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Machines of Corruption Full Album Lyrics

Beyond Fallen - Machines of Corruption cover art

Machines of Corruption

GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-04-02)
1. Caligula (4:41)
son of germanicus
general beloved by rome
death of tiberius
caligula succeeds him to the throne

rome will rejoice the ascent of caligula
emperor, noblest of men

excess, extravagance
no earthly pleasures he can be denied
sadistic appetite
ego fuels his madness deep inside

rome must submit to the reign of caligula
deified, god among men
caligula - tyrant's rise
caligula - tyrant's reign

contempt for senators
forcing their wives to be his whores
long knives of vengeance strike
blood flows across the palace floor

blades of assassins will murder caligula
he dies, a mere mortal man

caligula - tyrant's fall
caligula - tyrant dies
2. Machines of Corruption (7:31)
spawned from the chaos deception controlled by the hate - controlled by hate
drugged by their egos, they've sold their souls, it's too late - now it's too late
like russian roulette will the bullet be yours in this game - this deadly game

disciples of greed, infected with lies
no thought of the consequence
these acts we despise
into the madness the empire will fall
machines of corruption make slaves of us all

playing the last hand gamble with lives
nothing's fair- nothing is fair
killing the truth with a hand that will
silence them all - silence them all
dance in the ruins of what has become
this wretched life - a wretched life

crossing the line to a point that there will be
no return - there's no return
control the masses, brainwashed the
fools never learn - fools never learn
chewed up and spit out you have been
used for their gain - used for their gain

silence falls, nothing said a price to pay, to slaughter led a future held, in hands of greed
upon the poor, on which they feed to the brink, til you break the more you give, the more they'll take in back rooms, they'll conspire
consequence of dark desire...
3. Merchant of Souls (7:32)
there's a place far beyond
where souls fall alas be gone
meet the man who sells and buys
a sinner's soul from lifeless eyes
left hand path that leads here
all suffering will disappear
what it's worth any price
indulgence choose the vice
shadows cloud reality forge a new morality
transgressions to possess
never more to confess

lord of flesh and god of fire
blessed with pleasure of worldly desires
sign in blood seal the fate
the rites of passage await
wings of death cold embrace
sensations of mortality a bounty to taste
empower want no more
manifest the presence of a mind now reborn

demon seed feast of whores
procreate and spread the spores
souls defiled no regret
break the virgin pay the debt
conscience lost unrestrained
purity forever stained
face the fate without fear
never hide when doom draws near
shadows cloud reality forge a new morality
transgressions to possess
never more to confess
4. Valhalla Rising (2:05)
5. Sacred Ground (6:30)
from the land of coal and steel
to a place we'd never been before
cross the ocean on silver wings
to bring the battle to a distant shore
make our stand fighting for the cause
a tribute to the warriors of the past
rising again to take back what is ours
time is short and moving all too fast

start a fire and bring the thunder
raise a fist you're the loud and proud
take no prisoners, we won't rest
'til we touch down on sacred ground

call to arms all joined as one
nations stand together as one voice
feel the surge of power in your soul
live this way by our own choice
will to crush those fools who oppose
vanquish all who fail to understand
here to stay while others fall
bring the victory back to our homeland

this is our time and this is the place
a conquest to meet our destiny
rage through the night in spirit you are strong
carve out a place in history
raise our voices, raise your horns
salute our friends where the fires burn
we won't forget memories in stone
we'll be sure to meet again when we return
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