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Age of Darkness Full Album Lyrics

Bhopal - Age of Darkness cover art

Age of Darkness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Crust
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Bhopal Lyrics (10) > Age of Darkness Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-04-04)
1. Bike Punk Apocalypse (4:13)
Hail slaves of the gasoline
slaves of the cars,
die for your knight!

I want to see
the cars explode
I want to see
the highways
melt and burn
I want to see
the bike punk

Soaking dioxide
and full of hate
I will die paddling
on your fucking
traffic lane

Dozens die every week
fight back,
'cause this is a war!
2. Bhopal (3:45)
Bhopal, explode!
burn your flames
before our blood

The Buddhists' warnings
did they have right?
We've walked too far
stranded on the wrong way
How much sacrifice
to feed the machine?
All our blood
on the altar
that we have built

Bhopal, explode!
burn your flames
before our blood

Will we see the day
when we'll be free
from this sickness
to a rusted sore?

We're growing our stigmates
after the schism we made
to sign a pact with progress
and be poisoned
with the wealth we've had

But something must fail
before it's too late
Bhopal, explode!
Bhopal, explode!!
3. Hatred (3:05)
How long must I stand
the site of this
rotting world?

The forest has burned
and we just grow to weed
Carry on, carry on

The empty lakes
of my patience
The dry rivers
of my hope

Why is my fucking life
forced down
to just fucking hate?

Endless consuming
breeds of the wealth
Ah, this world
just deserves

May the loads
of your conscience
be as heavy
as my hate!
4. Age of Darkness (4:17)
Golden chariots
going through
garbage drenched roads

Golden cages
to protect
from the damage done

On burn the past years
the cattle awaits
But the shepherd
won't survive
his herd

Lords of the Earth,
look at the monuments
that you've built!
Rubbish heaps
surrounded by
concrete, ashes, and dust

Age of growth
what have we learned?
when concrete will
cover the Earth
what have we left
what will remain?

Age of darkness,
what have we done?
Piles of garbage remain
Attesting this age.
5. Doomed to Consume (2:38)
Trapped behind a desk,
sitting in a car
Just a mere semblance
of a man
a benumbed body
in a prepackaged roll
your mind, a thin-stretched rope

Trapped in chain production
Doomed to consume

Part of this generation
of larval slaves
Held down for the money
you need for your comforts
'cause you can't live without

Spending is your only right
Doomed to can to consume
Nothing more than cattle
pushing money around
Wasting is your only freedom
You're doomed to consume

Trapped into a traffic jam
you start getting fat
need more money
for a fitness club
it's all going to fast
paying the rent and
the mobile phone
your mind starts to crack
pushing it further
taking some pills
try to hold on
until it all
breaks down
6. Deadweight (4:06)
Locked up and strangled
by yourself
never conscious, never awake
you're pulling the strings
of a broken machine
No one's knowing
where is it heading to

You're a deadweight
going with the flow
How will you make it
when you will be
drowning in a flood

We'll sit by the river
Waiting for the flood
The only victory will be
to see everything drown

Wander in darkness
under black clouds
there's no shelter
in the streets
The only hope is for the coming storm
to see a light in the end
7. Extinction (3:49)
And we're still harvesting
for the last resources
until there's nothing
left to take
Reaping the fields
throwing no seeds
will leave us starving
gazing at the ruins
of a devastated land

compromise survival
causing self-destruction
is it too late to blame now?
But it can't be
forgiven like that!

Where's the choice
between life and death?
who's the ones who have
the right to decide?
they're supporting
this false equilibrium
that can't be sustained

Many pay with their lives
and what do they pay
with their lives?
It's a one-way ticket
for this train
to the point
of no return

We are just some
parasite debris
we better face
our extinction
for nature's revenge
8. Opposition (3:39)
Raise your banners
filled with empty words
you're another sheep
of the herd
and you walk
the same way

Opposition is no matter of words
evolution ceases to be
when no one acts
Nothing is moving on
Nothing will ever change

Dressed up for war
smashing things around
you're only a media toy
And you just play their part

Opposition is not
throwing a stone
there is no solution
if nothing grows
No one is building on
Nothing will ever change

Better be no one
than being a part of something
you don't even understand
Every effort gets wasted
let's tell the truth,
we're no alternative.
9. Where Morality Fails (2:19)
Protecting ourselves
in our safe environments
we forgot the values
that sustained our lives

We're causing our own sickness
in the hand of medicals
sustained by chemicals
just to keep us on

How many lives get wasted
of people we know how to cure?
But better have people suffering
and make them pay
to suffer more

And that's the place
where morality fails
where the right to live
is the right to be dead
where "helping people"
is a knife in the sore point
where every "chance more"
means endless suffering

Is being alive a value itself?
Or shall we call it
a senseless survival?
We can struggle for life,
or embrace death
but how can we make this choice
guided by greed,
not human pity?
10. Loser Generation (3:42)
Useless sons of the Cold War
We're the loser generation
paying the errors made before us
we're the hopeless generation
Even if we go we could,
how should we pay our debt
and hope a future
for ones to come?

Like the instinct of survival
we have the instinct to seed and grow
Is there a sense in looking forward
when there's no place to seed on?

We're spectators
Of the world's decay
We're the lost ones
We're the loser generation

Of the world's decay
We're the lost ones
We're the loser generation

If we're all going to die
it's just the end
of this agony
So let the bombs
fall from the skies
Let the fire
burn our faults
Let it burn us all!

So long with tales
of salvation,
it's something
we don't deserve
so why can't we just
bury the axe,
dig our hole,
and wait
for the end to come?
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