall burn
Divine nothingness; blaspheme the one on the cross
An aura of deceit, grime, and corruption
History shall be made
Forever shall I invert the right-hand path ways

I question all creations and teachings
From God
An earthly presence without existence
I chant the scriptures of Satan
Liberty chants the scriptures of Satan

Invoke the words from within, freedom
6. Engulfed by Sin (3:28)
Vile creation emasculate
All that you have been fed

Reject the model
Revoke the lies
Bring forth the end of times
Don't feed the church
Revolt at all costs
A new age has arrived

Immoral and evil
We are among the few
That lust for gain
Vile and wicked
Society's lone few
Engulfed by sin

Obscene desire, come forth
Prideful lust within

Deny their ways
Challenge their lies
We are the Antichrist
Avenge the fallen
For they died without cause
A new eye for life
7. Serpentine Power (3:24)
The holy order has seen through their lies
The self-deceit and distortion of weak minds
Even at the pinnacle of ecclesiastical power
Have proclaimed an adverse oath, one for humanity

Distorted reality
Awaken from slumber
Never be too blind to see
Serpentine power
Take pride in intellect
Over the inferior order
For they are too blind to see
Serpentine power

Even their leaders have grown beyond their faith
A rejection of their own true god
The swarm is outraged at this act of evolution
To destroy the church from within
8. Greed for Greed (6:41)
Curse them all, the corporate end
For they cannot sustain the crest
I will rise above them all
And claim their tower, oppress them all
I am the voice for desire and control
Ambiguous hero for the people unknown
But they do not know the real me
For I am greedy for the greed

No chance
No money
No control
Desire is the grand apex of power

Voracity is the serpent
Envious of power
I will rise from the flames
And engulf my share of greed
Blind hope is a weakness
Injected to those of the cross
Bless me not for I know that
I am greedy for greed

Fear them all, I shall not
For they will never control us all
I will rise above you all
And claim their tower, oppress you all
I am the source for envious pride
Trust in God will meet its demise
You will never know the ones at the peak
For we're all greedy for the greed
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