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Obey Full Album Lyrics

Axis of Advance - Obey cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-01)
1. Of One to Conflict It (5:15)
After adopting total rule
Full control of all world matter
All living, all mech, altogether
They will learn that I hate them

Never utter the word surrender reprobated to a life of hate
Bong servant to the forceful machine rise and reciprocate this pain

True or fale, real or fake - It matters not; It never will
Never know when it shall adjucate or exemplify

It knows because it sees all from our births to our ashes
Human kind is a slave to the God-Eye it watches ever, and never sleeps

(We are) Single single filing, never speaking
Raining, shining, night, day - Faceless drones plodding on and on
The air you breathe, the only thing thats free
No purpose, no will, shells of what once was ours

Ever fear and ever dread faceless, lifeless drone I was
A burden, great, has brought me from my feet
Stand up!

Mystified...hypnotized...All mankind
I defy (of) I defy (one) I defy (to) I defy (conflict) I defy (it)

I will no longer bear it
I must rise alone
While there is still time
While this hate is still mine
2. Revolution Decimation (3:28)
X marks this day in the darkness, but within its view
The blood from my boot lace garotte comes clean in a gutter wash

Middle aged wretched whore
Faceless, nameless, penniless
Lying down, rictus twisted
Extinguished from a long misery

Sleep comes easy this night
As a gear in life shifts
They will emerge from the metal caves
Punishment's mystery revealed

The day of XX waiting they come not
Choose they, to ignore? Or does it not know?

Fear turns to anger... Turns to hate
Revolution Decimation
Something is furious... It's in us... It fears us

Feeling the blood, oh, the blood
A useless, nameless old man's blood

As he drops, I stand waiting they do not come
Like a stone, does it not see? It makes me hate it even more

XXX the will to kill reality the final decamp
Winds of variance; Rising force blood lust for invincibility

A garotte turned to a poniard and now a gun
Revolution Decimation
3. Veiled Cast of Judgement (4:32)
It comes to me these nights
In half-conscious-state visions
Staring at the lens the one ever staring at me
It can matter not to them
When toilers fall in the night
One less wretch to watch I am a stress reliever to them

Even in rebellion, I am still a slave
They do not come because they do not care
Vision is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power
The God-Eye sees all and does nothing

A rogue with unwashable bloody hands
Destruction staving off the serene
Exhaustion returns with no sleep again
Madness taking hold
Never knowing when they'll come
Or what discipline they will deal
Frustration carving up my thoughts
Madness takes hold

Impossible to evade the lens
I hate this world more than myself
Before I fall, others must suffer
Can the other side be seen?

If it can, I must be the witness
To spy on the spies with my own eyes
Starting to hear voices
Quiet commands, Unveiling, Unraveling, Plotting Extinction
4. Wrath Pounding (4:28)
Wrought of blind innocence like children playing with dolls
Considering not technology of convenience would forever rule our lives
The machine is dark and distant yet we all fall in line
For it controls who gets the scraps; When
We are pounded with fear
Day in day out enslaved to its foul ends with no sign of hope at all

Thurty X's and thirty more the fallen a heap of rot in my head
Faceless, nameless, bug-eyed, ugly over and over, the voices command
Banging fraps on my door! Never before, never before
I'm losing control can't tell if it's real or in my mind
Lost in a quagmire of monotony we see the slaves
Control, predestination no avow
When all paths and roads lead toward no escape we will
Rise or fall by the wayside of this storm

Should I answer? The wait may be over
They must be here for me they will take me to punishment
Sweat off the fear; breath frapping again and again
Pulse acceleration to burst the door unlocks and opens (not by my hand)

In silence I freeze this night silhoutted by hallway light
Blurred by terror, pulse of force blood turns cold, so much worse

We are pounded with fear
Day in day out enslaved to its foul ends
With no sign of hope at all
When all paths and roads lead toward no escape
We will rise or fall by the wayside of this storm
Wrath Pounding
5. God-Eye Command (6:40)
"Hereby you, K479I0015, are summonsed to ladder transfer, begin 0100-101 from 001-0110"

It dropped the file into my trembling hands
Its voice... Colder than ice
Its cloak... Blacker than night
Its face... Shrouded in hood
It left as suddenly as it came... And was gone

I plugged the note into the eye-net; a mech photo file detail
All those faceless, worthless wretches given faces, names, through ID tags

The second part of the file was new faces, new ID tags
Never seen any before: None smiling, old or young

It wants me to kill
I hate it hates me
Staring at the lens I cry, I'll start tomorrow


The third & final section was an audetail file
The worlds enounced slowly, methodically
"Obey to live obey to live obey to live obey"

It wants me to kill
I hate it hates me
Spitting at the lens I cry I'll stop tomorrow
6. In Wait Lie (3:59)
To revolt is to conform
The game of mine now it's rule
The escape becomes the brig
A step ahead - what was mine belongs to it

Black blood of corruption, filled with hate
Overflowing, pumping in my sickly veins
Thickening and boiling, pressure of rage
In a cage, life leading to rampage
If I stop now, what will they do?
Will they see, will they care?
Rancor, anguish, suffering, dread

Y marks this day: no more killing
Anticipating, staring at the lens
Praying for war, praying for death
Wanting for pain, wishing to die, but speaking not

In wait lie, In wait lie, reverse the curse, from the inside
In wait lie, waiting to die, give me my war, cowards

Praying for war... Praying for death...
Wanting for pain... wishing to die...
Minding the kills... Hearing the calls...
Fearing no hell... In wait I lie so still...

A grin besmears my clammy face
As rain trickles down my slitdow
The cold relieves my hot head
At least I know they're coming
7. Cube of Odium (5:18)
Seven Y's; No response
The door is locked... the hydrox is off
The food has run out
That lens watches relentlessly

(Constant) Hours pass like days
Days like weeks (so weak)
Cannot stand up to descry
That slitdow (total weariness)
Mouth burns, blistered, so dry
Temp raising and lowering drastically
Slow and sure they're torturing me
They hate me now more than ever before
(Now and forever more)

Where - are they - there? Have they forgotten me...?
I was their worker I did it good for them

Days and nights a blur
Nothing clear - greys - only shades
No more toes, only one hand
No commands, just screams of silence

Brain rotting, skin greyish yellow from the urine
It's as though my cells are coming apart
And falling loose
The body feels no pain now that all is numb
Staying alove my only true battle - they've won
My final task is just to concede
Mind in complete decay, world looking away
Repented vulgar shell at loss against the machine
8. Masterrorder (3:53)
Master order - ever watchful, the eye
Unrelenting; all directions, all times
Master order - doing what it does best to survive
Unrelenting; human coal keeping it alive

Two of them are about me they smell like outside (the rain)
I must be lying on the floor so huge they appear to be
One eye still working I blink it and they see
Faces blackened out by cloaks but I know they see

A draft not felt in so long
Awakens senses dormant eternal
Coldest air upon naked nerves
Machines pity not even those most wretched

One has a gourd in grasp with water it is filled
The other holds a cask scenting of broth "Obey to live obey" they command

Life of pain, breathing death, choking fear - thundering - nothing remains
Agony for the heretic, total loss - tempest beseiged - nothing gained

My throat too dry to respond
Somehow they know this and place a cold device on my temple; one that speaks

There is no emotion - no lying, no hiding, no escape
All directions, all times, forever
Humanity is the weakest link in the chain
Broken at long last

Garble comes out at first then half-words...

[then random words, muffled sounding then "Obey to live obey kill me"]
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