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Visions of the Scourge Full Album Lyrics

Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge cover art

Visions of the Scourge

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > B > Begrime Exemious Lyrics (8) > Visions of the Scourge Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-05-20)
1. Incestuous Servitude (4:52)
Antecessor, come and carry us to Blackula
Send your winged beasts and riding goats
Over the churchyard to that deceiving meadow
Skewered from ass to mouth

"You'll not find your saviour's forgiveness
Beyond the gauntlet's blows
Children, keep your promise to me
Or you'll be bashed across the crossroads."

Our names and blood in his book of fire
Baptized in the butter of the witches
We erect a crumbling house of worship
Drunk on the spueing of our lord

Wined and dined at his table of stone
Beyond the psychedelic gate
The highest witches at his right hand
Lick the semen off his plate

Taking the form of man or woman
The master procreates his wives
Feeding off the last of his children
And their short incestuous lives
For this pleasurable servitude
Whose wrath do you fear more?
The beast, the father, or the witch finder
As you howl the sins of your lord
2. Oath of Impiety (4:44)
A curse is carried by the wind
A shift is felt in the atmosphere
I've chanted ancient verse
Now the demons have captured my soul

A shrine of blasphemy rots deep inside of me
An oath of impiety is beckoning me

Escape the wrath... of the devil!

Spewing blood upon the altar
Set ablaze the enemies haunt
Possessed by forces that I can't explain
I'm not instrument of evil, I'm fucking insane
My eyes are burning, searing red
Affinity with the fucking dead
Nocturnal lust - a fucking lust for all that's evil
I drink the blood as a sacrificial offering

The dead have risen from the ground as per my evil command
I control their every move as the scourge infect our land
Summoning my allies that dwell in the nether regions
I am the master and ruler of Satan's legions
3. Chasm to Obscurity (6:24)
The league of my sea is crushing
The deep dark depth takes my last breath
Black and blue swirling chasms
All of my creation

Self inflicted, miserably suffering
Despondent, arrogant, writhing
Contemplate to cease this existence
Familiar glory in my stomach

Scribe... last... words... in... blood!

The corridors are a thousand years long
Eternal punishment for sin
The floors are burning hellfire
I long to dwell in obscurity
4. The Vault of Ancient Bone & Poison Saliva (6:50)
There is a vault of dried bones
Deep, where it cannot be discovered

It is protected by a winged beast
With razor claws and poison saliva
It will attack any creature

That dares to disturb this vault
Any creature coincidentally
Discovers ancient bones
Will be swiftly and brutally destroyed

The poison saliva will burn deep through
Layers of fur, skin, bone and cartilage
It is a sought after liquid
I want to smear it all over my body
especially my testicles
5. Perverted Decadence Churning (4:41)
'twas an eve unlike another
Beckoned from deep inside of me
A foaming collection of a million lusts
A binging sickness burning in my guts
I am set free

Sexual arrogance, bestial permanence, perverted decadence churning in this head of mine
Witch like substance, mandatory indulgence, forces potion burning holes in my soul
Fatigued eyeballs bleed, tears of stone, rotting in my fucking bones this ghastly curse I cannot escape
Deadly secretes, lurking deception, manipulation used to my cruel advantage
6. Sacrament of Virgin Flesh (5:07)
Return to ancient times when pagan fires burned
Predatory wolves are stalking fearful Christians
I am lurking in the shadows with my weapons drawn
Intoxicating, masturbating, selecting my prey

Into the night - I flee - with my captive

Baneful, mournful - your fate is sealed
Creature, captured - darkness revealed
Penetrate the virgin's flesh
Offer her to demons - a sacrament
7. Vengeance Bestowed (4:24)
I storm the gates of heaven and attack with hate
Greeted by the lustful angels, they service and fellate
Upon my exit I am sure that nothing will remain
My wrathful vengeance bestowed, all my opponents slain

I've subjected my fate to the devil's cruel law
To serve in his eternity, triumphant, without flaw

No surrender - No Remorse - Grave Robbers - Evil One

Dark raging chaos now controls my every breath
This devotion I've sworn reaches past the realms of death
Abandoned all purity and embrace the sulfur burn
There are no limitations, I satisfy my every desire
8. Relic of Befouled Incantations (15:01)
First you must capture a toad
For the extraction of alchemical contents
Obviously, it must be skinned
And pinned to an ant hill's entrance

When the remains are finally dry
Waiting in your pocket for the harvest
Plunge them into a stream
One bone will float the farthest

Possessed by the shadow of a presence
As you run stumbling through the valley
Til at last you make your grasp
For glory or for folly

At the stroke of the witching hour
Crush the relic in a bowl
Imbued by the snorting of the powder
With a gift of bestial control

The noble are launched from their horses
Snapping their necks on the rocks
Serpents slither up maidens thighs
Visibly wet through their frocks

Now harness three toads to a toad [?]
Let them run free with their chariot
Across the crops never to grow again
A curse they'll never forget

A toad man should spread his mischief
Til every woman and child is crying
And every man lies dead on the ground
Without a reason for dying

If true wickedness lies in your heart
As in this foul incantation
Obey these few simple rules
Of toad man initation
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