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A Monument to Endless Suffering | Full Album Lyrics

Barren Altar - A Monument to Endless Suffering cover art

A Monument to Endless Suffering

GenresBlack Metal, Doom Metal
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Lyrics > B > Barren Altar Lyrics (6) > A Monument to Endless Suffering Lyrics (4)
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1. Malignant Light (7:38)
Come Forth!
Uncoil and be seen
Breath deep the flames of regression
And mark me with your Will
For you I retain this temple
Built by the Hand and the Word
Of those who have walked before us
Farther, farther away from the Sun

To touch
To taste
To breathe
Of secrets long buried in lore

Exalt in Annihilation

Far beyond
The grace of God
I commit my body to the earth
Shed the flesh
Organ and bone
Awaken the fire
Spread the night.

I”ll be the blood in the water
The rust in the iron
The rot in the wood
The fissure in stone

The malignancy of Light.
2. The Nectar of Human Blood (6:55)
Search for me in the waste of sterile seed
Know me by the scent of spoiled meat
I am the hunger in the rapists eyes
The ecstasy in the vaginal tear

The feverish howl of lunacy
The gasp from the tightening rope
The wet sigh of genocide
The swallowed tongue of seizures bite
Bestow upon me
your offerings
Of abandoned young and feral beast

For to know me is to know the void
to speak my name to praise its work
For through these jaws shall pass
The honeyed nectar of human blood
And through you my spirit corrupts
The usher of apocalypse dawn

Like the supplicant’s tongue on rusted blades
Like the cries of infants drowning in wet earth
Until the final pillar of Abraham crumbles
And the ashes of man
Smother the world.
3. Aphelion Rites (7:19)
Wretched Star
In congress with famine and war
Call down the Devil’s hammer
To pound and dismantle and crash upon St. Peter’s door.

the age of Aphelion
Redeem us in the sight of the lunar eye
Bring forth the age of Aphelion
Unending winter of absent light

For I have witnessed
The fall of man
For I was promised
An end to all

Welcome the child of silent birth
Torn from the womb
The blood of the whore
Called from the lips of the ancient ones.
First kings of the earth. The rulers of ash.

The age of the slave is a fleeting one.
Flush with disease, the weakness of prey.

Aphelion Rites

For I have witnessed
the fall of man
For I was promised
An end to all.

Welcome the child of silent birth
Torn from the womb
The blood of the whore
Called from the lips of the ancient ones
First kings of the earth, the rulers of ash.

Aphelion Rites.
4. Wet Cunts, Profane Whispers (5:57)
On salted ground
We build with bones
Sun bleached and decayed
A monument
To our empty lives.

Woven with skull,
femur and rotting hair

A desperate bridge
Between man and God
Is the final prayer
The last oblation
Of the remaining few
Left to be purged.

Our Father shall cleanse the sky
With fire, and caustic rain.
With trembling hands we dig through hardened clay
To prepare our earthly graves.

In the lingering
Of a sinking Sun
Our monolith
With the sound of an ancient tongue

In the lingering
Of a sinking sun
Our monolith
In the verse of an ancient tongue
Come to me,

you daughters of ruin
come to me.
With wetted cunts
and profane whispers.

Surrender your flesh
Free yourself from form
Dance the dance of death
Be one with the storm.
The arrow in the heart
The poison in the vein
The corpse birthed from the womb
The song of inverse praise

For this is glory!
A triumphant end!
for a withering world!

For this is glory!
A Triumphant end!
For a withering world!

From madness we come, and to madness return
Thrashing forth like oceans
Shining like dying stars
From Chaos we’re born
And to Chaos we die
Crossing the final borders
Into the quiet night
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