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Leichenhaus Lyrics

Bereft - Leichenhaus cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal, Sludge Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-12-14)
1. Corpse Flower (3:23)
2. Mentality of the Inanimate (6:17)
Here in this place
Live - come to rest
The dead come to wait
The grandiose structure
Houses such morbidity

Where within
The bereft find peace
Mob mentality
Of the inanimate

The bell tolls
Not for its usual desires

Through resurgence of vitality

A startling reemergence
Into oppression
3. Withered Effloreescence (7:10)
Unfortunate enough to wake
The mistakes at least
They had the luxury
To live one day as a corpse

Blessed are they who live out
Their final earthly days
Upon a bed of
Withered efflorescence

Orchards chime in the
Wake of uncertainty
Webs entangling the limbs
Of the recent dead
Dirge now made from the sounds
Of this carnal symphony
4. The Coldest Orchestra (6:51)
Wait for putrefaction
It's the only sure sign

Wake up to strings
Orchid cover corpse
Wake up the watchman
The coldest orchestra

Pay your way to watch them stay
Laying in wait to rot or to hate
Watch for a sign

Still waiting for putrefaction
It's the only sure sign

A twitch now sets
The bellow sets of the bells
Watch now for a sign

Wake up to strings
Orchid cover corpse
Wake up the watchman
The coldest orchestra

Lyrics: Nicole Pasco
5. A Cruel Mirage (5:43)
I found my Christ in the desert
Rivers run dry now parched forever
A cruel mirage on the horizon
I take my place with the dying

Unfaithful eyes your truth is failing me
Remnants of time so unforgiving
Unwanted being now adrift forever
In oceans of sand that fill our lungs

Carve it out with your tongue
Let your words enrapture me
The dying want to live
In a boundless world of fantasy

The truly righteous die alone
Without a soul to give
I want to be a ring around Jupiter
And grace the heavens black
But I rest in golden silence
That whispers of despair
6. Ethereal Dispersal (8:19)
Shadows circle
Over charnel ground
Awaiting the reception of ritual

No lamentation for the fallen
As elemental transcendence nears\
Anguish exists born of desire

Through this detachment one sees the truth
An ultimate cessation of suffering

And end to this vapid existence

The offered is given
A clear way to the path
An acceptance of impermanence

Flesh picked from bone
Bone pounded to dust
The masters of sky
Inherit the earth

As the formless disperse
Into ether
7. ...and You Are but a Thought (2:55)
"Fools. What fascinations there are on this planet. Strange mortals with... curious customs. We'll have a storm now. And an earthquake if you like."
"Never mind them. People are of no value. We could make more sometime... if we need them."
"Life itself is only a vision… a dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you… are but a thought."
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