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Starving Out the Light Full Album Lyrics

Black Fast - Starving Out the Light cover art

Starving Out the Light

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Thrash Metal
Album rating :  91.7 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > B > Black Fast Lyrics (15) > Starving Out the Light Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-11)
1. Levitations (4:09)
The first order a call to arms for reason
Treasonous butchers casting their hooks into the wells
Swollen the tides are bulging and calving the capsules
Rising the waters roar with bellowing swells
Do you speak with the trees of the tallest to help remember?
If ashes and embers left records ever to tell?
Age of death without decay and the carcass is rising
Gravity finds the axe true aiming to fell

Cast out of a dream into waking darkness
Crippled frozen and pulsing the nerves convulse
Dusk accelerates fast over the horizon
The edge recedes under feet
We hover above the ravine

Suspended animation
Death spin

Death of an epoch an echo across creation
Spilled on the shores the boundaries of extinction
Winterstarved, receive the terms of surrender
From the wasteland barren, returning to its throne
2. Progenitors of Predation (5:17)
down and blind biting harder into the core
bleeding out from the wounded ocean floor
driven mad into the silent rift
haunted by the waking celestial spore

immortal at the bottom of the world
no birth or death for the first to replicate
spreading its tendrils open out
feasting while we’re chained to the floor

baseline test for detecting life
increase biomass and replicate
genus amputation of a surfacing infection
Leaching to the strain the creators of predation

adrift the wakes in sleep and in doubt
chords of dissonance ring, ringing out
ancient ones

infection setting in
deprived of oxygen
3. Colony Collapse (6:10)
Infinite glare
Ancient despair
Empty of dreams
4. Obelisk (5:42)
wired night burning out lamenting the exhaustion
immediate hunt and the imminent slaughter
running blind burning mind overcome and weary
outcome of the endgame is as hollow as the instinct
now against the towering relic
witnessing your fear become your singular possession
legions bred to build and reap and sever off the senses
eradicating flesh and bone immortalized in stone

lashed and whipped with wind and bit by bitter ego’s torment
descending through dimensions darkened by dementia
shrines in caves and lost in forest ruins speaking to their times
but the ceilings will come crashing down and better draw the lines

a warning of wonder and fear to behold
possessed and drunk with lust and power in the light of the ashen glow
a wealth of souls to be bought and sold
their thoughts and minds to own
falling into nothingness
swallowing every throne

piercing at the sky and in it’s shadow a growing fear
visceral and consuming all yet higher as they build
legions bled, never fed, naked to the yield
but the truth is so much more commanding of the weaponry to wield

rising from the wilderness, the will to live
5. Lost Between Worlds (0:36)
6. Starve (6:41)
Stripped of your reason
Diluting your will
A Ghost lives in the portra
7. Lack Regard (4:08)
broken vials shattered glass another failed experiment
burn the pages split the wages leave no witnesses or evidence
vapors seeping higher from the floor of chain reactions
permeating choking at the lungs obscuring vision
feeling every impulse fire burning hotter shining brighter
as the brain accepts the serum feel the anguish do its worst
seal off the corridor decomposing and erased
discarded with the rest
no vitals, no pulse, no interest

exploding from existence leaving just a bodily trace with the scourge of faded memory driving all it’s hate
genetically corrupt toxic fragments laid to waste
pollution being hungers to inflict the wounded race
altered creature out for blood with bitter evil tendencies
all you breathe the terror ripping vengeance dependency
a night inside the mind probing at the depths
countless ages would enslave and never reach the other side
every failed mutation knows that pain is not lost in this hell
the orations and the legends praise the damned animal
dawn brings light that hasn’t killed but it’s left you something worse
now I am become death lost between worlds


Praise the damned animal
Lost between worlds
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