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Mindfire Full Album Lyrics

Beyond Fallen - Mindfire cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-02)
1. Act of War (4:24)
Fearless soldider, undeterred he stands alone
Chose your weapon, and face the fear of what's unknown.
Crush the insurgents with blundgeoning force
impose your will, staying the course.
Fallen aggressor, besieged no more, we will never fail

Blood stained warriors, won't stand down until they've won
no surrenderm retaliate for what they've done.

Battle rages on, taking them by storm
another twist of fate provokes an act of war
Sound the battle cry of what we're fighting for
another nation falls, avenge an act of war!

Fueling hatred, rise against our enemies.
Pounding war drums, deliever us to victory.
Punishment raining down, city ignite
armored battalions stand ready to strike
never deterred by those who will say, we can never win.

Strength and honor
nothing standing in our way.
Commence the slaughter
this is freedom's price to pay.
Jaws of the death machine opening wide
no place to run, no place to hide.
Blood on the killing field, mass genocide
know we will prevail!

2. Blood on the Ice (5:43)
A force coming down from the north
feared legions of the horns.
Men will settle scorns of old
fighting through the winter cold.
Drink from skulls of defeated foes
in the land where the cold wind blows,
Here now unfolds the story
ride with Odin into glory
where the cold wind blows.

Long ships sail from east to west
into battle the Norsemen's conquest
wielding the sword, rape and pillage
terrorizing the coastal village.
Brutal attack, killing them all
stand in the blood, where the enemies fall.
Fight until the final breath
unleashing wrath, bringer of death
enemies fall.

From the North, comes winters chill
into the battle, where the blood I spill.
Blood on the ice, this is our destiny
sword and shield will deliver us to victory.

Thousand years of viking reign
nothing to lose, but all to gain.
Crushed beneath an iron hand
rise and fight, defend our land.
The battle axe strike down those
who dare stand and oppose.
Onslaught of steel forged in flame
resistance will only end in pain
end in pain!!

Fight with honor a warrior's quest
and so it's on to another conquest.
The gods of war on their side
scars of battle worn with pride.
Tradition of strength and power
the enemies will be devoured.
Not deterred by ice and snow
men will fall and the blood will flow
where the blood will flow.

3. Enemy of an Open Mind (5:21)
See the man with his head in the dirt
he does not realize the truth.
Disillusioned by his way of thinking
as he falls down to the ground.
Fools to the left, hypocrites to the right
blindfolded from what's real destroy all insight.
Sinking deeper into a crippled mind
as we watch the future die, watch the future die.

Out of touch detached from it all
buried by their ignorance.
They criticize what they don't understand
silence disintegrates intelligence.
Hand in hand the brainless and the blind
between walls of shame where they are confined.
Morbid self-devotion of the sickest kind
as we watch the future die.

Trapped in time, the enemy of an open mind.
Left behind, the enemy of an open mind.
Thoughts confined, confined it's the fear that scars the mind.
Lost in time, the enemy of an open mind.

Not to step outside the conformity
collapse of the human will.
Not to bend the rules of society
made to taste the rotten filth.
Self-induced stagnation unwilling to change
proliferate dementia leaving them deranged.
Helplessly stricken driven insane
the misuse of a brain!
4. Closer to the End (6:08)
Alone in this solitude as time gets washed away
leave another past behind me and erase another day.
Another sunset dies on the mountain
and the darkness drawing near.
One last sliver of light and it's gone
into the night it disappears.

I'm getting closer to the end
another step towards the other side.
It's nearing closer to the end
and the secrets that the future hides.
I'm getting closer to the end
another step towards the other side.
It's nearing closer to the end
and the secrets that tomorrow hides.

The clouds are starting to drift away
it's all becoming so clear.
Voices in the distance fading
until there's nothing I can hear.
It's a force that's pulling you under
it's something you cannot deny.
You can't turn back on the road you're on
no matter how hard you may try.
5. Fields of Honor (4:54)
6. Mindfire (4:44)
Slaves to the iron hand that's pushing them down
Muted to silence so they won't hear a sound
Slaughter of innocence refrain from the light
Frighten the paranoid to hide from what's right
Words have no meaning when they've given up the fight

It's the fear that burns through the mind
As the memories turn to ashes
Terminate a way of thinking
As it burns the minds away

See human robots that are feeding the machine
Subdued society that's high on gasoline
Corrupted government that keeps all in their place
Strip the individual, a number not a face
Hiding the truth about the lives they have erased

Submissive to the enemy
Behind closed doors
Using the helpless souls
For fuel that feeds the war
Bringing the hammer down
To smash all who oppose
Lost souls who wander but
Have no place left to go
Value of human life
Has hit an all-time low

Eye for eye - mindfire
Live to die - mindfire
7. The Dominance (5:02)
Bruised and beaten, broken soul
Piercing skin, cracking bones
Bound and gagged made the slave
To humiliate and to degrade
Face to the floor hands are tied
Cries go unheard, undignified

Into submission the victim beaten down
Tortured and broken so beaten down
You will submit to the dominance

Suffering a lasting memory
Burned deep into the consciousness
A story told by the scars wounded forever by the hate
A profane ritual of pain looked upon with total disdain

Fresh blood it beads on soft white skin
A lesson you won't soon forget
Your weakness is the sadist's strength
Soiling the innocence with filth
Pushing you down into a hole
Into a place that's dark and cold
8. Sniper (4:41)
As I walk across the sands of the desert plain
I journey into a valley of death.
No shelter from the unforgiven sun.
Cold hearted killer, ice in my veins.
Like a serpent winding through a wasteland
hunter and hunted, with malice I bring pain.

Hand on the trigger, the victim in my sights
I'm moving in for the kill.
Carry out the sentence, one bullet assassination
I am a desert sniper!

Insignificant and feeling so very small
consumed by the wind, sand, and sun.
Not a shadow to be found anywhere
although I'm weary, I've never felt so aware.
Cursed to fall victim to a strange and forgotten land
I have the prey in my sights.


A blinding sandstorm makes me disappear
heart pounds as the target draws near.
In the cross hair nowhere to run
one last breath as I'm aiming the gun.
With one bullet I take down the mark
echo of gunfire rips the sky.

9. Illusion of Life (5:40)
In this seclusion it's like living in a dream
Some things aren't always what they seem
Hearing the voices but don't understand what's said
Now it all plays out in your head

This life around you begins to break apart
Conflicts with your reality
A trip through the past takes you right back to the start
And affirms your mortality

You can't see, it's not real, it's illusion
To believe, what can't be, this illusion
It's the seed on which you feed on illusion

Living inside a box sheltered from it all
Life nothing but a fantasy
See fragile wishes shatter pieces on the floor
Existence you chose to ignore

The drug that sinks it's teeth in you and won't let go
Where this will end you do not know
Pulled out from under you right before your eyes
Dissolves into a world of lies

Under the surface is the truth that lies beneath
These things that challenge your belief
Reality comes down breaking your faith
The realization it's a waste

And so this world you've known isn't as you think
The pain of failure on the brink
Break free from this world in which you hide
Leave it behind and step outside
10. Bomb Inside Your Head (5:29)
Plant the bomb inside your head
detonation of all the things you dread.
It's your jailer, judge, and jury
the engulfing flames unleash the never ending fury.
In jaws of hatred you're consumed
ignorance is a self-inflicted wound.
Explode the narrow minded ways
arrogance and ignorance blown away.

Detonating...the bomb inside your head
Devastating...leaving you for dead.

Your struggle is an endless climb
the punishment that surely fits the crime.
Sewn shut your ears, eyes, and mouth
to keep you a captive of their lies.
Mutilation of the mind
hallucination thought sedation interwined.
Drain a life that they deserve
nothing now remains as your past life dies.

Detonating...the bomb inside your head
Devastating...leaving you for dead.
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