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Never Again | Full Album Lyrics

Belial - Never Again cover art

Never Again

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsLethal Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Firestorm (2:32)
Are we born of the firestorm
Born too late to mesmerise
Seeking no blood, ice
Hearing no eyes of time

Repentance, dehydration
Coaporation, emotion
Cold, cease
Where's our equality?

Repentance, dehydration
Coaporation, emotion
2. The Red One (4:31)
Exploded in the center of the cold
Created everything around itself
Rules from place to another
Up to now without enemies

Blackness created by it
Gave the green to remoteness
Somewhere the greyness shines
It evokes the cold

There's always a scorching heat
Waters always in three forms

The mighty red hills
Doesn't know it

But it breeds
The only cornerstone of life

It destroys life
And we help it
It gives life to another
Without our help

Life needs it badly
Though you can't see that
Its sight is admirable
But we can't see.
3. Dragons Kiss / Swan Song (2:50)
4. As Above So Below (3:34)
Look in the pond of blood
You will see dreams of the dead
Time before false god
Time before itself

You see the ancient ones
Locked beyond the gate
Waiting there ready to rule
The earth once again

As above
In the abyss the chaos breed dwells
So below
We, the created ones are like them

Let them curse
It that curse the day
Who are skillfull
To rouse Leviathan

Reflections show a vision
Horned lords rise from the underworld
Doors are openin, gate azonei
Demons walk through the world

Dermis Mysteriis has awakened
Time has come, humanity falls
Hordes of demons, god dethroned
It's there always and cthulhu calls.
5. The Sun (6:33)
Grooves blackened under my nails
Beautiful yet frailed
Parched tracks on my fingers disturb
Mood sinks

I need something good
Frigid state seems to subside
Come my sun and amuse
I'm waiting wistfully for your vernal rains

Everyone is eating me blindly
I try to cease the weariness
Inside of me
It tears me from inside
Quiety I beg for its mercy
And alone

I try to smile, but it seems just artificial
I miss the carnal sun
Blood tastes on my lips, wanna any?
Comfort me the sun

I need something good
Come my sun and amuse
I miss the carnal sun
Comfort me the sun.
6. About Love (3:37)
Tell me about love
How it captures
Tell me of a duke of emotions
How hatred grows

I'm bird beyond heaven
I'm the shark in the deep seas
Black raven in black night
Hunger of pine marten grows

Have you seen the shark and raven
The one which grows of hatred
As a bird I've fallen from heaven
And as a pine marten whirled of hunger

Tell me about hatred
Tell how it grows
I want to know about love
How deep is it?

I have drunk of the sea of love
And eaten its bred
Fed the raven on the side
And so the hunger of pine marten grows

Sparks sides between flames
Love is a dying fire
Pine martens loins swollen
The bird abandons its wings

I ask you about hatred
And how blood runs
I know something about love
And how deep it is.
7. Pain-Flood (4:52)
It opens gracefully
Slowly with delight
Fatal groans are carried
Though is paralyzed for a while

It cracks and opens deeper
Still slower but tidy
Groans strengthen a bit
Visions fill the sight for a second

A mouth gasps for air
Voice is carried in a room

Wine flows
Feels the pain like the floods
It strengthens in the eyes
Reaches its objects easily

Shrouded tissues get tangled
A band lowers the liberator
Pain overflows and sways
Falls asleep easily

A page of life is written.
8. Clouds (4:05)
And they die

There reists a colossal figure
Born in dimensions
Cared or forgotten
What does it raise of us?

Love and rage

Outlined behind clouds
Visible get far away
Loom grabs the careless
The occurrence lasts and lasts
Or its nonexistent

Death creates again

Under velopment of reality
Forever unable to crush
Constant grotesque being is sentenced
Touch doesn't condemn or help

Those are theirs, ours
Piercing us with pity
Spiritual black clouds
And everything such vividly.
9. Desires (4:02)
Wandering in woods
Under freezing moon

Among smoke and clouds
Red mist on the ground

Nocturnal clouds open us
Truthful deal has been made
Inner wilderness has a place
Apple in a tree is ours to take
Silent whispers wakes my soul
Still carrying on this bloody bowl

Mystical meeting
Lovers breeding
Clouds approaching
Moon shining

Our lusts
Our desires
Eternally in
Our hearts.
10. On You (4:37)
Looks of delight
Are wholly mine
Ceisting there
Across the air

Sear the perventive veil
Someone desires to reveal
Thoughts of my own mind
Obscurity burning on my -

I've set the fog on you
Let your passion roll
I've set the fog on you
Taste the flesh of snow

Seeing your shadow honey
I'm pleased through you
Sights are making me wanting dear
To be flowing in the skies
Helpless sailor on the high seas
Search the same shore of sandless pearls

Slay me, I'm your slave
Surrendering for the soft rave
Dreaming should be woken with care
Giving in a same grave.
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