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Wotan Redivivus | Full Album Lyrics

Bilskirnir - Wotan Redivivus cover art

Wotan Redivivus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsDarker Than Black
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Bilskirnir Lyrics (36) > Wotan Redivivus Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-12)
1. Siegsonne (6:46)
2. Never Dying Light (4:10)
3. Blood and Spirit (4:36)
Our hordes gather in the forests
we strengthen our spirits in scared ritual
anewing the ancient oath of blood
as our father did before

Through cold Nordic winds
with fire and with steel
with no fear inside
and no mercy left to spare

We are riding onwards
into glorious victory or death
wolfish warriors raging
to strike with no remorse

Blood and Spirit

On the wings of death we ride
blessed by the gods of war
we bring forward
the end of this world

Their temples laid in ruins
their order turned to dust
fulfilling our destiny
we lay waste the world of god

Blood and Spirit
4. Wotan Redivivus (5:29)
Howling winds in lonely nights
when the forest begins to speak
telling of ancient battles and victories
that took place long ago

The whispering of the wind
brings voices from ancient times long gone
speaking of what once was
again it shall be once more

The one-eyed master of life and death
lord of the runes, the highest one
sorcerer king of supernatural force
sleeping yet, but for how long?

Hail our gods, still alive in our blood
in times of greatest unrest
they’ll come to life again
Wotan shall rise once more
and nature will reign again
5. Der Wolkenwanderer (2:09)
6. Vorväter (7:22)
7. Söhne Muspells (4:13)
Heisse Asche strömt
zum Firmament hinauf
endlose Hitze
frisst jedes Leben auf
die Erde speit
ihr kochendes Blut
die Esche erzittert
vor Surturs Wut

Der schwarze Wächter steigt
aus gluehender Lava hervor
mit flammendem Schwert
hin zur Sonne empor
die Söhne Muspells
sind nun erwacht
der Himmel zerspringt
der Weltenbrand entfacht

Das Feuerriesenheer
tobt gen Asgard hinaus
zum letzten Gefecht
fordern sie die Götter heraus
auf Wigrid entbrennt
die entscheidende Schlacht
in ewiger Nacht
8. Muspellheim (1:18)
9. As This World Ends (6:49)
When this world has come to an end
and all life faded away
when all the gods have died
and only chaos remains

When the sun sank below into the sea
what will be left
when the final battle has been fought?

Will there be new life
born into a new world?
Will there be new light
born out of darkness?

What life will have meant
if we ceased to exist?
Is there a second spring
for our kind in sight?

As this world ends
the cycle will be closed
the dawning of a new golden age
born from Ragnaroks flames
10. Der Raben Heimkehr (2:08)
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