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Hellstorm Full Album Lyrics

Besatt - Hellstorm cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  88.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-06-04)
1. Baphomet (7:41)
His left hand
Shows above
White moon

His right hand
Shows below
Black moon

On his brow drew
Light symbol
Might sign

Between horns
Beaming flames
Magic light
We are goat believers
Let our enemy shiver
Cause will be for him

His animal head
Spreads fear
In their eyes
Faithful sinners

Between legs
There's cane
Hellish symbol
Eternal life

From many centuries
Is solution
Darkness and light
Hellish and holiness

Magic of mighty evil
Sin goat
Black church
Spectrum of death
Become time
Our fight
Time of sword and target
Let's union
Like a wolfs
Under hellish evil banner
We will wash
Our hands
In warm blood of our enemy
Let them feel
Fear and humility
To believers of black goat

Baphomet !!!
2. Funeral Wind (5:43)
I'm dead
Wretched body breaks dawn
In the darkness I feel pain and death

Graveland's silence
Breaks damned's groan
Human blood again flows dawn
On the death throne

I'm dead
Like a bad dreams remain
From the thick fog
I show my pale face

From the seven gates of hell
Blaspheme scream I arise
revenge by destiny
Till to the end

In darkness I wake up
Astral whirl floats me
Minds like a frosty wind
Breaks the cross with fury

I'm evil ghost
I return like wind
To put fear to your mind
You see me in the beauty of the night

From a seven gates of hell
Blaspheme scream I raise
Revenge by destiny
Till to the end
3. Ave Master Lucifer (3:36)
On the glade between the trees
Full moon shines in the darkness
I hear louder and louder sing
I scream laudatory sing
Fire is burning with shadows around
Mad dance has begun
This night is magic
I still hear laudatory scream
I feel heat on my body
Sweet sticky taste on my mouth
Known smell I recognize
Echo repeats again
Choral wild scream
4. Hellstorm (6:44)
Hellish bell thunders
To announce war - time
Take up your sword
And look proudly at death's face
For pain of our exist
For stake flowed by blood
For years of falsehood and lies
Today earth will burn by fire
It's coming time of Armageddon
It's coming time of Hellstorm
5. For Glory of Satan (5:31)
Flash cut the sky
When I climb up
When destiny leads me

At my wander peak
Stone covered by moss
Shows written mystic sign

Black father symbol
Turned cross
Now I know I'm with him
Wisdom power and black
Symbols your power
Till to the end
I will adore it

Now I see
Only war
Fear it!
Christians believers!

Let's up our banners
Of black velvet
With painted six six six

Sound of thousand hammers
From darkness forge
Where they forge our swords

Bells of anxiety ring
Carries fright
Army of HELL is closed

All regrets will be buried
Will no forgive
The time of clever, right of violence

In great Pentagram I'm standing
Shaping my mighty sword
Bring are my black brother
Ready to give their life
Waiting for bloody
I'm looking to the north
And in a battle massacre
I spot a sword
Christian's blood

For glory of Satan !!!
6. Gates of Hell (4:07)
I cut away torturing rope
Of lies and hypocrisy
So that I may look at your throne

Open the gates
Take my soul
Satan master

Let me climb over the schemes
To understand
The pentagram's Mystic power

I pass my path for long time
Path without any forbid
Path without any mercy
My path leads me straight to the hell

Give my your truth of wisdom
So that I may mock
at christian's rules

Open the gates
Take my soul
Satan master
7. Created for Lightning (9:21)
Signs on the sky and earth announce
Disorder, blood and fire
Fury of hurricanes destroy all
Carry the devil's seeds

There's a war around
And disease kills men
Like a bridge between life and death
Lighting flash the mighty night
Thunder end winds stun the blessed candle prayers

In lighting the birth and scream
The devil's word has been released
Approach the earth, carries by echo
Between forests, mountains and caves
Till to each creature

Makes hearts full of darkness
And predicts hard times for
christian's world
I'm created of lighting
And I declare the war against old orders
I will forward run to the future
I bring to the gathering
Of enlightens Men!
8. Devil's Eyes (8:33)
Under the black banner
I lead my life
I'm looking from above on disease
Christian world
I'm enlighten between sick people
They pass on their constrain
By generation
In present empty, dirty world
I'm watching by devil's eyes
On unsuccessful prophecy
Desperate ship's Evangels
Left for devour
By wolfs from the darkness

Lucifer is the way
To self-perfection
Lucifer is teacher
Of dignity and pride
Lucifer is conqueror
Against unnatural rules
Lucifer is the guide
For enlighten legions
Master help me to wake up people
Chosen to command
Under your majesty
Burn by lightning's fire
My life line
Or cut my earthy existent
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