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Hero Full Album Lyrics

Bölzer - Hero cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-06)
1. Urdr (1:04)
2. The Archer (6:12)
A sickness of the heart
Ravages the land
Kissed by the curse
Selfless, Helpless
Calling men to war
Eros at arms
A rose for the sword
To bleed is to love

Heed the archer
The thorax usurper
Minds flee the cage
As she takes the stage
The rapture
Her quiver brings
The furious rape
Of my heartstrings

Night tides of Jejunity
Grappling at shores of fidelity
The brazen sun of humility
Blinds us, guides us

The cosmic pulse doth race
As fools keepeth the pace
And every fear will burn
Upon the pyre of fates learned

Lovers in sweet tyranny
Endureth their torments willingly

Blooms in a desert
The victims of chance
Mirage voyeurs
Trapped in an hourglass
Smite me down, keen archer
For the end I have wed
Lay me aside the brave
Reckless, envious dead
3. Hero (7:29)
Morning Star
Midnight Sun
First Blood
Timeless One
Void Dancer
Constellations adorn the abyss
Star Walker
Phosphor trails in the cosmic desert

Our tongues are burning
Our hearts are yearning
This world deserving
Will see a new sun rising
He speaks with fire
Commands desire
A man from higher
The scion of thunder

O' Fulminator
Cast a great dawn into this night
Aeon Redeemer
Bless these hands with earthly might

Illustrious god in flesh
Passion and fire in the nothingness

Guardian of the threshold
Take heed!
Dweller of the precipice
On the phosphor dawn
I come for thee
Recurrence eternal
In endless acclivity

Time kneels before his fame
The songs of men exalt his name
4. Phosphor (7:47)
Ég hinn falda Guð fann
Í eldi hjarta sérhvers manns
Í kjarna allra stjarna
Og í gini svartra bjarna
Neisti niður líkt og eldingar og þrumur
Breyti öllum helvítis heimshöfum í gufur
Þannig skapaði ég mitt veldi
Endurfæddur í eldi
Heiminn í gröfina dróg
Drýgjandi hór með phosphor
5. Decima (0:52)
6. I AM III (9:23)
Fertile is the mind tilled with steel
Idle the hand abandoned in drought
Dream seed in antediluvian abysm
Eyes to be cauterized with light
Rumblings 'neath the frosts of Terra Nova
Skin cleansed by a sea of Icarian fire
Fates shift 'tween the sundered palms of belief
Strange fruits accorded the furrows of Id

Face aflame
Afront eureka
Flesh be tamed
By the gaze of Medusa
Shattered sky
Blazing Orion
The shadow yield
Existential explosion

I am the night
I am the fist
A thunderbolt of flaming wisdom
A hammer at dawn
A kiss at dusk
Bequeath thine womb and thine heart
May we ascend unto the stars

Psyche be ye rocked by thunderous laws
Scorched throat when breathing the spears of the gods
Pillars of oak fuck the hymen of Ego
Pantheon laid waste by a mortal orgasm
7. Spiritual Athleticism (5:49)
The genesis of the extremist
The challanger sanguine rising...

Metamorphosis of the diffident
The newborn serpentine striking...

He fashions sceptres with your bones
Bound of hair and broken flesh
Athwart a morning throne
His lightning solar tongue
Versed in the hymms of death

He moves as breath upon wind
With grace as tears unto sea
All earthly temples turned dust
The tundra in flames
The great wolf unchained

Abscond the axioms terrene
Perform the disciplines finis
Adorn the firmament with blades
The organs weary of life

Hypnotic chaos cleaves the field
Prancing heart-stopper deluxe
The wistful kiss of dancing steel
Cast the loveless aside in a storm of light

8. Chlorophyllia (7:20)
My end 'neath the evergreens
An emerald funeral
Where the sky courts my breath
The boughs sing for me
Drunk with wind they lull my eyes to ebb

Oaken heart

Myriad eyes of the great host
Beaming, summoning
My shield arm becoming weightless
As my conscience drifts away

Leave this world behind
The vanquished mortal tomb
Reborn a star divine
Eternal glory

Weep not when they fall
The noble, fair and strong
Their names do cherish well
For all good days to come

Flames lick the skin of the dead to maiden song
The fathers await my return in the golden hall
They sing for their fallen son in spirits high
A blazing heart and walking tall
I smile and abide

The sworddancer's elegy
Mother lays son aside father to rest
Iron and destiny
The remission of flesh
Unto the earth that birthed it's end

This battle is all but won
To neglect your sword is self-betrayal

Mother, forgive my vices
Hold me one last time
Mother, do not despair
See you on the other side
9. Atropos (0:42)
Mother, forgive my vices
Hold me one last time
Mother, do not despair
See you on the other side
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