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Stargazer Full Album Lyrics

Black Majesty - Stargazer cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-08-04)
1. Falling (4:40)
They never speak, never fly in their dreams
Awaken by falling again
They never speak, we can hide in reality
Only to reach your fantasies
Can’t remember anything
All I see is black and white
But these stains that will remain
The pass of time
Falling on myself
An angel saves my soul once more
Save me, save me from this end
I’m sinking deep down, deeper
I feel like I'm in quick-sand
Pull me out
Then I'll walk away
To leave it all behind
Test my will, it won’t fade away
This is way beyond reality
I can see more black and white
But the stains that still remain
They're just the same
2. Lost Horizon (4:31)
I have set high sails to see
Because I may never come back home again
Wander through the twilight, all distorted
My mind was spinning like wheel
Whispering winds they call my name
Welcome to your lost horizon
Take me where my fantasies ignite
Where my eyes are not blinded
And may deceived by your lies
Take me far away from all to see
Where the morning sun
Will shine so brightly
Let it shine on me
It's too late my visions have all faded
My looking glass is shattered
And left me inside yesterday
There's no time to follow
Hope's betrayed me
Hope's betrayed me once again
3. Voice Of Change (4:29)
Now on common ground
This is where we stand
Eye to eye
We stare into the dark
Fading life I've seen
Of the innocent
Just before their last drown breath
It's a time for change
A time to set things right
When this world is crushing down on you
It's time to make a stand
One will stand
One's not strong
Must unite and
Bring our thunder down
You're the voice of change
You've made your mark
And seen the light
There's a whisper of freedom that ride on the wind
Hear the voice of change
You were the spark that made the light
Can you all hear the voice of change?
So we struggle on
Trying to succeed
Will we ever come to compromise?
Wanting nothing more
Than some peace of mind
And someone to understand
Trying to tear us down
Trying to break what we believe
When this world is crushing down on you
It's time to make a stand
4. Killing Hand (4:22)
Angels were falling
Hiding in shadows
Heaven's been stained
With the blood of their sins
Darkened and crawling
From deep down below
Hell wasn’t meant for mankind
It’s time to rise up for that light
Stand alone
And he’ll deliver
Can you feel
The killing hand?
Join as one and he will fear
Don’t you hold the killing hand.
Demons are calling
Screaming they names
Unholy and shamed are their souls
So rise out darkness
Right into the light
I hear it call again
Trying to take my soul away
Enslaved by the killing hand
5. Journey To The Soul (4:35)
Don't walk alone
You have never seen and never heard
Surrounding shadows entwined life
Try to exceed
Beyond the boundaries of the mind
To softly infiltrate your world
Now looking back life's distant
And dissolved
Still search to find
To reveal your own light
There's a journey that we'll take
That explains where we belong
It was written in the scriptures
Of your soul
One more journey left to take
All that way, was never lost
You've extended and have found yourself
A journey to the soul
Softly hazed
Still your memories are in shades
Uplifting then retreating to their
Darkest point
So close the door
It's only an illusion
You'll cross the bridge
And then destroy the other side
Illusion dreams
Are masters of the dark
Baptised by religion
The taking of the light
Now looking back
There's no distance anywhere
You've searched and found
And revealed your own light
6. Holy Killers (5:10)
They're on their way to massacre
While marching through the night
With mind lost in prayers
In blood they thrust the light
They're fighting in the name of god
Devoted to their cause
Their courage must be proven
Slay the evil followers
Proudly under their flags
They will ride
They are following holy beliefs
On sacred land they ride
And send the souls to damnation
But there are still so many battles
And many deaths until triumph
Let divine light shine through
Hold the book of reasons
All the evil preachers burn
Holy killers
They use the book of god a reason
To send the lost souls to damnation
Holy killers
They'll free the sacred land of all
The preachers
Holy killers
They ride off winds of light
To be saved
Still they wander through
The darkness of their life
Should have let it go
When the light came haunting you
Should have let it go
Let it live without no fear
7. Symphony Of Death (5:37)
Will they remember you tomorrow?
Or you'll forget them yesterday
When all is said
And all is done
This world has now become as one
My melancholy symphony of death
Where a life is gleaming
That's where a child belongs
There's no chance for our tomorrow
Still we look for yesterday
There's no images to borrow
Only memories today
There are two images of you staring
Back at me when I was blinded
Turned my back to the fires of hell
So cast the spell to separate me from you
Drag me down to realise
You're not the virtues one
There's no more tears to borrow
You're in a world of sorrow
Nothing will stand in the way
How can you he so shallow?
I don't want to be hollow
This symphony offers you death
Take it with no regret
No I'm not saying this will be the last
Story to make it history
Dividing your heaven and hell
Images are all but gone in my eyes
There's a distance that separates ever
Ever from being with you
8. Edge Of The World (4:19)
You're all the way as far eyes can see
Wide awake yet still lost in a dream
Found a way now you'll have to stay
Search for new days tomorrow
Will you rise from your own sorrow?
Not afraid to look beyond what is real
You've just landed at the edge of the world
Never knowing what turn you'll be taking
In days to come
Never rested because you're restless
You are young, wild and free
Take a chance when it's your turn to fly
Try to find the light
Before planets all align
Reach out for inner fantasy
Why don't you take a chance
On your reality
Let me show you a doorway
That were really meant to follow
Have you got some time to borrow
Now you've finally come to realise?
9. Stargazer (6:41)
There are many that have walked
On this road before
Lost on their way
There will be no return
Still they'll be searching for more
To find a way out of the dark
Are you still running
With your eyes
Looking up to the sky?
Still fantasizing
Can there be something out there beyond
Still that mountain must be climbed
'Till you reach that shining light
Are there still galaxies to find?
There's a world right here
But you choose to be
Far away where your fantasies lie
Star chaser
When will the child become a man?
There's a world right here
But you choose to be
Far away where your fantasies lie
Are they leaving for now
Or they're trying somehow
Erasing a life that has never
Been burnt?
Hiding inside your own mind
Letting your wounds never heal
Are you still running
With your eyes looking
Up to the sky?
Still fantasizing
Can there be something
Out there beyond?
Still that mountain must be climbed
Until you've reached that shining light
10. Shine (4:12)
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