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The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth Full Album Lyrics

Barrabás - The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth cover art

The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Barrabás Lyrics (9) > The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-12-04)
1. R'lyeh (0:58)
2. Awaken Cthulhu (6:06)
Great Cthulhu look for those who
would have power over his minions
Come from Black Pit almighty Cthulhu
Thou shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth
Come into my sleep and show His sign
With which shall unlock the secrets of the deep!

Hear me almighty Cthulhu!
Hear me Lord of Dreams!

Thy kingdom shall rise once more
The Deep Ones knoweth Thy secret Name
Give forth Thy sign that I may know
Thy will upon the Earth once more

When death dies, Thy time shall be,
and Thou shalt sleep no more
Grant me the power to still the storm,
that I may hear Thy Call.

Great Cthulhu look for those who
would have power over his minions.
Come to me almighty Cthulhu!

Thou shall rise from the Black Pit
His kingdom shall cover the Earth!
3. From Kadath (2:22)
Glimmering from the great mountain of Kadath
where dwell the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep
I can see multitudes in their rank
Following the path of self destruction

Under the potent claws of Shub-Niggurath
The precious legacy of Yog-Sothot
From Kadath comes the human annihilation

Thousand doom a hundred of time
Fast and overkill that a nuclear rage
Crossing the seven gates!


Thousand of horrid beings
With the black mark of destruction in yours mischievous faces
From ancient ones rebirth rise up the chaos
Under the flaming eyes of Yog-Sothot!
4. Come with the Storm (3:26)
Many millions of centuries in the past
In the darkest sinister further times
Omnipotent cosmic masters
Looking through of the empty darkness
The evil ascension on earth
Wrapping human beings with evil
Turning black yours souls
Into the darkest atmosphere
Sending a spell from... Kadath!

From the frozen dark places
Through dark seven gates
Under the regency of human cries

Winged demons of eternal mischievous
With the death's blade and the merciless mask
Scattering pandemonium and disgrace
Come with the storm...

Exhaling the miasma of the chaos
Bringing the legacy of blood
Holding the black flag of hate
Coming with the storm!
5. Shub-Niggurath (6:25)
I call Shub-Niggurath with the Necronomical signs...
uttering the words all earthly pleasures shall be granted
The sun turn to black, the time of night is upon us
Turn my face to the North wind and screams!

Great Black Goat of the Woods,
I Call Thee forth!
Answer the cry of thy invoker!
Who knew the words of power!

Rise up I say from thy slumbers
and come forth with a thousand more!
I make the signs, I speak the words
to open the door!

Come forth I say, I'm the Key,
Now! Walk the Earth once more!

The Black one shall come
and the thousand Horned Ones
who howl shall rise up from the Earth
6. Nyarlathotep (4:03)
The Crawling Chaos that calls beyond the stars
Created Nyarlathotep for Their messenger
Clthed Him with Chaos
With many faces that noe shall recall.

He is the mask and will of those that were when time was not
He is the priest of the Etherm the Dweller in Air
and hath many faces that none shall recall.
I hear the cry of a thousand souls in torment.

The forbidden names of Yog-Sothot,
Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Sgub-Niggurath and Azagthoth
a hundred more seared my brain like venomous vitriol.

Their minds entered my being and
I learned of blasphemous things undreamed by mortal man
and of a realm beyond our time and creation
where Azathoth dwells within the pit of Chaos
... aeons of infinity.
7. Hastur (4:21)
Hear the Voice of dread Hastur
Hear the mournful sigh of the vortex
The mad rushing of the Ultimate Wind
That Swirls darkly amongst the silent stars

Hear Him that howls serpent-fanged
Amid the bowels of nether earth
He whose ceaseless roaring ever fills
The timeless skies of hidden Leng


His might torn the forest and crushed the cities
But none shall known the hand that smote
His soul destroys faceless and foul the accursed one

Hear Him that howls serpent-fanged / amid the bowels of nether earth
He whose ceaseless roaring ever fills / the timeless skies of hidden Leng

His form to men unknown
Hear then His Voice in the dark hours
Answer His call with devotion
Bow and pray at His passing
But speak not His name aloud

8. Azathoth's Call (4:24)
Great Azathoth I call you forth
Holder of the darkness mantle
Dowbreaker of through and form

Coem to me in Power
Clothe me with the darkness
And I'll walk into the abyss


Cast this mantle of flesh
Into the mould of the ancient ones
I hace called you forth
I have spoken the mighty words of your Lore!

Yog-Sothot stands beside the gate
Great Cthulhu Calls beneath the waves

The evil eyes dims
Let yours be opened
The ancient ones are the source
Of the black abyss gates!
9. The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth (6:49)
Part 1: Call of the Black Ones

When the moon increased I'll take my knife
Inscribed the mighty symbols of Yog-Sothot!
When the moon decrasing I'll offer the blade to the flames
Hcoriaxoju, Zodcarnes...

I powerfully call upon ye and stir ye up
Mighty spirits that dwelled in the great abyss
In the dread and potent name of Azagthoth
Come ye forth and gice power unto this blade

By Xenthono-Romatru, I command you Aziabelis
By Ysehyroroseth, I call the Antiquelis

In the vast and terrible name of Damamiach
I mighty compel ye forth Barbuelis
In the circle of conjuration twelve priests pray...
Fire! Fire in the sky!

Part 2: Signs of power

Give power unto my spell weapon blade
Whose blade shall strike fear and terror
In all spirits that wound my command disobey
In the name of great and mighty Yog-Sothot
For the sign of Kish I break down all barriers
For the invincible sign of Voor...

Give power!
For Yog-Sothot is the gate
He know where the old ones dwell
Came forth in times past and where
They came forth again when the circle return

Part 3: Time to Come

In the names of Azagthoth and Yog-Sothot
Their servant Nyarlathotep, and by the power of Elder sign
Go forth this place and don't return, until I call thee again!
I seal the gate with the mighty Koth sign!

His time has come Yog-Sothot...
Rise from the seven gates!
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