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Batsheva Lyrics

Batsheva - Batsheva cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  -
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Lyrics > B > Batsheva Lyrics (6) > Batsheva Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-04-08)
1. Of Night (1:41)
2. Batsheva the Unholy, the Destroyer, & the Highest (7:38)
waves approach. embrace the tide and become one with dark waters, or stare still at a silent sun that blinds you and dries your skin to dust. a weeping moon ever nears... celestial throne to the mighty. one day it shall eclipse the sun, and forever we will live in her glory. come all ye weary and despair before the unholy, the destroyer, and the highest; usurper of suns, slayer of kings, she who comes to consume mankind; her skin is stone, her power great, she rides against the sun's children; fear to those who desecrate wombs and scratch the skin from the Earth: Batsheva. she comes on a great black crow that will build nests from enemy bones. emperor skulls adorn her waist, stretched by a belly full of flame. her gaze is a despairing winter; her voice is the shrill howl of beasts. her blades shall cut through the sky and maelstroms will follow their path. the ocean will rise in welcome and flood the earth and float her throne. for the sin of your idolatry, you shall drown in salt water and blood. hail Batsheva, great equalizer, who slays with not a shred of remorse, who comes with twenty-arms armed with blades that will gouge the organs from her enemies' waists. she is the spirit of vengeance blistering with unholy rage. glory to Batsheva the highest who comes armed with disease and storm. beasts of wild herald the spirit dancing in the darkest of woods. willow limbs twist to the sky to hang the idolaters as sacrifice. and her ilk who raise no banner she'll wash away in a torrent of flame, for she has no use for treachery. death to the corrupted weak who stand against the rise of their own kind. hail Batsheva and her violent grace! death to those who would profane her ways. Batsheva cometh. she rides on high to upset the order, to absolve the night.
3. Moon Eyes (7:39)
this city was built on the bones of those who came before. this nation's prosperity was built on the rape of ancestral lands. the moon stares at the destruction of our kind. i am the carnage you sought when you dared to poison the sky and defecate waste into the sea. i will ravage the smokestack palaces and drag their emperors into the streets. crack open their jaws, rip out their tongues, and breathe foul toxins into their heaving lungs. the city has been built on the bones of those who came before; their blood watered the seeds that allowed the growth of this monstrosity with its steel bones and glass skin and its diseased cells moving within.
4. The Final Coming of the Witch-Queen with Sorcery and War Emanations (5:58)
my goddess was azure, but now she runs red. she tastes of copper; her skin is rust. her emanations float in her sickened sea, their bloated corpses riding on waves to me. my goddess was green; she is charcoal now. she burns red with anger at the blackened clouds. her emanations have been burned with her flesh by the lords and kings of envy in their towers of glass. but these goddesses have not been slain. their metamorphosis reaches completion. theirs will come in the night like a thief. theirs will come by the light of a crescent moon. their emanations rise from the withering ground and mold blades from the goddess's vengeance. with sword and shield they march against gold tide to cut the throats of monarchs, to stab out their eyes. this vile vengeance will correct the error established by the enemies of the goddess. the stars will burn in their hatred for these kings. queens of old will rise with the wakening. your god was conceived by my goddess, then ripped away from her womb and made king. his followers had slaughtered our queens and called us witches and cast us beneath. now we are witches, and now we have come to wreak havoc on those who took our sun and cast their own weakened star in the sky. we have come to kill. all men must die. the witch-queen comes and avenges her kin, backed by armies six-thousand strong. her sorcery hath power over the winds, and the flames of change burn within her heart. perish, false kings. our queens rise again.
5. God in Heaven (3:37)
6. The Conquest of the Witch-Queen (8:55)
the smell of ash and bodies burning in the forest... the night, darker than black, held no peace as screams pierced the thick smoke. i was one of many, a sister of a coven of green, but they called my goddess a devil and forced baptism by flame. i was bound by thorns to the tree i had tended since birth. i could hear my sisters crying out as their flesh was burned black. they read me the rite of a god they claimed true, then they took the torch and set the branches aflame. i awoke from my ashes when i heard a goddess weep, but, when i stood from my grave, i saw my mother gray and diseased. commanding life and death, i pulled my sisters from the earth and made an army from their bones to wage a war against these false thrones. and, when we storm their castles, we will slaughter the men, save the priests, who will be taken and burned like we once were. and, when we find the kings, we will nail them to their thrones and melt down their treasures, then bathe them in their molten gold. i was one of many, a sister of a coven of green, and now they call me queen of witches who were once beneath.
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